Bhavesh G Shah

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Experience :

14 Years

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Location :

Vadodara (Baroda)

Languages :

Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

Available :

Monday to Saturday 9am- 11am. 2.30- 7.30 for online chat, session times may vary.

Sunday 9am- 12pm

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Bhavesh G Shah

I started in the field of Energy Healing more that 2 decades ago as a hobby helping my uncle and learning a bit of acupressure, color/ light/magnet/seed therapy etc. I got more interested when I learnt Reiki levels 1 & 2 and SuJok Acupuncture. I started practicing on my friends and family. I found EFT by chance and fell in love with the simplicity of the technique. Though I also learned hypnotherapy, sound therapy, JSJ, life coaching etc (still learning more), I am still just as passionate about EFT now as I was then. It has always given me the best and fastest results. Helping people abroad graduated me to the online platform and I decided to stay online. 

I specialize in doing EFT sessions via chat, voice or mail. Now, with EFT online I integrate other modalities as and when my intuition guides me.

I have experience is resolving and releiving: Headaches, toothaches, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, all body pains, fracture healing, accident pains, sprains,menstrual pain, suicidal thoughts, bedwetting, arthritis, etc.

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18 Oct 19


Sir it was a wonderful experience to learn about EFT from you. Thank you very much. You helped me to get rid of my severe Toothache

17 Oct 19


Thank you so much sir your left technique helped in removing my long standing knee pain 

04 Aug 19


I connected with  Bhavesh Shah when I was going through a very painful period due to nerve damage, arising from a root canal treatment done incorrectly. With the help of EFT and Energy Sessions, he helped me address my pain issues and other Inter- related emotional issues which came up on surface during the sessions. I am very thankful and grateful to him for all his patience , guidance and persistence during that tough period in my life.

19 Jul 19


I am one of Bhavesh's  phone success. I used to suffer from severe sinus headaches. After a couple of phone sessions of EFT with him I have yet to have another severe episode. Even episodes of migraines are rare now. I am a believer. I hope to have a few more sessions with Bhavesh to resolve some other issues. Thank you Bhavesh for what you do.

19 Jul 19


An hour before my journey, after making tea it spilled on my wrist and I got burnt very badly. But Bhavesh kept doing EFT on it constantly.  And it worked. There were no boil or burning sensation. Luckily I had no problems on my trip back home. But in between I also did a little bit of EFT. By the time I reached home there was only redness. Which cleared in a few days.
My husband was very impressed. Anything happens now he reminds me of the incident and asks me to do EFT or call Bhavesh

19 Jul 19


Hello, I wanted to thank you for investing your time and letting me go through my emotions. My inlaws are here and forget about anxiety attacks, I am not at al influenced by their visit. I have forgiven them but I haven’t accepted them as before, but still it isn’t bringing any ill feelings or differences in mind, and yet keeping me separate from them, which is a good thing. Neither hurt anyone nor let them hurt you is a message which is quite visible in my aura I believe. . I m standing strong like a proud mom n women whoseevery focus is on her little girl. Thank you so much, my happiness is at its peak just thinking not even a fraction of me was influenced by their visit. I m a happy girl :) 

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