Binita Aamol Rege

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17 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

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Monday to Friday: 111am to 7pm

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Binita Aamol Rege

Binita Rege is an Experienced Tarot card Reader and Akashic Records Reader and Coach. She has many modalities under her belt like, runes, charms, dice, pendulum etc along with Tarot and Akashic readings.

Being intrigued by Divination and Mysticism since she was very young, she was always drawn to Divination tools. Binita learned reading cards in 2007 and since then she has never put them down. Tarot cards have been her constant companions. Over the last 5 years of reading for others, she has gradually added other divination tools to her successful tarot practice and makes her readings deeper and meaningful for her querents. Her sessions are wholesome and insightful. They empower the querent and fills them with sense of hope and positivity.

For her, All modalities are not only a fortune-telling tool but is a path to self-awareness, self-growth, manifestation, and above all, a guide to help us lead a fulfilling life.
The most special quality about her Reading and Healing session is that she channels intuitive messages. She believes in empowering her querents through her in-depth readings and advocates that this knowledge of hers should illuminate the path for her querent, but never tell them which path to walk or how to walk it. She also stands by the belief that 'there is always a choice in any given life situation'. Her reading and healing session help in identifying these opportunities and working around them for the greater good of all.

Binita wishes for every one of us to make use of this wonderful gift the Universe has to offer.
She coaches foundation as well as advanced Akashic and Tarot courses. Other courses available with her are Switch Words, Dice divination, pendulum dowsing, runes and Lenormand cards.

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20 Feb 23


Binita came as a wave of big relief when I was going through emotional turmoil and lacked clarity. Her kind words helped me navigate through that storm and think more positively. I appreciate her guidance.

20 Feb 23


Thank you Binita for guiding my daughter. It has helped her calm down a lot to find some sort of direction when she felt lost. Your calm and soothing approach with her helped her . Thanks a lot once again.

01 Jan 23

Jhanvi Shah

Thanks sooooooooo much, Binita! It was a very pleasant experience with you to go through this reading session. You were wonderful and filled with positivity during the session which easily rubbed off on me. Your reading truly resonates and makes me hopeful to find solution of my problem. Your readings are always almost like therapy for me. After sessions with you, I always get clear understanding of things that I can't seem to figure out on my own. Your reading helpes me a lot. This time it relieved me from my worries. Thank you so much .????????????

20 Nov 22


Its not easy to take one by surprise, so when I walked in to Binita's place for my tarot reading I never knew what was coming up for me. She had me dumbstruck, awed and fascinated with her accuracy in her readings. In many ways she helped me with a new perspective towards events in my life and in other ways she guided me in situations I felt I was stuck in, for a long time. For this I am most thankful to Binita, she has never given up on me and she still pushes me to my best potential, always.

20 Nov 22



Reading session with Binita was very helpful and insightful, It gave me a lot of clarity and helped me move on . It helped me make peace with my environment , She is very gentle in her approach and patiently  listens. She went over all the details during the reading and brought me lot of clarity. I  highly recommend her to anyone who is finding their way in their life.

20 Nov 22


Binitas readings have given me a sense of direction, solace and clarity to handle the situation/s on hand. Her practical suggestions into handling the insights that she sees in her cards are stand alone and has infused me with great strength to face these situations. She is truly the voice of the cosmos.

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