Priyanka Aditya Baid

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7 Years

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Chennai (Madras)

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Bengali, Hindi, English

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11 a.m to 6 p.m IST

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Priyanka Aditya Baid

My Name is Priyanka Aditya Baid. 
A Teacher, holistic healer, wellness consultant and seeker!

I am a certified Pranic Healer, Lama Fera Master, Angel Therapist, Candle Therapist, Numerologist, Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle Card Reader.

I love white magic and Candle Therapy is very special

to me.

Previous Experience

I have been practicing for many years and have participated in healing festivals and been a speaker at the prestigious The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies Women's Telesummit!


Best Healer Award for Angel Therapy/Candle Rituals and intuitive card reading at the Indian Express Healing Festival  .


Angel Therapy

Pranic Healing

Lama Fera

Hunkara With Haleem


Tarot Reading

Reviews & Testimonials

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25 Jan 21


I have received so much from Priyanka. Being in your loving and lovingkindness presence and your class was so amazing as you are! I am grateful to have met you.
Your continued support to my dear friend has been invaluable. Your love is invaluable to sooo many.. your gentleness touches hearts and heals.Together we are magical miracles. I thank you for opening that awareness(magic n miracles )  to many who meet you and to the Quantum field because you’re You! Love love love.

25 Jan 21


I had severe dizziness as a side effect of my second covid vaccine. I reached out to Priyanka immediately from USA. She promptly and speedily fully cleared my dizziness and avoided me from going to the emergency room. Another time I had severe diarrhea and abdominal cramps from food poisoning, which she cleared completely for me in 2 sessions. And I am a medical doctor. Priyanka’s healings are awesome and powerful!

25 Jan 21

Sunita Jethnani

Thanks Priyanka for the amazing Angel workshop . From the time I took this decision to do the angel therapy workshop with you in October 2020 I always got signals and messages from the universe , from the angels about their divine presence and protection . In October in a lucky draw I won Angel wings and many such incidents . The most amazing was this weekend after we started the workshop.  On Sunday just after the workshop I stepped out for 30 minutes and I saw cars passing by me with the number plate 3333 then 7777 then 999. I felt so blessed with this communication from the angels . Thanks for being one of the angels who inspired me to this world of angels . God bless you!

09 Nov 20

Mehar Serang

My Blessings Dua’a n more more n more for Priyanka who is a light among us all I was gifted by my friend her package which was sooo much sweet healing that writing also I have tears in my eyes I am old but felt like a child seeing her holding my hands saying aunty all will be ok oh yes my daughter is pregnant had lots of issues which are 98%cleared now by the miracles of Priyanka!

09 Nov 20

Homai Baria

Candle therapy heard a lot about it. When I experienced Priyankas therapy I was going through an entity issue. To put u in the picture the tree in my garden was cut to build a wall by my neighbour and there was some entity which was disturbed. Priyanka did most of my sessions to banish it and by God's grace now I feel more at peac e. Everyday @11.30 I was woken up with a start and going back to sleep was an issue. Now it is so much better. She also did a healing session for me. Thank you so much Priyanka my next healing workshop is going to be a chakra healing one.

09 Nov 20

Romelyn Woodruff

Priyanka..thank you sooo much for this beautiful enlightening class. You’re a wonder teacher. 
Much gratitude for bonus gift too. You’re beautiful example of teaching giving and receiving.
You teach in such a way that facilitates  ease in learning and your vast knowledge as well as generosity in sharing has been invaluable. I am using all I learned from you.Thank you thank you. Love! 
I appreciate that you’ve given the link to listen to replay.

09 Nov 20

Radha Narayanan

Attended the Candle workshop by Priyanka .It was done very professionally.Priyanka is such a darling healer,teacher .She is very strict as she does everything to the T yet she is so patient to respond to all queries patiently,passionately.Its rare to find a teacher like her who advices dont do rituals just because you know them-but do it if you can help others and help them nicely & Ethically .In this age of people wanting to make quick buck irrespective of ethics ,she comes across as a very Ethical teacher,healer,and great person .Total respect for her and her art.Highly recommed doing a session/class withher.Her energies are also very soothing yet powerful.Thank you Priyanka The Divine Hues for coming into my life and enlightening me on this beautiful therapy called The Candle Therapy.Best wishes and may many many more be blessed by your amazing gifts.

09 Nov 20


Testimonial for Priyanka’s candle therapy  sessions:
When I first spoke with Priyanka at the start of my candle therapy sessions, I asked for her help with a crisis situation I was having with my husband. My husband had left the house for three days and I was worried that our marriage of 22 years was on the rocks. With guidance and consultation from Priyanka, everything looked hopeful and turned out to be a great success for me and my marriage. In fact, our relationship is now on solid footing again and remarkable breakthroughs in understanding are happening for my husband. I highly recommend her candle therapy sessions, they were just what I needed at the right time! Don’t hesitate to connect with her, you will be very pleased with the outcome as I am!??????????

09 Nov 20

Jenni Christiansson

Thank you Priyanka for this lovely Candle ???? WS??????  I just love looking at candles and just feel the mysterious vibes ?
The classes where so professional ???? and you taught us that you take these rituals very seriously and is so exact/precise as you can be. That makes you a great therapeut/healer/teacher for me ???????? 
And yes, you where so patient with us when we had all this questions over and over again ???? 
I’m very excited to do more candle rituals ? of my own now??
Love and thanks to you Priyanka ????????

09 Nov 20

Neena Mehra

Priyanka The candle workshop has been a great experience, you are very knowledgeable in this field and have done a wonderful job imparting this Divine modality to us . You have been so sweet and patient and understanding in the course as well as my personal sessions with you. God Bless you, may you continue to shine your Light in the world????????????????

09 Nov 20


Thank you Priyanka for giving me a new perspective about the candles. As I had mentioned to you about my love for candles, now you added passion to my existing love ???? ???? ????.  Had such an insightful & interesting workshop with you .  Thank you so much.  Stay blessed ????????????????????????

09 Nov 20


Thanks alot Priyanka. It has been a great journey learning from you and making new friends along the way. You have been really patient and kind while answering our numerous questions and clearing our doubts. Thanks again. ????????

09 Nov 20


My experience of the candle workshop with Priyanka was simply amazing! It was unbelievable knowing how magical candle rituals can be! Priyanka is extremely supportive and her guidance is incredible. Thank you Priyanka for this knowledge????????

09 Nov 20


Priyanka is an excellent teacher healer. I really enjoyed doing this workshop and learned so many things . She is very patient . And make sure that we understand everything at each step. God bless you Priyanka???????? and thank you for taking us on this colourful journey.

09 Nov 20


Priyanka You are indeed my love angel ! Your therapy has healed my relationship and given a new life to it ! 

Also thanks to you all the blocked energies are releasing! There is more positivity in my space!  Even Money is coming in from different sources, blocked money is getting released!

I am touched with your dedication and involvement! 

You inspired me to take up the workshop too!

I hope like you I too can help many more souls and bring more smiles!

Am so grateful to Mystic Lotus for introducing you to us !

Thank you and God bless you and team mystic????

09 Nov 20


Thank you Priyanka for such a magical, fun, insightful and colourful journey of candle rituals.You are an excellent healing teacher. Thank you for being so very patient with us. I am very excited to do more rituals. Thank you again????

09 Nov 20


Priyanka is excellent! She has a lot of very interesting practical tips and tricks that she shares with her students. She ensures her classes are very easy to follow and has a lot of patience when answering questions. I found the card reading she did for me to be accurate and it really resonated with me. I'll be signing up for more of her classes in the future because she has a varied background and incorporates some of her candle, colour, angel, gemstones, etc. teachings into her workshops. Don't hesitate to take one (or more) of her classes.

09 Nov 20

Theresa Stevens

Priyanka‘s candle workshop class was so informative and thorough that I learned so much useful and practical information from her about how to do this wonderful energy clearing practice. The ritual process was easy to follow and professionally presented, and delivered immediate results when I followed along with the group. I highly recommend this workshop for all those seeking to explore more energy clearing methods or to incorporate in their healing practice!

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