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Hindi, Marathi, English

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All days of the week from 11:30 am- 11:30 pm 

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Sheetal Kode

I am an Indigo Child who has had sight from my early childhood but in our fast moving world I did not start my healing and Tarot Work from childhood. I studied Commerce and then later Law but something was always amiss. I always had the sight where in through dreams and premonitions I have seen events happening a lot earlier than they did, it was little taxing but through meditation and constant mind-tuning I found great control over it. One fine day along with a friend of mine I got a book on Wicca and everything fell in place. I started practising the craft and then eventually I moved on to Oracle Card Reading and then Tarot Card Reading. I never had to take up any course or get any certfication done because when I went to get Certificate after perusing through the course work I realise what I know naturally is much much more than what the courses were offering. I started getting clients and I kept on helping and healing people which is my motto and mission in this life. For the past 7 years I have worked with many clients and whenever they came up to me post a reading and said thank you for helping us our problem was solved with a huge smile on their face that was my biggest certification. 

Previous Experience

Making people happy, helping solve their problem and noticing that no matter how small but I am making a difference in this world has been my previous experience :) 


Again my Client's Happiness and their Problems being solved are my biggest rewards. 

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15 Jan 18

Vijaya S Ingule

In times of despair and darkness, I had Sheetal who not only lent me ears to listen to but also the apt guidance that lead my way beautifully. It is her clairvoyance that assisted me to become confident, take decisions and implement it. The best part is that she never becomes judgemental and is very neutral in her readings and observations without getting personal. I would recommend Sheetal to everyone.

05 Jan 18

Varsha Samant

There are many out there to tell you about your future. But, there are very few are precisely accurate n not money minded. Sheetal is someone who will listen to you patiently n never judge you. Future may not always be positive but it is important as to how you convey it. It is an art which is mastered by sheetal. You may need to read a review to go to her once, but once you have u know it was the best choice for sure. 

04 Jan 18

Vinita Bhatia

Honestly, it’s shocking that someone can tell you about your future so clearly and so beautifully. Trust me, this lady out here is beautiful through in and out. I really didn’t use to believe in this stuff but when I talked to her I felt peace. Not only did her assumptions about my future were right but also her soothing nature calmed me. I always want some one to listen to my problems and guide me on what am I doing and yeah she did the exact same for me. I’m glad I did do the tarot card reading that day. Looking forward to much more meetings with you??

04 Jan 18

Hiteish Sharma

If you'll ask me to define Sheetal, I'll fall short of words. I can write a whole series of books to describe what kind of person she is and that's not just because she's my best friend, but because of the kind of human she is <3

I know her from past 7 years and in between those years she's done reading for me many of the times and everything she's told me till now was cent percent accurate. She tells you things which makes you wonder if she's reading your mind. The readings have always been insightful and relevant to situations. If you really want to have a proper look into your life and need solutions to problems which seems never ending, this girl is all you need! Highly recommendable!!! 

04 Jan 18

Punthi Shah

I have known Sheetal for about six years now personally and she has been one of the most positive aspects of my life . She is so professional when it comes to her work that despite knowing almost everything about my life , when I took a reading from her, it was so unbiased and accurate . That is the kind of talent and skill she has . She has mastered this skill of accurate tarot reading on her own without any professional training . That’s what makes her brilliant . Her reading has changed I’m sure many lives just like she has mine for the better.

04 Jan 18

Nilesh T.

She triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself, identifies the core issues and helps you address them in a way that you can understand with genuine empathy.

And in that knowing healing comes.

God Bless.


04 Jan 18

Sona Singh

Hi ,Sheetal is a very positive person and a heart full of love and warmth. She is a small sister to me but wen she helps me she is like a big sister. Am so proud of you and one thing very special about our friendship is we have never met in person but it seems always to me that I know her forever. Sheetal has done tarrot reading for me and I do BELIEVE in what she does and completely happy and satisfied with her readings and I do BELIEVE in it. She is that type of a fren whom you can call and she will be there to help you out. Wish you more joy love and happiness always dearie !!!! Hugs Sona 

04 Jan 18


Sheetal is not just a healer but a great friend too...she is extremely positive about life and she transfers that to us as her reading and I highly recommend her if anyone faces any trouble...

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