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12 Years

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Hindi, Urdu, English

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Natasha Sanoria Kapur

Natasha Sanoria is a clairvoyant who believes that her life purpose is to help and heal human kind. Since childhood she uses to see dreams and would have a feeling of Déjà vu,. and these dreams would scare her since she could feel that someone else or very close is in trouble.

As she grew up and started to understand these symbolic meaning of her dreams  she started guiding family and friends.

In 2011 she was gifted a Deck of Tarot Cards by her Astrologer father. As a firm believer of Faith ,Practice and study. With her Clair cognizance skills, she started practicing Tarot card reading &  Angel Therapy on weekends alongside her corporate career. 

Since then there was no looking back once the realization came to her, that her life purpose is to heal and guide human kind to take them out of there miseries and help them achieve their actual life purpose by making them realize their life pattern. 

Her journey of healing started with Angel therapy and so on to Pranic Healing and Reiki healing. With clear guidance she gives remedies which comes from Higher source with her spiritual wisdom. She also does numerology, face reading, Palm reading, Chakra Balancing and Chakra healings.




Angel Therapy & Healings

Pranic Healing Basics

Pranic Healing Advanced

Pranic Healing Psychotherapy

Pranic Healing Achieving oneness with Higher Soul

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25 Jun 20


Thanks a lot dear Natasha,your reading was very nice!!Enjoyed the guided mediation..felt light and slept well.thank you for money manifestation tips will surely work on them.

25 Jun 20

Richa Khanna

Really enjoyed your sessions ! You are a true healer with a heart of gold and you are so sweet and humble?? Stay blessed and keep spreading positivity????

25 Jun 20

Vannee Jaising

really enjoyed your sessions natasha. an intuitive empathic healer with a heart of gold who doesn't hesitate to go the extra mile. grateful to have u our chat. thank u!!

20 Dec 19

Kaushik Ganatra

Very nice and perfect reading point to point

Wish her good luck 

19 Dec 19


I got amazing readings for my health & my son relationship.  I am completely getting relief.  Thanks a lot Mam.Your voice has soothing effect !

19 Dec 19

Sapna Arora

Amazing readings! Thanks a lot for all guidance! Hearing your voice is healing itself! 

19 Dec 19


Well advised tnks

19 Dec 19

Prathima Prabhu

Hi mam, 

Tq so much for  spending time with the group and your patience in answering each n  everyone's question

19 Dec 19


Thanks dear Natasha for your readings...I could resonate with you.I will surely  try and follow your advise. THANKS once again

19 Dec 19


Thanks dear Natasha for your readings...I could resonate with you.I will surely  try and follow your advise. THANKS once again

16 Dec 19

Prutha Soman

Natasha's reading resonated with me. Thank you.

15 Dec 19

charu shah

she is a very good reader and guide. A  doctor whose diagnosis are perfect which helps you guide on right direction .

14 Dec 19

Dhiraj Kumar Jain

Nice reading done. 

13 Dec 19


Patient, accurate and spot on. That has been my experience with Natasha's readings.

13 Dec 19

Mala Nair

Her instinct to identify the answers to my questions is amazing . Without having met me, just on basis of my birthdate and time she gave me a perfect reading on health and business. 

13 Dec 19

Nandini Shroff

Thanks so much Natasha ....ur readings were really apt and surely a guiding in my future plans 

13 Dec 19


Thank you Natasha for wonderful insight into the readings. All the questions were perfectly answered 

13 Dec 19

Bhavna Mehta

Natasha is so amazing a reader with utmost patience and love for her work.. Her readings were spot on and I was so amazed (on her few statements&guidance for me) with her accuracy as we have never met. Thank you for the wonderful sessions we had for 3days.God Bless!

Thankyou Mystic Lotus for this wonderful opportunity! 

13 Dec 19

Meher P. Pavri

Wonderful. Natasha much gratitude to u for all d insights during the week on ML group. Will contact u for future readings. Thank u

12 Dec 19

Sanobar Gorwalla

I usually dont write a review for someone as the replies are vague and general. And certainly not when I haven't been asked for it. But this one is special.

The readings done by Natasha were so apt, accurate and to the point pertaining my life, that it would be unjust not to write one.


I truly thank Natasha for her time, patience and efforts in responding to my queries for all 3 days with much clarity. She mentioned a few things about me which she possibly could not have known as we have never met or interacted before these sessions were conducted. I have gained a lot of clarity to the issues that have been plaguing me since a very long time. God bless you!!


Thank you Mystic Lotus & team for such a wonderful experience. God bless you'll too!! 

With much love and gratitude to ML and Natasha. 



17 Oct 19

Dr. Mahasweta M Das

Dear Ms.Natasha

I am grateful to you for your invaluable guidance during the tarot card session today. 

I was grappling with a sense of disillusionment that was leaving me feeling confused about my future. Though I am into law of attraction but my manifestations were taking time because of my lack of clarity and focus, which was further giving me lot of stress.

Thanks so much for your timely help and I am really feeling confident about my future.

May God bless you with abundance?????????

20 Sep 19

Zainab Hadis

I couldn’t have felt any better if I hadn’t had a session with Natasha. I feel blessed that I had an opportunity to not alone have a taro-reading session by her but also to have gained some wonderfully excellent solutions along with suggestions. And I won’t fear to say that I would gladly buy her suggestions because she’s one person who is certified upon so many studies at once. And talking of the solutions, then obviously I’ve no doubt that I’ll follow them exactly as she asked for!

Natasha’s loveliest quality which attracted me towards her so deeply is that she really has this will to help others in whatever way possible. Intensity in her work by her is so deep that she really makes the best of the  initiatives in order to help her clients make better decisions for selves.
One couldn’t be any more luckier upon meeting Natasha. One, that because she’s really true to her work hence, is able to provide you with the best of the insights. Two, she’s ready to answer millions of your questions with patience. Three, her knowledge,experience and mystical powers forcefully make you positive and try enhance you as a human being or a person.
Trust me, if you haven’t hit her for an appointment yet then you’re just not gonna be updated in your life any sooner. Therefore, without a second thought, just fix up your meeting with her! 
I felt so peaceful after my session with her, that I’m a thousand percent assured that one session could help you have best of the insights of ‘you’.

Thank you!
God bless Natasha


13 Sep 19

Gaurav Markan

Natasha's talent with respect to understanding the problem and healing it out effectively is quite exceptionally good. Her tarot card readings and her healing process is not only spiritual and soulfoul but can surely make you feel light on your body and head, conditionally if you believe her directions with complete faith. I have my own healing experience over my health and it worked magically. Strongly recommended to talk to her for your concerns.

13 Sep 19

Dilip johri

She is superb, I had asked her a few questions and her answer were percise and accurate.  I by chance happened to ask same questions to two other people in the same line and there answer were same. She has a lots of patience and she has a good ability to listen which are the main tools in this trade. Best of luck Neha. 

13 Sep 19

Abhishek Kushwaha

Natasha is great at what she does. Her Tarrot Reading were bang on, in facts she revealed a few details which was only known to me. I must say she is Exceptional and has an insight and infact I feel extremely healed after having spoken to her. I wish all the best to her. 

13 Sep 19


This was my first tarot reading and it was quite amazing. The reading was very spot on and I told her the cards know me well. It is exactly what I need to move forward. The things she told me were spot on with my life and who I am as a person. She was very helpful because I was not sure what it was I needed to do but she guided me in the right direction and the decision I should take in my professional life. The information I received was very accurate. I will most definitely go this again. All The best 

13 Sep 19

Pracheer Nayar

I came in touch with Natashajee through my elder sister at a time when I was going through bad times in my personal life. I discussed my issues with her and found her to be giving me a patient hearing as if to understand every word I was saying. Her predictions are 100% accurate. Apart from being accurate in her predictions, her guidance on various aspects is also very good. Thanks Natashajee for being there.

13 Sep 19

Christopher Joseph

I had taken tarrot card consultation from Natasha few months ago and I was totally taken aback by the her knowledge and understanding skills. Few things that she said about my finances and personal life were 100% accurate. She has immense potential and is an excellent host. I admire her contribution in changing people's lives  through simple and effective techniques/remedies. I urge people to consult her without second thought. Wishing you all the best. 

13 Sep 19


It was a great experience. The sessions were sophisticatedly handled. The healing therapy really healed me. I could tell the difference. She is truly an expert in what she does. 

13 Sep 19

Supriya Maheshwari

I felt very positive and optimistic after the tarot session I had with Natasha. I was quite confused and clueless, about an ongoing situation in my life. The session helped me get the right direction and choose what my heart wanted.  Natasha is very patient and answers all the questions in an accurate manner. She radiates positive energy and really helps in clarifying every doubt. Overall, I felt healed and ready to meet the challenges after her session.

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