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33 Years

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United Arab Emirates

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Hindi, English

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9am to 8pm

7 days a week

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Brenda & Charu

Brenda and Charu are the Co-Founders of B&C Miracle Method ©.

In our strive to find methods that work INSTANTLY,  we developed B&C Miracle Method © to work on Pain (Goes faster than the effects of a Pain Killer),  to clear negativity which generally blocks our path to achiving success.

Charu Mathur is totally committed to empowering her clients to understand and improve their lives.  Charu has successfully worked with clients to clear Autism in young children, Frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, heart ailments, paralysis, chronic fatigue, depression, phobias, insomnia, learning disabilities, acute muscular pains and much much more.  With her compassion, gentleness and clarity, Charu brings about deep releif and change in peoples lives.

Brenda Ganwani has the ability to get answers to bring about deep healing, manifestation and transformation.  Over a decade ago, a single step into spirituality, Brenda experienced a Reiki class, NOW a giant leap forward, Brenda has acquired a vast set of Healing tools that she constantly uses.  Brenda specialises in Mentoring and Coaching a person to release Thoughts, Beliefs and Limitations that prevent the person from moving forward.  Using her intuition she finds the hidden blockages and brings awareness to the client for healing and changing.


Founders of B&C Miracle Method

Founder of our own method to Read the Akashic Records

Lenormand Card Reader

Life Alignment Teacher and Practitioner


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17 Oct 20

Vinita Sharma

The miracle method workshop was an eye opener and I benefitted hugely from two very highly interesting and amazing facilitators -Brenda and Charu . 

A simple yet a very profound system of healing yourself holistically . Highly recommended to make your life better and better in every way .