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My journey as an healer started 5 years back. The commencement of this journey was all of sudden when one day i realised through a specefic internal experince that i must walk on my life path that universe has gifted and blessed me with. Since my childhood i was experincing several situations but the realisation was not there. ONE  day i saw a healer healing my dear one infront of me and that was the moment which made me aware of the power within me. It worked as a SPARK which ignited my quench to become a HEALER and begin the new phase of my life.

Universe blesses you in many forms but some blessings are eternal so my journey as an healer is the same...its everlasting...its eternal...a BLISS...This journey had changed,mended,guided and worked as a guide in forming me.

All forms of healing are done by me.MY HEALINGS CAN HEAL ANYONE FROM ANY KIND OF can be physical,mental,emotional and all.

MY healings can cure any hindrance coming in your life can be issues related to money,property, studies,any physical pain in any form, your relationship issues etc....

Many stars have been added to my journey as a healer but one of my most imp healing was in which a person was healed and was able to walk which she wasnot able to do earlier.

Healing for me is the light of knowledge that guides me to walk on my life path of healing people where i can make them smile with hope and live their life to the fullest.

My message to the human is that one should spread infinite love so that this reaches to UNIVERSE and we all are blessed with more and more abundance in all forms.


Previous Experience

I have been working as a teacher with many educational institution since 1992 which was indirectly serving my path as a healer ,because a teacher is always a guide and a mentor for you.

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06 Jul 22


I'm extremely satisfied with the reading .

Mam gave me a positive outlook towards life . She is very inspiring & compassionate .

Would like to consult her again .

Thank you so much for your valuable guidance & suggestions ????

22 Jun 22


A highly recommended healer.She offered an Akashic reading complimentary...but that didn't deter her intuition.. precision and guidance.She was bang on wth regards to the guardian spirit, animal spirit and blessings.Her guidance too was quite simple and remedies absolutely do-able.A divine healer with an even more divine connection.An absolute delight to be referred for blessed healings.In gratitude.

15 Mar 22


Very nice n soft spoken personality 
I get all the solutions for my 
Questions , you are wonderful
You came as an angel in my life ,i was so stressed about my future life ,you came and enlightened my path , its an awesome experience and heartfelt gratitude towards you and all those engies for making my path clear ????????

01 Feb 22


Sharbani,  The session was good. Thanks a lot for giving me insights of my life and helping me to move further in life. I look forward to be in connectivity with u to receive ur service in future. 

04 Dec 21

Kushagra singh

She is very intelligent and we'll knowing person in her field.she pridict so accurate and proper. She gave me accurate solutions to solve my problems....Thanks Sharbani for giving me such a nice and helpful advice in my critical sotualtion.

03 Dec 21


It was really a beautiful session with you ,though I took first time ,u clear my every question very deeply and give me simple remedies. I feel some power in you,God bless you 

03 Dec 21


Iam totally satisfied with the readings of Sharbani, she makes us so positive it is out of imagination. I recommend to take the readings from Sharbani 

03 Dec 21


Hello... I took a few readings from her and she, was brilliant with her work.. She is extremely calm and poised, caring yet professional.She exactly knows what she does and comes up with perfect answers and solution to every question of yours. I am highly satisfied with all the solutions she gave me and they really helped in my journey of life. 

All in all i highly recommend her readings to all of you for a brighter future. Stay blessed everyone. 

Om Sai Ram ????

03 Dec 21


Hi ma'am 

I took Akashik Record reading from you ,was very excited about to know actually what was it ,when I got reading through you I really amazed to know the things which I only  knew you told me that and surprised to know how we are subconsciously connected to past life karma ,thank you for the remedy which you have given me.

I recommend others to take your services 

03 Dec 21


Hi Sharbani ma'am, day before yesterday I took readings from u ,where I got many clarity about my job and financial status. I asked u so many questions but you are so humble thank you Ma'am. 

I recommend everyone to take ur services 

02 Dec 21

Madhuri Lalvani


Hi Sharbani Mam,I took a healing session from u for my concentration after your healings I am now pay more attention for my career. I recommend people to take your healing and tarot sessions.

Thank you so much mam

02 Dec 21


Hi Sharbani 

Thank you for the readings it is so accurate, I was shocked to when u told me .In future iam taking more services from you I recommend everyone to take ur services. 

02 Dec 21


Hi Sharbani ma'am 

Iam thankful to you for the clarity you gave me.You are a blessed soul in today's world. Your readings are bang on.i recommend everyone to take ur services. 

Much much gratitude 

02 Dec 21

Aditi K

Hi sharbani mam I took the healing from you because if concentration after 2 sessions I was much able to pay attention on studies thank you soo much mam I refer those who are in need of healings they can contact you.

Thank you Sharbani Mam


01 Dec 21


Hi Sharbani 


I always take ur services with a ray of hope where I got full clarity about my life difficulties. I am taking ur services since a long way.You are not a good reader ,healer but also a great human being. I recommend you all to take services from you

01 Dec 21


Thank you so much Sharbani...Every time iam disturbed with my life issues u r my light of hope through ur readings I got my clarity and u always support and today also the same. I really recommend all for ur services. 

29 Nov 21


Dear Sharbani ji

I like to thank you for helping me get so much clarity in my life. The honest and straightforward reading helped me take some important decisions in my life and for that iam forever thankful and grateful. I really recommend people to take your sessions.

Thank you, stay blessed 

29 Nov 21

Hemant solanki

I got in touch wd sharbani recently when i was in prb the way she listen to my problems and gave me the solutions was one of the best experience i had never thought that it would be working as i never belived in tarrot reading but now i do belive cz the solutions which sharbani gave it worked for me Thanks for everything...

28 Nov 21

Rakhi Basu

I wish you all the best. May you keep on working for the betterment of others. Readers whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember Sharbani, who will help you to identify yourself.

28 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani ji 

Iam thankful  to you that you give me guidance through readings .I find u very polite and down to earth person. I recommend everyone  to take ur services.

28 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani 

I took readings from yesterday, hatsoff to ur intuition really u told me the things which  only I knew and u have given me some remedy which from today going to use it.

I recommend you to others for ur services, amazing person with superpower. 

28 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani 

Thank you Thank you Thank you

You are always there for me whenever I need you ,I took readings, Learn Reiki and angel workshop from you ,the way u teach is so easy and simple . I always resonate the readings of urs .your insights are super powerful.

Thank you to be my mentor, guide and light

28 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani di,

Iam very grateful  to universe that he send u in my life .As u know I had high anxiety due to which I was not paying focus on my relationship and in my office work. As I started taking healing from you ,it slowly becomes calm down and now I don't know what is anxiety, iam super happy because of you I got promotion on my office. I highly recommend u for healing and Tarot readings 

28 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani, 

I took readings from you last month and it resonate with me ,you told me the cause of my relationship issues and really it was actually the same as u told.Yes iam working with forgiveness as u told and see the results. Thank you showing the light to me.i really recommend you for ur services. 


28 Nov 21


Hi ma'am 

Feedback of ur services, I took so many readings from you it itself is proving that ur readings are so accurate and the tips u give is simple to use.Yez I see the difference in my office.i highly recommend others to take services from you.

27 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani first I like to thank you to be in my life as a spiritual Guru, I took Akashik Record reading for my personal life and got very clear messages from Ak ,thank you for doing this and makin me aware of the things  .I recommend everyone to take the service from you.

27 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani ma'am 

I love the readings the way you do .I got all my answers clearly and they resonate with me .I recommend everyone to take the services from you

27 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani, 

I highly appreciate your work ,such a lovable person with ethics. I took readings regarding my daughter's job and relationship. Iam very happy to take the readings as she told she got the job in that month and her relationship readings is also very accurate, 8 recommend her for her services 

27 Nov 21


I took Tarot readings from Sharbani last month ,she gave me all answers very elaborately, very accurately, As a person what I find is she is very down to earth.,Humble, loving, sincere and clear all ur doubts. Take the readings from her,really recommend her.Her readings are bang on

26 Nov 21


I took readings from Sharbani ma'am last week ,it happened so accurately. I cme to know from her readings exactly what to do and how to do ,who are making me fool .As per her advice I keep calm and become good observer then I cme to know who is cheating on me.Thank you ma'am 


I really recommend her if you wants to resolve ur worries 

26 Nov 21


I took the consulting for spelling change after that my things are going better, clients are coming to take my services. I highly recommend Sharbani ma'am for her services as a person, and as a spiritual person she is very powerful. 

26 Nov 21


I recommend everyone to take her services as she do healing very nicely the result u can see in 2 days .her readings are really bang. 

26 Nov 21


I took the healing and readings with her.I really see the results on 1 healing, my pain which was terrible was totally gone from it. 

Now come to her readings I took her readings, her readings are very accurate and she give u proper guidance. 

Now come to her Numerology I took my name consulting with her ,she change my spelling Now ism doing wonders in my business. I highly recommend plz take her services 

26 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani ji ,

Sorry for delay, I start using my new spelling given by sharbani initially I was in doubt how the spelling change can resolve your issues but after 15days I start seeing the results, I was jobless since last year after writing I start getting calls and now I was settled.

I really appreciate the work she is doing. I recommend her take her service.

26 Nov 21


Hi ma'am 

I took the name Numerology and consulting from Sharbani ma'am, I got everything  what I really looking for .Iam getting very positive results .I recommend her for Numerology. 

26 Nov 21


I took the healing from Sharbani, it was so powerful that it literally made me sleep  and  when I woke up ,the stress the confusion everything was gone.I felt so energetic that I can't explain in words .I highly recommend her for healings and her readings, she is just awesome and authentic in her work

26 Nov 21


I like to give feedback for Sharbani, as a person she is always with you when ever you need ,she will guide understand you and go with you until you solve your issues. 

Now come to her readings, very accurate, I took readings from her for my husband who is confused to take decision what to do ,how to do the things.As we want to go abroad so really was very confused. I took the readings from her and she tell us where to and why not only for our future but for my son also.Thank you soo much for the clarity. 

I highly recommend her ,take the readings from her about your questions. 

26 Nov 21


I took Akashik Record reading from Sharbani, where I got to know many karmic patterns of my life and yes I got to know where are they coming from She gave me details of everything with simple remedies.

I recommend her to take all of you as she is really blessed with divine energies and she guide you in very accurately.

23 Nov 21


Hi ma'am sorry for delay giving feedback.i took consultation from Sharbani ma'am as i was facing many issues regarding health, business but after I started writing my new spelling given by her I saw changes. People start coming to him for my services. 

I recommend her for consultation in Numerology. 

23 Nov 21

Sanjay kumar

Namaste Sharbani ji ,

Today was the last day of healing for my BP and low energy, I took healing from after two days iam fully fine and feeling very energetic.i recommend her for healing, very uderstable and polite person I ever met

23 Nov 21


Hi sharbani ma'am

I took the consultation for numerology and as per ur guidance i go for spelling change.i can see the wonders are happening with me.

I recommend those whi are seeking numerology consulting plz take her for ur destiny change.

23 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani, I took my Ak readings with her I totally resonate with her and got clarity exactly where and how to do my things. I recommend her to take Akashik Record reading from her

23 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani ji

I feel very fortunate to give the review for her.She is blessed soul I can say that .Her energies are soo good when I talk to her my half problem resolved there.i took healing for my physical and emotional problem through which I was unable to cope up with my work .I took only 4 sessions with her and I was back to my work .I really recommend everyone if ur seeking healing plz go with her  

21 Nov 21


I highly recommend her for her reading. She is very accurate, honest and elaborate in her readings .plus she guides very well in any situation. It's very  rare to find such unbiased readers..Highly recommend her for the readings 

21 Nov 21


Sharbani is an unique card reader reader, she blessed by shirdi sai baba an it is so visible in her card readings. Initially I took readings from her just for knowing how my life is going on..however upon successful readings, have started taking her readings seriously like if the reading say Yes it is an yes .No is absolutely No for me.Readings impact life decisions now.Thanks.i recommend her those who wants a clarity in their life decisions. 

21 Nov 21

Riddhi Singh

She is Good Healer ,Tarot reader and most importantly a grate humen being.She never work for Money .I trust her blindly....

21 Nov 21

Urvashi Solanki

Hi ma'am i

I would like ke to give feedback for the Recent workshop of Tarot ,I had done it previously but not able to interpret the cards the way u taught me is super easy and simple.iam thankful to u to teach me Tarot.I recommend those who wants really to start their journey with Tarot reader plz connect with her.She is not only genuine but divine soul who understands your problem and give the remedy for it.

I took the tarrot readings also with her where I came to know about my suffering for this life.Thank you,thank you and lots of thanks 

God bless you more and more

21 Nov 21

Narendra Rawat

Last week I taken reading session from her and I am still surprised how she easily connected with my soul and dissolve my all the problems related career and my relationship now I am hundred percent sure that some spiritual power really working with her to dissolve our problems so thank you so much to change my life I hope everyone wants to change their life with the help of your advice

21 Nov 21


I had taken Healing as well as Tarot session from Sharbani,what I find is her healings not only cure my burning sensation of my intestine as well as it calms my disturb mind .I was very disturbed because of jobless ,then I took session from her as she predicts my job starts and I got one opportunity aa a side business.i highly recommend her to take session from her.Where in today's world people are ready to take money making but she gives your u choice and put her heart and soul for that.God bless her more power to cure other people.

21 Nov 21

Jeet Ram Thakur

I would like to thank you by the inner core of my heart for teaching me tarot card in a such easy way with every single detail I am also so very thankful for you to meet me able to understand about the journey of my life with checking my akashic record I genuinely recommended you to everyone those who are interested to transfer their life with the help of your spiritual vision

21 Nov 21

Richa Singh

As a person ishe is very experienced and very polite .She always support whether you are wrong and right.She shows you a right path in critical situations.i know her almost from last 10 years .She has very strong faith in Angels and Sai Baba.She always gives you good and right direction .Her predictions were accurate for Me Always. 

18 Nov 21

Srinivas Rao

Really give effective guidance n solution of the problem .positive response n prompt follow up

18 Nov 21


Hello Sharbani 

Thanks to you for chaging my name spelling.due to changed spelling lot of good changes I found.

Before a year you did healing of my son he had fever he  had lot of problems now he is feeling better.

Thanks to you


18 Nov 21

Soniya singh

I am very thankful to you .your suggestion was very helpful to me and my faimly problem have solve with your kind suggestion and prayer which you suggest. Your Rudrakcha is very effective to me.

18 Nov 21


Hi Sharbani 

Really appreciate your healings ,I took healing for my son who is not paying attention for his studies as a mom I was worried how he will give exam ,I got ur no from my friend, guess may divine wants my child to helped by you .I took 5 days healing from you and I noticed the changes.Thank you ,yes I recommend if you are facing any discomfort or any type of pain ,connect with her she not only cure by healing but give many tips

17 Nov 21

Sneha S

Hello Sharbani.. 

thank you so much for the spelling change .

My new name has made me feel like a need to change and has brought in many windows of change. My relationship with my husband is also getting better - which was a major concern and this seems to be working really well for it. Finances are also slowly slowly building. Thank you for this beautiful effort and I really hope more people avail of this! You are Blessed

17 Nov 21

Shradha B


Sharbani you taught me tarot reading all over again with a different perspective. In-depth knowledge you have … and also u taught me other what numbers mean…. 

I must say u we’re very very patient with me .. answered all my questions and yes your readings are bang on!

17 Nov 21


Hi mam, I took a tarot session from u which gives me lots of clarity regarding my currier and relationships. As I per your guidance my things started changing from this month. I hiring recoment to take a tarot session from Sharbani mam.

You r the best and caring tarot reader o have met.


17 Nov 21


Hi mam, I have taken the healing from u last month for my headache and I got relieve

f in 1 session tho I took 2 session. What I felt the energies are very pleasant and calm I highly recommend those who are feeling any types of pain should take healing from you



17 Nov 21

Rahul Srivastava

Sharbani Mam is the Best and most Humble Astrologer, she has an indebt knowledge in astrology. Whatever she said was absolutely correct with effective remedies!! Thank You very much for the prediction. She is polite as well as straight forward. Highly recommended to all !!

17 Nov 21

Gaurav singh

How easily my all problems got solved by your guidance.

Thank you sharbani ma'am.

God keep you healthy to keep helping peoples.

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