Description :

A form of divination like runes, crystals, angel cards, oracle cards, lenormand card readings are powerful in their ability to predict the future. Cards are read in a more structured format, without going into so much depth within each card. Some things such as character expressions, directionality, and colors or people in a card, so important to a tarot reading, will have nothing to do with the Lenormand translation. We've noticed that once you get onto a lenormand reading, it hooks you!

Lenormand cards are named for Madame Lenormand who developed this system during the french revolution in 19th century France . The 36 symbols of Lenormand always read as a pair are wonderfully accurate easy to understand and use on a daily basis to make decisions , to gain clarity on the details of a situation , to see the truth of a relationship and the path of the future . There are many spreads in Lenormand that really bring in accurate and awe striking divine guidance. There is a two card spread then three card spread , then a 9 card for more details and finally the Grand Tableau called so because you lay it out on a table using all 36 cards bringing amazing depth and detail even to the most complicated of questions