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Vinita Sharma

I am Vinita Sharma - a life coach and a holistic healer, and my goal is to guide people and enhance their spiritual growth, motivate them and enrich their lives in order to create self -awareness and realise a better future. I come from a spiritual background and hail from the armed forces. Having grown up listening to my elders discussing various subjects on metaphysics I found them to be very intriguing, especially Astrology and later Tarot and the science of numbers. I have served as a therapist and done a great deal of voluntary work. I worked as a kindergarten school teacher for several years and I counsel on parenting. I am very fortunate to get an opportunity to learn many spiritual modalities and take them forward. I have the ability to motivate others to follow the mystic path which fascinates me to no end and each day I explore something from my tools of divination which I would be glad to share.


I do online readings on Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, with a free reading on either of the two : (Face reading or Handwriting analysis with solutions).


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24 Dec 19


Dear Vinita Mam .... Thanks for the support which you have extended during the dark phase we passed through ,when there was lot of confusions , no answer , we stuck somewhere in life, 

you shown us the right path from the negative thoughts, with your predictions & positive approch your cleared my doubts , and we followed you to the right directions.

your way if talking is really very positive today we settled with your blessing.

your are simply doing amazing job for the society,  Please continue with the same  & help the one who really need it.

Thanks a lot.

04 Jul 18

Hanita Mehra

In my previous submission there appeared a ???? after Love and gratitude. I sincerely apologise for this typo error. Love and gratitude ????????

04 Jul 18

Hanita Mehra

Vinita Didi is a beautiful soul, she’s my friend, philosopher and guide. I have been in touch with her for two and a half years and have done a few workshops with her. I can feel a positive change in life. I can feel the himan revolution and personal grown. Her sweet snd charming persona is a great influence. Whenever I interact with her on phone call  or through text, her speech and tone have a soothing effect and I also intentionally or intentionally imbibe that in me. This is God’s grace and my past karma that I have Vivita di in my life. Love and gratitude ????

09 Apr 18

Hetal goyal

Vinita didi is what I call her!!

she is a blessing to me in disgusise

whenever I m low or not clear I reach out to her 

she always stood rock solid with me in supporting me

she gives me positive aswell shows right direction to me

in few months she has just not been with me on support factor but taught positive ways 

her messages are very encouraging and motivating 

she teaches simple Remedies to live life postive

i am really thankful to her for her all learning and teaching

god bless her


She is beautiful soul with beautiful heart 




28 Mar 18

Neelam Ahuja

Vinita sis as I fondly call her, is one who has shown me the path of believing in oneself through various channels of rituals, angelic healing,  switch numbers etc. She is very knowledgeable in her field and has helped me immensely. I haven't met her personally but feel I know her since long and just feel great to hear her angelic voice. 

I am ever so grateful to her. Thank you for what you do to help so many.....Love you dear sis  

22 Mar 18

Kavita Rane

I had contacted Vinitaji for astrology. She gave me so many minute details on my horoscope which nobody had told. She has given me rituals to follow too. I can see all positivity happening around me. 

Thank you Vinitaji.????

21 Mar 18

Sapna Arora

Vinita Di as we fondly call her has the most beautiful persona along with the most beautiful voice, soothing and relaxing and I am so happy to have been a part of her various healing it chakra balancing, talisma healing. With her I have forayed into a world of wisdom and spirituality...she is a very positive influence in my life and will always be like a guiding light with her abundant knowledge. I believe in her readings which have always been correct. May God bless her.

21 Mar 18

Seema Sharma

As a psychiatrist practising in Sydney, I have learnt many healing modalities from Vinitaji. She’s passionate about what she does. Her explanations of the subconscious and conscious with self hypnosis, access bar therapy and switch words are some of her teachings that have made a phenomenal difference in my daily living making it effortless and joyful. Wishing her many more  students and willing candidates who seek to experience and spread happiness like her.

21 Mar 18

Karishma Bajaj

Namaskaram ,if find ur self lost and need some direction ,just go ahead .She is the torch bearer who not only helps sail through the phase but also gives the right advice .

Blessed to know you ! 

21 Mar 18


Vinita ma'am is extremely knowledgeable in various topics of Occult Science. She is very helpful and has bought positivity in life of many people. She is easily approachable and down to earth person.

21 Mar 18

Surbhi Merchant

Awesome personality always helping without expectations I have no words to praise her talent more than a friend she is a sister to me getting me out of my troubles praises praises and much more. Love you

21 Mar 18

Babita kedia

Vinita mam came into my life like a angel n she proved to be one.i feel blessed to have such mentor n guide such a lovely soul she is.she gave me a ray of life n positivity .always there to help in n now i trust her blindly ...a accurate tarot n numerology reader with amazing remedies .a true hearted soul wlth a super cool nature which makea me feel like that i m her own child .feel super lucky to have such angel in such materialistic world.thank u almighty to be with her n all of us .

21 Mar 18

Lalita mahesh

Vinita is very knowledgable in a lot of healing modalities.she is kind and down to earth and more than anything , very approachable.

she is always willing to help people. The dedicarion to a cause is priceless.

when she starts something, even if the going is tough, she sees it through.

god bless her.

21 Mar 18

Seema gupta

Vineeta jiis amazingly knowledgeable soul with a golden heart always ready to help all the members.i never met her but always feel connected with her.She is always their to help me in my difficult times togive remedies for situation..i always feel connected with her.God bless you with all his choicest blessings .

21 Mar 18

Seema Agarwal

Vinita is a lovely soul. So knowledgeable and well versed in all healing modalities. Always out to help    Her voice is so calm and soothing. Her meditations wonderful. She is available round the clock only a WhatsApp away when u need her. Has a solution to everything. Blessed to know her. Vinita God be with u always for the wonderful soul you are!!

20 Mar 18

Neelam Kapur

Vinita, is amazingly learned, talented and has admirable qualities of head and heart. Her prowess over spiritual and healing modalities, and her readiness to share and help, makes her the unique person that she is. 

20 Mar 18


She's the light I often look up to ...

Very warm and caring individual,you can open your heart and soul &speak .. you will not be judged but guided... 

20 Mar 18

Ankita Rao

Vinitha ji is a great mentor counsellor and a great human being, super talented lady !!!! Though I had zero knowledge on all these therapies  i just followed my instincts and learnt what ever Vinitaji thought me . This is really helping me in day today's life. I have accepted her as my didi and trust and follow her. I am very thankful that she's with me. 

Love and Gratitude di

20 Mar 18


Vinita Ma'am is like my God Mother. She is a superb healer and a life coach. She is a master of various occult streams such a Tarot Cards, Numerology, Astrology to name a few. Her guidance is very focused wholesome and insightful. Very thankful to her for being a guide and mentor in my life.

20 Mar 18

Ashish Bajpai

Vinitaji is extremely knowledgeable on various Healing topics, Tarrot and astrology. Her guidance tô me and my wife has been extremely insightful and helpful. I was not a firm believer of these techniques till my wife got me in touch with Vinitaji, and some of the remedies suggested by her to my wife for me have worked wonders for both professional and personal life. I thank Vinitaji for blessing us.



20 Mar 18


Wow! Amazing lady and how much she sees through the tarot cards. Also very well explained so that novices can also understand well. Worth a reading. Very very accurate. 

20 Mar 18


Very intuitive and amazingly accurate reading. A non believer in tarot before I met vanitaji, I believe that good readers make all the difference. Will recommend and go back again. 

20 Mar 18


Vinita aunty’s astrology readings are 100 percent apt and so are the tarot readings.She teaches tarot wonderfully n her techniques are very different.I simply love the way how she guides.She is a beautiful n selfless person

20 Mar 18

Nitaa Bajaria

Awesome person Tarot cards reader and guide... Her workshop changed my life thank you 

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