Mahesh Chandra Seth

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28 Years

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Bhopal (Bhopal)

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Hindi, English

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From Monday to Friday

11.00 to 13.00 Hrs

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Sarurday Sunday is for Workshop

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Mahesh Chandra Seth

Mahesh Chandra Seth is a student of Spirituality beyond Mind. He believes that only God exists, everything else is illusion. Enjoy the illusion. Every morning say to yourself that I choose to live in BLISS today.

You are welcome to contact me to learn Access Consciousness Bars; Reiki and Karuna Reiki; Yoga; Pranayam; Meditation; Spirituality; NLP; EFT; Emotrance; Hypnosis; Art of Being.

Previous Experience

In my Journey of Reiki and Spirituality I had been an intrument to bring happiness and health in life of thousands of people by the Grace of All Mighty God.


Reiki Grand Master

Karuna Reiki Grand Master

Theta Healer

Access Consciousness Facilitator


Tejgyan Coordinator

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04 Aug 18


What I say about him (Shri Mahesh Ji) whenever I tried to express my feelings I failed, because that cannot be put in words. He not only make me reiki healer but once a way he just transformed me. Directly or indirectly he pushed me towards my higher self. whenever I am with him something starts happening I don't know what it is but something precious something good, starts within me. when I talk about him or remembers him, that cute and attractive smile comes in front of me...
I always feel like he is with me I have a great support of him. sometime I feels him as my father, sometimes as my friend and sometimes as my Guru. If I am talking about him (Shri Mahesh ji) I cannot hold my self talking about my Guru_Ma (Mrs. Mahesh) whenever I want to her I strongly felt that I am with my mother. She  feeded me as my mother whenever she asked me for food I couldn't say 'no', how could I say no if my mother is asking for food.
If I start expressing my feelings about them the day would not be enough. I just want to thank both of you for your great love and I want to thank the God that they are in my life and part of my life.....
 thank you, thank you, thank you????????????

04 Aug 18


Thank you for the wonderful teachings and Reiki healing, I am experiencing positive shifts in my life

04 Aug 18

Neha Srivastava

Thanku thanku thanku so much MAHESHJI FOR wonderfull gunjan yoga n reiki healing. ...

03 Aug 18

Sujata Sharda

Thanks Mahesh jI for the Gunjan yoga and the Reiki energy. Wish to continue with the new form of yoga.Divine thanks to Mahesh jI and Mystic lotus team for their selfless service and help.

03 Aug 18

Prabha Tiwari

Really informative and precise .. helps one find the peace within 

03 Aug 18


Thank You Maheshji for the wonderful energies. i felt instant relief from my stomach upset after the reiki session. 


03 Aug 18


Thank You Maheshji for the wonderful energies. i felt instant relief from my stomach upset after the reiki session. 


03 Aug 18

Srividya S

Thank you for the wonderful experience and Healing through Reiki. It was wonderful journey learning and thanks for your selfless dedication and sincerity. 


Divine Gratitude

03 Aug 18

Manisha handa

Thank you Maheshji for sending reiki for my 6 years old son...he was quite relaxed after that and had a great sleep..I must say u have tried to go one step ahead of our expectations and have shown a lot of confidence in ur teachings which I have found very easy N simple to understand..thanks once again for ur wonderful healing techniques...hope to get in touch with u shortly ????

02 Aug 18

Nilu Agarwal

Im very thankful for the experience of energys of reiki healing could feel the engery made me relaxed and calm .Gratitude 

02 Aug 18

Mukta rathi

Very nice experience...

02 Aug 18

Sonia Sharma

Very simple yet very effective healing.

Enjoyed the healing. Thank you so much.

02 Aug 18

Mala Nair

So many small corrections to be made in thought process to live a peaceful life were well amplified by Maheshji.

i especially liked the Gunjan Yoga to be done every morning. It really helps start your day with a different kind of energy.


02 Aug 18


Thank you Mahesh ji

You have a very simple and effective way  of teaching so that it easy to grasp and also stays with oneself. The audios and videos/YouTube links really help. 

The highlight was your reiki healing everyday. It was beautiful and helped all of us hugely.

Divine gratitude to you Sir

02 Aug 18

Meher P. Pavri

Thank u Maheshji. Thank u for teaching us so selflessly and sharing such valuable things in d  past three days. God bless u. Thank u Reiki, thank u Cosmos

02 Aug 18

Shantini Varma

Thank you so much Mahesh ji. I was connected your whatsapp group since some time. I like all your audios, videos and I am practicing also. Doing Gunjan yoga and feeling very good. Thank you so much for your noble service and giving free healing for needy ppl and groups.

God bless 

02 Aug 18

Chhaya Bheda

I came across Mahesh ji on mystic lotus group. He has been selflessly giving reki to the group members. I have also been receiving reki for past 3 days. I have definitely been sleeping better. Thank you , Mahesh ji for that. 

His audio and links have been wonderful. His tone of teaching , is like guidance being given by a senior family member. Really grateful for all his guidance. Looking forward to more interaction with him.

01 Aug 18

Anu Sharma

I came across Maheshji on the Mtstic Lotus whatsapp group and what really attracted was his approach to find the healer within ourselves. 

I had a phone conversation with him and he guided me through some insightful guidelines. At no point did he ask me to sign up for sessions but provided me the confidence that i can heal myself. 

Maheshji is a very simple humble person with amazing knowledge of various healing modalities. He's also has a great sense of humor.

We were offered reiki healing sessions on the group which were very relaxing and during the session I spontaneously hugged myself and kept saying I love you. This felt so beautiful and therapeutic. 

Thank you Maheshji for your guidance and gift of reiki. May hundred folds return to you. 


01 Aug 18

Prerana Kotak

Thank you for wonderful session on ML.

Notes and audios or links are very easy to follow. Reiki provided was very effective.

Infact... Simplicity of the approach makes it very easy to follow.

Grateful to the entire team to bring us best healers.

01 Aug 18


The gunjan yog was very nice. Feel very calm after doing it. In fact I have more stamina to do more work. Thank u ji for teaching us this yog. My heartfelt gratitude for the reiki healing. Thanks divine and thank you ji.

01 Aug 18

Mohana Krishna

Great to learn about Gunjan yoga, the process is simple but having great results, thank you mahesh jii for great information and reiki healings.


Thank you.

01 Aug 18

Minoti Banthia

Gunjan yog is awesome! I was looking for some quick relaxation and calming the mind process ..tried many...found this easire and faster effects ... absolutely amazing! Divine Thanks!

09 Jul 18

Ishwar Mutha

Develop your intuition. Deepen your healing. Discover your heart and Explore Energy. All of this is what one can experience with Maheshji. Kindness and smile is something u will always find in him. Thank you for all u r support, healing and guidance. Truly walk your talk soul . I respect u n love u a lot! 

03 May 18

Ajay Gyanchandani

Shri.Mahesh Chandra Seth is a Spiritual Beacon, Truly Enlightened one but very Simple, Humble and Accessible. He teaches different modalities from a different point of creation. He is Gem of a Person.And always motivates others to Rise in state of Consciousness. My Life has changed after meeting him
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