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Naqqiya Jarwalla

Each person is born with a gift. Our call is to find it and care for it. In my case, that gift happened to be a little more unusual than the rest. I realized I had the ability to sense, feel and read people’s auras – an energy field surrounding each soul. 
As a child, I didn't even know that what I experienced was any different. What I did know was that these colorful energies became part of my life.
 Initially, I avoided this gift. I pursued other professional ambitions and did rather considerably well too. But when you’re gifted by nature and you refuse to share it with the world, then you’re nothing more than a bird without wings. There’s a reason why it was given to you on the first place.  What had started out as a hobby born out of compassion and an urging desire to help people out, soon started becoming more and more important.
When I saw that what I had could help people, reach and tap into their unlimited potential and finally succeed in whatever their endeavors were, it was clear to me that I was a calling I had to respond to. It was clear to me, that this was my destiny.
My passion became my profession and I’m both, humbled and happy to say that over the last 10 years, as a highly proficient, effective and gifted mind and aura reader and programmer, I have been able to play a role in helping and influencing over 10,000 souls, helping them gain that direction in life, the path of which led them to become the most productive, the most evolved, the most extraordinary versions of themselves – Removing their blockages and helping them shine. That is both, my reward and my reason to wake up everyday and look forward to doing what I do.
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – I promise you that.
When you are able to rewire someone’s mind, you are able to rewire their destiny and for the better. 
In my personal interaction with these souls, I work on a process that helps reduce people’s stress levels, rebalancing the energy of each of the chakras in thire auras. 
No two neurons are genetically alike and the same is true for people. Seeing the color of their aura helps me gain a deep understanding of their unique color personalities  allowing me heal each person in a way that works for them.
At the end of my consultation, I provide a detailed report for the individual which guides them on how they can enhance their mental stability, learn new skills and become better at the ones they already have,  fixing anything in their subconscious mind that might be blocking them from attaining their full potential and above everything else, cleansing their auras, balancing their yin and yang and helping them evolve into their most impeccable versions gaining astounding clarity and focus in their personal and professional life and being able to deliver the most productive results.

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14 Oct 22


Down to earth, always helping and never says no. Her reviews and work experience don't do justice to her work and her as a complete humanbeing. She brings much more to the table than just lending a listening ear. 
With her skill set you can find a needle in the hay stack, where other healers have failed. She delivers what's said about her, no lip service here.

07 May 21

Utkarsh Lakhmani

Perfect. In a short, she's perfect. I got Covid weeks back and I was losing my mind. She was there all the time. Whatever she predicted came true. From being discharged in more than 10days, for having no complications, to when I would test negative. She is perfect. I can trust and count on her completely. 

21 Oct 20


I accidentally came across her post on facebook and out of curiosity texted her but my o my ... with my photo she could tell things that I have been hearing from astrologers who have many books in their hand... it was surprise to see her guidance so accurate . Appreciate her for making efforts to help me speak out my  question for all the vital areas of my life ... Dear Naqqiya, you perhaps dont need any other review but u r good and the way u make other person feel so relaxed even in topsy turvy situations ... I hope more and more ppl experience yr magic ! Thanks 

21 Jun 20

Mohit Malik

Her prediction was that I will own a property after Nov 19 and that actually happened, her prediction for my past were already correct, she has got heavenly powers and guides very accurately. God bless her

14 Nov 19



I've been consulting  Ms. Naqqiya for almost an year now! At first I was quite skeptical about face reading, tarrot and other services offered by her. But you've got to have faith in her.  I was missing the love of my life but she predicted that I would get her back.  She not only help my heal my grief when my love of my life abandoned me, but also predicted that she would be back soon.  She was so precise that my loved one came back to me on the date she told me.... Yes... I got her back on 11th Nov, as rightly predicted by Ms. Naqqiya.  I don't have words to express my gratitude Maam! You are simply devine!! Not only you are exceptionally gifted but the way you patently heard me out during the months makes you The Most Remarkable Healer! God bless you Maam & And you keep blessing me with your truly remarkable healing power and precise reading!!

22 Jul 19

Gur Rayat

Ever known that your aura can speak louder than your personality? Your aura has deeper insights than you think you know? Well, Naqqia Jarwalla is one such soul who has helped me realise what my aura is trying to speak to me; what is the situation trying to speak to me; where am I headed eventually; And, I'm truly grateful for her assistance in the journey of my soul growth and life overall. The more deeper you know about yourself; the more clarity you gain - and, when you have individuals like Naqqia to assist you in your life/soul growth, what more could you ask for? Bless you more Naqqia Jarwalla for every lil assistance you have poured in my life, I'm grateful! May you keep shining ?????????

13 Jul 19

Manasi Gaikwad

Hello Friends!

Feeling stressed, dooming, life’s aint good, problems, issues, +++! Well then you are here at right place! Naqiyya our saviour!!

I have taken consultations from Naqiyya for a year now both from India and Sweden and couldn’t wish more in life are my feelings today. Naqiyya is blessed with great energies, apt aura readings, fantastic view to your past, present and future. Her predictions have been spot on all the very time and all of them have been so certain. Naqiyya is the high source of energy and a blessing to me. The healthy healings done by her have worked amazing and i have definitely witnessed the results in good faith. She helps with hassle free solutions and she ensures to make your life easy, happy. Her greatest mankind is helping her clients in all possible ways be in small, stupid, big, crazy issues one would face. She has ensures to address all of them with no sign of being irritated even when your session is completed. She is approachable all the time and makes constant + sincere effort and puts all her energies to make things work for you. A very nice, responsibile, dedicated and humble human with god given extraordinarily value of vision and power.

She is more like a “God” to me helped in all the possible ways in my very narrow life! I have recommended her in past and now and I would love if you all take this opportunity to witness the power of this wonderful lady and you shall not be disappointed! Miracles happen!

Great luck Naqiyya and just keep growing and continue the lovely work you have been doing towards society! 

Loads of Love and Luck ??



08 Jul 19

Anagha D

Naqiyya has a god-gifted talent for aura-reading, past life-present-future predictions and energy healings among all the other useful utilities like tarot reading, numerology, astrology, gemology, counselling etc .

It is rare to meet astrologers who are always always there to help by going out of the way, accommodating in any circumstances. She is the hope in hopeless situations and her guidance helped me come out of the toughest phases in life with bang on practical solutions. I know her since 3 years now and never realised when she quickly became like a family.

She is genuinely dedicated to helping clients and is always looking after their well-being. Her predictions are very accurate and counseling is on point. I feel extremely blessed to have her in my life. I have my strongest recommendation for her. I am eternally grateful that she is there for me!

08 Jul 19

Sushmita Dhar

There are many situations in life where one feels confused and is in a dilemma...I was facing such a situation and I needed some one to clarify things and I came in touch with Naqqiya at this stage... And I feel that was the best decision of my life...She is thoroughly blessed and knowledgeable and she easily explained things to me & guided me beautifully..Her guidance gave me a lot of positivity and strength and her predictions are all bang on... She has helped me to achieve a better quality of life with her guidance and now we as a family consult her for major decisions...Also she is very accessible and approachable..She is never thinking in terms of commercial benefits for self but looks for the betterment of her clients..I have experienced all this personally so can vouch for her credibility... I strongly recommend her to anyone who is in need of genuine guidance 

07 Jul 19

Saptara Deb

I found her when I needed her the most. She added the positive energy to my life. For the first time  I met her through video call . She guided me and told me that I am going to get a new job! Initially I was not convinced as no good offer was coming but she said it would happen. She was always there with a smiling face saying "I can see that!" Finally I got the offer and changed my job! It's one of the incidents. There is no end of the list of the helps that I get from her. I strongly recommend her and wish her all the best! Stay happy, stay strong! Much love?

06 Jul 19

Bhaswati Banerjee

I was introduced to Naqqiya when I needed her the most. My financial condition were declining day by day, I was undergoing a lot of mental stress due to various reasons. When I contacted Naqqiya over phone and video calls, she told me the exact reasons for my worries even without me telling her anything, she also helped me with various healing meathods to wade away all the negativity in my life. Since then I found my financial conditions improving and my life a lot improved. Now I consult her for every little thing that worries me and always found her healing very helpful...... the best thing about Naqqiya is that she never gives you false hopes or beat around the bush. I have also recommend her to my family members, they have also benefited from Naqqiya’s guidance. ????

05 Jul 19

Ishanni Joardar

I came in touch with Naqqiya at a very critical juncture of life when after 13 years of marriage I had almost given up hope of having a baby. My first question to her was will I become a mother, she not only told me that I would have my baby but also gave the time frame within which I would conceive and yes I did conceive within that time frame and everything went well. I had my baby boy in November last year. There on I have  always been in touch with Naqqiya for every small and big issue in my life and also consulted her for my family members. We have never met in person  since I am based out of Kolkata and we connect through Whatsapp or calls but I have never felt that distance mattered because she is always reachable and connects whenever I need her. The best part about her is the way she communicates - extremely straightforward yet very positive in approach. My experience with her has been awesome and have also seen my family members and friends who have consulted her getting immensely benefited in life and getting a direction in areas where they were facing challenges. 

05 Jul 19


I am in touch with Naqqiya for almost an year now.Her predictions and perspective have always given me a meaningful direction.I consult her almost every 2months and she has been equally patient in listening to my issues since our first session.She listens and gives proper time to each of my issues and questions on what’s up.I would definitely recommend her if you are stuck in making some important decisions of your life.I wish her all the best and thanks again.

05 Jul 19

Shruti k

I consulted Ms Naqqia from past one n half year , she s always been supportive , concerned and available for help . Every time I faced a duality she was there ready to solve it for me , thanks and god bless her always 

05 Jul 19

Saumya Naithani

She is absolutely delightful to talk to... Very patient and polite... I was amazed by how meticulously n accurately she told me various things about myself during one of our sessions... She is truly gifted and i highly recommend her... Way to go girl ???????????????

05 Jul 19

Gauri Vaidya

Naqiyya is a gem... words are less to describe her....she took me out of my pain of loosing my 3months old son...she connected me to also I connect to him with the help of naqiyya...for a mother it is priceless...and I m grateful to God that I got naqiyya in my life when I was crashed.....she tells u truth.. does not sugar coat anything...she is my support and my way to be connected with my son.thankyou naqiyya...bless u u a lot ...

05 Jul 19

Saara Najmi

Naqiya was my saviour, when she met me whatever she said about my son was true and she cured him with her readings from a distance , you just feel the calmness when she tells you what to do , Your sure that things are going to be right again , whenever I messaged her about something she always had a solution for me  , She’s is true to her word . I highly recommend her readings .

05 Jul 19


I have known Naqqiya for over a year and a half. She has been my savior when I didn’t have anyone. She has guided me in the smallest to the biggest matters of my life. Her predictions and suggestions are absolutely on the place there are no doubts about it. If there is something she is a person who will get into the depth of the issue pull it from its roots and try her best to help you. There have been days that I have Whatsapped and told her things and she has always been there no matter what. She is a wonderful soul and she just gets blessings everyday because of the willingness of helping each and every soul there. Thank you so very much.

05 Jul 19


2 out of 3 predictions were bang on. Third prediction for my relationship started to fall in having confident that her third prediction will also come strue. She is the hope when u r hopeless..she is one stop solution for your problems.

05 Jul 19

Rai Sengupta

I stay on Kolkata and have known Naqqiya for more than a year now. How she has become a part of my life is beyond understanding. I was at the stage in life where everything was at a standstill for more than couple of years and this woman took me out of that phase in 8 months. YES, that’s how precise it was. There was no looking back! I made the changes suggested by her and things started falling in place. I got a dream job?? I got the head working again, i got my confidence back and she has been patient through my random phone calls and my incessant watsapp messages! She does not talk out of the hat! She takes time and gives me solutions for every small problem too.


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