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18 Years

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Hindi, Punjabi, English

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Available from 11am to 5pm. 

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Jaspreet Kaur

Ms. Jaspreet Kaur is a Holistic Wellness Facilitator based out of Gurgaon, Haryana. She has done Masters in Statistics n B.Ed. also. ...Always enthusiastic about learning and teaching!

Her life changed after learning about different Energy Healing modalities & in 2006, she found her True calling as a Trainer for Energy Mastery Workshops n since then has been helping people live Happy, Balanced, Energised Living!

Everything is Energy. Our Thoughts initiate them, our emotions amplify them, our actions increase it’s momentum. After understanding this she wanted to share the knowledge with others to help them in Recognising and Releasing their BLOCKS and aligning them with Holistic Wellness from Within. Being passionate about helping and improving the lives of all, she has been practicing as a Professional healer since 2008.

By Profession, she is CERTIFIED Crystal Energy Healer, Prana Facial Expert & Senior Trainer for Energy Mastery workshops which deal with the Physical and Psychological aspects of any ailment or situation in life!

It's 'Profession with Heart'

With her knowledge of 30+ healing modalities & under the brand 


she has diversified clientele and students all over the world be it Singapore, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Sweden, Germany, etc A whole age range of people, from students-to-teachers, lectures-to-professors, from housewives-to-working women, businessmen -stressed-out professionals have benefited with her Consultations, Training & Healings.

Her vision is to empower others with powerful tools to help them deal with their issues and give them Happy, Balance, Energized Living!

Her areas of expertise:

·         To deal/bring relief from Stress and Anxiety.

·         Bringing back Self to Centre from within.

·         Job Security and Promotion

·         Relationship Development & Improvement.

·         Spiritual Inner healing for Business Growth, Improvement & Profit

·         Prana for Age-Defining Mantra

·         Physical Relief and improvement from Aches n Pains, Fractures, Migraine, Arthritis, BP issues, Heart issues, Allergies, Skin issues and many others...

·         Emotional Relief and improvement by Overcoming Depression, Phobias, Laziness, violence, Fear, and Doubts, etc.

. Ancestral Lineage Healing, helping in overcoming blocks from Generations before affecting now.

. Deep Level of Cellular Healing, to remove negative emotions n thoughts stuck in the cells of the body.

. Aura & Chakra Deep Cleansing by Cord cutting from each Chakra & entire Aura, thereby lifting the veil of emotions & thoughts clouding the person.

.   Also conducting Lenormand Card Readings for Guidance for all situations be it physical, psychological, financial or relationship related.

.    Numerologist, specilising in name change & numerology chart making, offering solutions for Life.


When we believe we can align with the Universe, we can create a FANTASTIC Future for ourselves and the World we are in!

Previous Experience

Clients & students all over the world. 

Trained more than 300 students in 1 on 1 workshops & 700+ in Group sessions.

Successfully Healed 1500+ clients since 2006.

Prana Facial Expert even thru Distance healing.


Trainer for Energy Healing Workshops since 2010.

'Certified Prana Healer' completed in Aug 2017. 

In July 2020, completed Basic Level Course for Lenormand Cards Reading.

In 2020, also completed Numerology course.


Reviews & Testimonials

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02 Apr 21

Lt Col( retd) Pyoosh Bahadur

       My association with Jaspreet began 4 yrs ago when we connected with her for my wife's healings. With her Energy Healings ,  She's been very effectively  taking care of us since then for various health issues which crop up as one ages .

   I will never ever forget  all that she has told/ taught / conveyed to us , amongst the most Powerful ones are :-

      " Every Cell, every Atom of our being  Absolutely Listens to us "

   We have thus learnt to speak well to our Body, which normally all of us take for granted.

29 Mar 21

Shrey Bhatnagar

As they say, accidents are nothing but incidents that faith has for us, and making the best out of 'that' is our way of living those 'accidents'. I came in contact with Jaspreet Ma'am almost the same way. For 3years I am under her guidance for Energy healing, and chakras balancing. I feel it's a blessing in disguise for our family to overcome the psychological and mental trauma that we have faced and all thanks to her, her guidance from above, and masters wishes/blessings we were able to survive. I am humbled to be part of this Journey and having Jaspreet Ma'am as my Teacher is surely the best accident that I have received.

27 Mar 21


Working in MNC & travelling a lot for work was taking a toll on me. Stress levels were high, I started having lower back pain, initially off & on, then regularly. 

I connected to Jaspreet for healings for stress & back pain. She not only healed me, she counselled me too about life style changes. I learnt YPV level 1 also from her, on her suggestion, to be able to manage my stress levels n minor aches & pains before they turn into something serious. 

Now I regularly do the breathing excercises & practice the meditation techniques taught by Jaspreet.

My ability to handle any situation has improved & I feel energetic through out the day.

23 Mar 21


I approached Jaspreet for some energy work for my facial skin. She started her Prana facial healings n each day I could see small but noticeable changes to my skin. 3 months on, my concealer requirements have halved n skin is smooth as a baby's. There is a glow on my face too. I highly recommend learning from her the different energy healing modalities as well taking Healings from her.

23 Mar 21


I have been in contact with Jaspreet since 1 year. I was going through a rough phase in my life, personally n professionaly, causing me to be in depression n lacking motivation to work completely...besides some health issues.  With her energy healings, in 1 month's time I was back to work, feeling lighter, motivated to work on myself n improve my life. She not only healed me, she guided me, counselled me, coached me whenever I needed help. I took ancestral lineage healings also from her, since root cause of my problem was past generations actions.

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