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20 Years

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Monday – Saturday (11.00 am - 3.00 pm and 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm)

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Shabnam Johry

Dr. Shabnam Johry is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Trainer and conducts powerful sessions for people from all walks of life – students (minimum age: 16 years) to housewives to professionals and entrepreneurs. She has helped over 450 people attain clarity of purpose and set goals, gain self-confidence, rout away guilt and fears, resolve relationship issues, get rid of negative traits (like laziness, procrastination, inferiority complex), control anger, stress, and worries, and achieve a positive, happy, and calm state of mind. She is also trained in Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Life Coaching, and Theta Healing; and in more recent healing methodologies like Grace Healing, Regenerate Healing and Infinity Healing. Her Infinity Healing sessions have made people attain their dream careers, earn well and attract their romantic soulmates by helping them transcend their blocks at the core level. Such vast knowledge of healing modalities helps her customize her sessions for each client to achieve results fast.

Painting for almost twelve years now, Shabnam specializes in Mixed Media in Acrylics on canvas and infuses her artwork with positive emotions and healing to create personalized ‘Energy Paintings’. Through group workshops, she also coaches people on building life through art. Praised for her bold use of colours and unique textures, Shabnam’s work reflects several positive human emotions such as love, joy and peace. The abstractness of her art allows people to derive their own personal associations with her paintings.


Previous Experience

1. Taught undergraduate students for about 40 years

2. Conducted NLP as well as Healing through Art workshops in Mumbai

3. Conducted a research project, ‘Empowerment Of Contemporary Education System Through Application Of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) And Other Psycho-Behavioural Tools’ (May, 2014 - May, 2015). As part of this project, conducted one-on-one and group sessions for 50 undergraduate students (Age group:19-21 years)

4. Conducted group NLP sessions (for positive, happy and calm state of mind) for 30 teachers teaching undergraduate students (February 2020)

5. Actively participated in personal development and leadership areas. Undertook a comprehensive Personal Development& Leadership Training (Tuff Trak International, 1997), and organized and led a series of Leadership seminars, symposia and conventions as an active office bearer and Head of Delhi Chapter of its alumni body


1. Licensed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Trainer, trained by Dr. William Horton of NFNLP, USA

2. Licensed Reiki Master, trained by William Hauw of Usui Shiki Ryoho, Singapore

3. Taken training in Emotional Freedom Technique by Rohini Singh (Delhi), and Life Coaching by Betska Burr of CLI, Canada

4. Certified as a Practitioner in Theta Healing, trained by Rachna Mehra (Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, USA)

5. Certified advanced Grace Master Healer, trained by Stacey Mayo (Founder of the Sentelligent Solution, USA)

6. Certified Master Level Regenerate Healer, trained by Stacey Mayo (Founder of the Sentelligent Solution, USA)

7. Certified Infinity Healer, trained by Tarek Bibi (The Infinity Academy, Canada)

Reviews & Testimonials

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11 May 21


Shabnam is a patient and resilient healer. Her persistence to uproot the negative beliefs and blocks, which you might be carrying forever, is extremely strong. Her calm, ever smiling presence helps relax and open up without any inhibitions. We had NLP sessions where we worked on gaining confidence to present on stage in front of the crowd. After extremely successful results, I got Infinity healing done for the success of my retail venture. Covid 19 had proved to be extremely challenging for my business. Infinity Healing not only helped me change my business strategy to suit the changing business climate but also innovate on ways to get new clients. Infinity Healing worked within days to give me new customers and platforms to showcase my work and thereby give a new image to my brand.

11 May 21


On November 30, 2020, my ‘Infinity Healing’ was performed by Dr. Shabnam Johry. I teach at the undergraduate level and wanted to make the right decision of choosing between jobs at two colleges where I am happy, at peace, secure and progressing towards getting a permanent job soon. I also wanted to overcome my fear of making certain wrong decisions again, as in the past, because of which I had to suffer-mentally, emotionally, physically and financially, a lot. Two days later, not only could I easily make the decision of which job to take but also the authorities at the other place understood why I was not joining there and supported me in my decision. Everything happened so smoothly that I was left surprised and eternally grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

11 May 21

Anagha Agrawal

Dear Shabnam,

Thank you so much for the Infinity healing session we had. I am feeling the difference for me to stand for myself and be positively firm on what I want to do. And all of it happens without resistance and strain. Thank you beautiful soul for the healing.


11 May 21

Undergraduate Students

1. NLP sessions have helped me become better at time management and decision making, which were earlier my weak points. I remain happy now.


2. I have become quite confident and don’t hesitate to talk to anyone. My determination has also increased. I have got rid of my fear of heights.


3. These NLP sessions have given me a positive outlook, reduced level of tension, better time-management, enthusiasm and motivation.


4. I have become more confident, more determined and a person with positive outlook, calm state of mind, and high self-esteem. Frankly speaking, the list of benefits that NLP and EFT have provided is very long. In short, I am very happy now.


5. I have observed a lot many positive changes. I have been able to take firm decisions without being influenced by others. I am now surrounded by optimism and have got rid of all the negativity inside. Most importantly, I now have faith in myself and cannot be belittled by anyone.


6. After the NLP sessions I felt much more positive and clear about my goals, and the persistence to achieve them got enhanced as well.


7. After these NLP sessions I have improved confidence level, good time management, better decision-making ability, better concentration, positive outlook for future, happier state of mind, and the ability to find positive even in the unfavorable circumstances. EFT has helped me in controlling my fears and negative thoughts.


8. I have been able to forget my past and move on in my life after taking the NLP sessions. I now find it easier to take decisions wisely.


9. My anxiety level has gone down and I have gained control over myself.


10. I have developed a high positive self-image and gained much more confidence.


11. My happy and calm state of mind is the first change, which I observed after the NLP session. Also my concentration and persistence in doing any particular work has increased.


12. I have gained the following through NLP sessions:

 a) High concentration power in studies

 b) Improvement in memory

 c) Increased tolerance and patience

 d) Increased hours of studying

 e) Increased decision making power

  f) Feeling less lethargic

  g) Controlled anger

  h)Good relationship with parents


13. The NLP sessions gave me a clear insight of my potential. I gained the confidence to express and represent myself. I feel creative and enthusiastic to do a new variety of work.


14. I have become much more positive now. I have stopped constantly worrying myself about one thing or the other. These sessions have made me realize how simply one can manage stress and emotional imbalance. Now I do not regret most of the decisions I make. I do not put myself into a lot of pressure to fulfill the expectations people have from me. I have learnt to accept myself the way I am. Thanks to NLP and Shabnam Ma’am. EFT has helped me in attaining a relatively calm state of mind and getting rid of headache. I am able to concentrate more on the present than on the future.


15. I have become more confident and am able to speak up for myself. I have started taking initiatives. I have become emotionally sound. I have stopped caring about what other people think of me. I have become more optimistic towards life.




11 May 21


Shabnam is a terrific healer. Her NLP sessions helped me discover the courage and confidence to pursue my dream career and show the tenacity to achieve my goals. NLP also helped me get over my anger and other unhealthy emotions that usually stand in the way of our desires. And while NLP worked at the level of my psyche, Infinity Healing worked at the spiritual level to clear all blocks, negative beliefs and unhealthy attachments I didn’t even know I had. The results were immediate. I felt independent and self- reliant and more prepared to take on the independent projects that started coming my way within matter of days. It has been a pleasure to go through this journey with Shabnam as my healer. She always lends a gentle ear and is available to talk through emotions, changes and results even after the session is over, which helps with the transition. Thank you Shabnam for making my mind and my life richer.

11 May 21

Tarek Bibi (Founder, Infinity Healing)


Shabnam, I’m honoured and glad that you are a certified trainer in my program. The amount of feedback and client breakthroughs you have shared in such short time show that you have something special going on. The mandatory session for successful completion of your program required you to perform Infinity Healing on me. I needed help with my life purpose which involved starting my own spiritual healing community. I was insecure, untrusting of how it will unfold and focused on negative experiences in the past. I was full of many fears including fear of being rejected, being impulsive and impatient, attracting the wrong kind of people and making wrong decisions. It has been my dream of many years but things changed fast and quite powerfully for me within days after our session. I am currently living in seventeen acres of land in British Columbia, one of nicer parts of Canada, where I am planning my community and am close to closing the deal. I would say that if anyone needs help from a high- level healer who can clear blocks, help with relationships, career, money and basically any other desire, then Shabnam can help you in fastest way possible. I’d recommend that anyone with a nudge within should reach out to Shabnam and talk to her about how she can help you pursue your dreams and reach your goals. Keep shining Shabnam. I appreciate you.


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