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14 Years

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Hindi, Punjabi, English

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Monday to Friday : 11am to 6pm

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Mrridula Bali

My name is Mrridula Bali. I am an artist I create and carve human personalities with my multiple degrees to name a few.

A Spiritual Life Coach from Symbiosis international, a certified Past Life Regressor, a hypnotherapist, an automatic writer, a medium, an oracle, angel and tarot card reader, a Switchword and divine healing code instructor, a Zebu sigil, Runes, Reiki, Vastu skilled, an Access Bar Healer, a Color Therapist are few and I endeavor to add few more in coming times.

About six years ago I started my journey in search for my aplomb. The main agenda was to corroborate my passion to touch and heal people, through my knowledge on oracle sciences. My vision resulted in what is now known as Footprint.

Under this label I help people touch their inner strength I help them over come Fears, Anxiety, Stress, Self Sabotage, Depressions, Failure’s & Losses. Through my learnings from various studies and qualifications. I have discovered that most of the problems in life are caused by conflicts of conscious mind, the slice of ourselves. We are aware of, and the subconscious mind, which drives 90% of our decisions and thoughts but yet we are unaware of shadows and our inner conflicts.

The subconscious is deeply symbolic. We all can see these patterns easily but fail to move away from them. I help make my client reach out to their inner strength and ensure that they get swift and substantial results. This allows them to move away from Depression, Fears, Anxiety, Failures which many hold close to their heart. I believe in helping create a individual that goes beyond adoration and admiration. An individual with highest energy who has moved from darkness and touched the light.

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10 Jul 23


Accept my endless gratitude & sincere appreciation ma'am for your valuable time, guidance & support.????

31 Jul 19


A token of love from me to u..I may fall short of words in thanking and showing gratitude, however making a small attempt. 

Mrridula Mam, that calmness in your voice makes me feel so calm and relaxed from all the anxiety I may have within me.

I respect the way your selfless efforts in guiding hundreds n thousands of souls towards finding one-self is incredible.

You can see a vision of all that I can be and become, for me, you already are a Light Being, your essence is Love. You hold that vision for me and guide me on the path of self discovery and self love. 

You always patiently listen and makes me feel totally relaxed. 

You are like that light in the darkness for me who is there to give me solutions whenever I m in a fix ."

I believe it's really important for us to understand that we are stuck and we do have beliefs running in our subconscious which we are not aware of. These beliefs might be pulling us back and hindering our progress. 

After speaking to you I am always very positive and happy from the inside.


Heartfelt gratitude

Lots of Love


31 Jul 19


Gratitude and sincere appreciation for Mrs Bali's constant guidance and support. Footprints is a beautiful name and always connects to both our foundation and memories....Mrs Bali thankyou for helping us with the names of our initiative. Always with you.

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