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Chennai (Madras)

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Karthik is a certified Life Coach, Leadership & Executive coach, and certified master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis. He holds a master’s degree in software engineering.  He has had a wide range of people experience in various corporates including IT (Mainframe), Banking and Insurance (ING) , Automobiles (Audi). He conducts open NLP practitioner workshops, NLP based workshops in all parts of the country (Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Indore, Pune, Madurai, Trivandrum, Guwahati, Coimbatore etc....) . He specializes in creating customized experiential workshops based on individual requirements with a focus on creating high performance individuals. The goal of his workshops is to take participants to peak performance by installing powerful habits, patterns and strategies in them and removing negative belief, limiting decisions and disruptive behaviours.

He loves new challenges and creates his own modules, tailored for the individuals, groups and/or organisations and delivers them in a very experiential method that creates a long lasting impact. This attitude of his, coupled with his motto of “The ‘how’ factor is more important than the ‘wow’ factor”.

His one on one success/peak performance coaching methods are people centric and not therapy based. Meaning for the people the methods of the therapy will be altered but the person is never altered for the therapy.  


Master practitioner of NLP from ABNLP

Master trainer of NLP from IAPCCT

Life coach from IAPCCT

Leadership and executice coach from IAPCCT

Master trainer of Hypnosis from IAPCCT

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25 Feb 19


Karthik firstly thank you so much for giving me a wonderful healing technique. NLP is everything which has transformed my life in many ways. You have added the colours to it. The way you carry over the sessions is simply amazing. Wishing you tons of wishes and success keep spreading nlp as you ever do. Good luck. Once again thank you so much for being my guru in NLP. I have always been blessed to have amazing teachers and happy that you are one among them

10 Jan 19

Dhivya parthiban

NLP is my life is the eye opener for me. What a technique it is? wow.... The way the karthick explaining the technique is fantastic....the examples, real time stories, the liveliness in the class and finally he will send us home with lots of unforgettable moments in the sessions plus the most powerful tools to tune others and ourself.

Thank you for every good memory u made in our batch and the connection u did among us (Tapan, jeeju, suresh, mohan, shurthi, sridevi aka, ujwala, suraj, chandru, kishor, manoj, dhasarathan, subhash, vidhya aka, etc) 

Miss u all....very happy to see karthick growing in rapid speed. All the very best karthick....????

19 Dec 18

Satya Ashok Mamidi

Karthik is a wonderful person with tons of knowledge, experience, care, passion and potential. I have attended his NLP, Hypnotism and Coaching classes. Always I learned something or other on his sessions. If one is a beginner or a senior, he have enough examples, stories and case studies to cater to all those requirements. Overall it is a pleasure attending/meeting Karthik. Thank you Karthik for all your help and support provided to us. 

19 Dec 18

Arvin Dey

Karthik, Amazing Trainer with Passion and Commitment.

He is a go to Person on healing touch and a Mentor to provide a pathway in Life.

He is passion for Photography bring patience and calmness in him

Amazing Trainer, Facilitator, Guide, Mentor and Yes A " LIFE COACH "

Way to Go Karthik !!! Cheers !!

19 Dec 18

Rakesh Sachdeva

Kartick, is a a fabulous NLP trainer. He has deep understanding of the subject and also masters you. 

I have had a beautiful learning experience with him. He made me walk on the time line and I really witnessed  an extraordinary energy filling inside me. I am more clearer on my goals now.

He is a humble person with greater understanding for an individual.

I wish him a great luck in all his endeveors.


19 Dec 18

Shabbir Ahmed

What I like about Karthik is Passio, Commitment, Strong Grip over Subject matter, Always Upgrading his Skillset... According to me, he is one of the best NLP Master Trainer in India... 

19 Dec 18

Rupali C

A powerful skill which Karthik possesses is the art of story telling and his repertoire is filled with such stories which are in a way his own experiences. His sessions are engaging and relatable because of such interesting stories which unconsciously leaves a lasting impact amongst his coachees. I wish him all the very best in life.

19 Dec 18


I able to attend one of the sessions of Karthik . Likes to say the optimism he shows in the sessions is amazing likes to go to the dead end of the topic and NLP is like a blood of his body ..a great trainer ...likes to say simply superb ...

19 Dec 18


One of the lively sessions I ve ever attended... Karthick master,the man who has a unique voice which will make a transformation in urself...A magician who trains magics with logic...  Awesome experience.... Thank u master.... 

19 Dec 18

Swati Bajpai

The best part of his training is you just don't get to know and you are transformed from your inner side. The memory deletion technique worked wonders for me. 

19 Dec 18

Sudha. R

Extraordinary practitioner and well good trainer... Im really proud to took training with Karthick... learned alot in training session... as a NLP master he gave and used more technical part to the trainees... his techniques used in training impressed us and even self development mainly for us... amazing Rappo building... his individual care to all the trainers, shows his careing and most probably his in depth subject knowledge is really awesome... proud to be his student in NLP... 

18 Dec 18

Hemanta Kalita

Mr. Kartik is an excellent NLP coach. He can teach the most difficult subject in easy methods of teaching. This is his speciality of teaching. He always make the class interesting. So, that everyone can enjoy the class. Beside this he is an honest and positive person.  He can make any person positive to turn his dream to reality. So, he is a good life coach.  

18 Dec 18

s.siva subramanian

MR. karthick NLP Practitioner session is awesome and also in best price when compare to other NLP Trainers in india.His methode of training is very Practical and easy to learn.After the session he gives follow up to each and every participant to reach their next level in life. we learn not only the NLP techiniques but also lot of transformation happens within us and every body will feels like new born person.Thanks to NLP Master Trainer karthick

18 Dec 18


Really life changing program given by Mr.Karthik .No words to say 

18 Dec 18

Subash Krishna

Some people have a potential of changing the view of life in one single sitting and Mr.Karthik is one such person. He knows what he does and he is so strong in what he does. Personally I had a very strong positive change in my life after Mr.Karthik’s entry in my life. Wishing him to transform so many lives like this ..

18 Dec 18



He's a dedicated coach who trains in harmonizing mind and action.  His instructions and explanations would dive us into different level.  NLP makes me to associate and emerge my dream to reality. 

He's like an elder brother, cares to serve better with ever cherishing memories. 


Busy Bee - Sarah. 

18 Dec 18

Chellamani S

I have attended his NLP course. He is simple and realistic. His way of coaching is marvellous, makes things into simple before getting into the topic. Even a 14 years boy can understand his program. Wish him all success in his Mission.

18 Dec 18

Geetha Nagaraj

Karthick master is an inspiring person in my life. Through NLP he made me analyse and find solution for my problems. If a solution is given by others it will be one time relief but he made me find my own path which will help me in long run. He helps me to uplift my positives through NLP. I believe NLP would help other new learners as like it did for me. Thank you so much master.

18 Dec 18


Good Teacher explains, Best Teacher inspires  and Great Teachers are Change makers and they Transform . you are a Change Catalyst Karthik, go ahead and keep making transformations.

18 Dec 18

Annuncy Vinoliya

I am an NLP Practitioner and I found how to master my mind and heading myself to be a master mind. Using NLP one could learnt he art of self mastery.  

18 Dec 18

Anand kumar

That was a wonderful session of karthick master..the way he explaining of each concept was awesome ...Great to take a part of this NLP program. ..Thank u so much master...

18 Dec 18


Karthik Sir's NLP class is really awesome and i realised that anyone can learn NLP. He will bring individuals potential and talent.

18 Dec 18

Araasu AM

Fantastic job by Karthik sir 

18 Dec 18

Suganthi Jeyasingh

Admirable Trainer who has fed Wonderful learning with NLP techniques having simplified for all to Calibrate one's own Self & others. Hope to travel with you for exploring Wisdom. 

18 Dec 18


It was great learning experience tat it made to realise myself and a new approach to things in life...thank u master.

18 Dec 18


Mr.Karthik Teachings will be in a simplified manner and easy to pratice. Session will be more practical. After compeletion of NLP session we are again more empowered by  NLP Refresher program . We get more guidance . Thank You Karthick sir

18 Dec 18


It was a wonderful learning to me..thanks to Karthick master for the lively coaching.

After my NLP training.i have changed my approach with people...i have more confident now to handle the people..

18 Dec 18

Kaveen Prasannamoorthy

Karthick - A Healer, Coach. If you need the change, Be the Change.

Karthick is a proof...

Knock him to change yourself and throw your problem out..


18 Dec 18

J.James benedict Sebastin

Your unique style of coaching, make me think that the hurdles upahead is nothing. The possitive vibe from you make me to do better at what i do and much more.

Thank you, Master

18 Dec 18

Anushiya Alagia nambi

Thanks to Karthick master. NLP is a life changing experience for me it helps me both personally and professionally. I have identified myself during the session and it created the path for my future.

18 Dec 18


I have attended karthik nlp program

World class teaching, really changed the lifestyle of me

Rare personality with ocean of knowledge in training field


18 Dec 18


I stepped into the program without any idea. But from the first day felt lots of changes in person and also in daily routine. NLP helps me to mould myself better than ever .  Hearty regards Guruji.....

18 Dec 18

S.Target lakshman

His program was very usefull it's changed my mind to think practical way 

It is a brain and mind management program 

Thank you karthick sir

18 Dec 18


I attended his session like a clay, now I have become a sculpture. I have to admit that it is because of his session. He is a down to earth person. NLP is his passion. He is the one who is loyal to the trainees. 

18 Dec 18

Chinnaraja K

I went to his session as a learner with open mind. 

Very friendly coaching experienced. 

Got another view of learning. 

Loved and very easy to understand and follow the methods of NLP 

18 Dec 18


Down to earth person, I have had couple of sessions with him in the last 3 years for training as well as coaching. Very practical and result (outcome) oriented person. I strongly recommend him for coaching and training. 

18 Dec 18

Thadaham padma

Karthik is a great coach who can understand the learning style of a person and teach. The hypnosis session i attended was such an awesome and great session. Waiting to participate in Karthik's NLP session. 

18 Dec 18

Bala Harni B

It was an awesome experience. We learnt something which we would have not thought of all these years. For me personally it's very helpful during communicating with people.

18 Dec 18


Dear karthik dream to reality workshop is really a tool of life to convert all our dreams into reality. Imagining things is first step to realize the one...for this the workshop structured in the name of DGR is an awesome tool. Keep Rocking 

18 Dec 18

Chandra Kumar

Dear , karthik you are such a life transformation coach, each of your session changed many life into a positive one including mine, I'm so happy to associate with u , good to go , keep rocking , Best wishes

18 Dec 18

Chandra Kumar

Dear , karthik you are such a life transformation coach, each of your session changed many life into a positive one including mine, I'm so happy to associate with u , good to go , keep rocking,????????????????????????????

18 Dec 18

A Kumaressan

Excellent Life transforming coach.

18 Dec 18


Experienced a terrific transformation in my life. Thank you sir

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