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VijayaLaxmi KS

Have varied experience for about 30 years - from corporate to freelancing in fields like Administration, HR, Counselling, Training, Life Coaching, Alternative Medical Therapy to Healing. Though a college drop out during my Graduation, I pursued my studies to finish my BEMS (Electro Homeopathy) and became a doctor quite late in life. A childhood dream to become a doctor, I accomplished :-).

As for my Spiritual journey, life didn't give much choice but I had to go through a roller coaster ride for survival, so I started working at 16. Very intuitive since childhood, my questioning "why me, why this.." also started very early. Didn't realise that I was so connected to the Divine Energy (Realised it was Akashic Record Space much later), I used to get all my answers, lots of insights into the events around me and premonitions on what is to happen.

Started practicing Reiki in 1998. And over the last 10 years, the realization of being connected to Akashic Record space was very powerful. Went on a learning spree to sponge up whatever crossed my path. Decided to pursue this Divination as my passion, so that it can be of service to others.

Previous Experience

Corporate Experience for 15 years - Administration, Customer Relations and Human Resources

Freelance Work experience of 15 years in various field - Counselling, Coaching, Training, Life Skill Training,

Volunteer Service : Life Skill Training & Counselling with underprivileged & Govt School Children, Awareness workshop on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (POCSO)


World Woman Icon 2022 - Akashic Record Reading



·       BEMS, Diploma in Counselling, ACC (ICF Pathway), Graphology, Life Coach/Trainer

·       Akashic Record Reading, Akashic / Tarot Card Reading, Yoga Coach, Spiritual Coach

·       Healing : Reiki, Perceptional, PVH, Light Frequency, Ancient Symbols

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22 Feb 23

Smritee Dwivedi

Dr.Vijee ,thank you for introducing me to Akashic space.Thank you guiding me.Thank you for changing my life. Learning from you is so amazing that only listening to you make me absorb everything.I want to learn more and more from you 

Thank you Dr.Vijee

20 Feb 23

Anu Karthikeyan

The workshop was really good. got some clarity about the level of consciousness to which i need to raise. Lot of spritual messages and learning. Thank you vijee mam it is a blessing to Meet you in my life.

20 Feb 23

Suvarna Lakshmi

Am so happy and energetic after the reading finding a hope to be healed for generations. Thank you so much vvijee ji ??????????????

20 Feb 23

Chandraleka Sewnarain

DR Vvigee is a gentle soul who is ever willing to assist us. I've benefitted from her guidance tremendously.  Dr V is  an inspiration to my family and I and has helped us  overcome hurdles through  the  darkest of times. Gratitude to do Dr V and may you continue to grow spiritually. God bless. 

20 Feb 23


Viji ma'am is such a warm person, ever so helpful n with such a profound knowledge about life n beyond. It's indeed an awesome experience learning so much from her. Every day, every moment she guides us to the divine path. Thank you so much ma'am for your genuinity n the wisdom u impart to us along this journey!


20 Feb 23


Deep explanation of related content, makes her lectures amazing. There is so much to learn from her. On the top of evy, she is so humble and polite. This makes her teaching, even more wonderful.

20 Feb 23

Marina P A

Lots of gratitude. Much benefited 

20 Feb 23

Yasmine dsouza


20 Feb 23

Maneesh Arora

Dr Viji, a divine soul. I have learnt a lot from her. Overall very nice experience. Gratitude ???? to master and universe.

20 Feb 23

Asmita Mdd we hta

Dr vvijee is tooo good

so very helpful 

healing everyone 

always ready to help

20 Feb 23

Subhasri Prasad

I have been following the space of PLR & Akashic Records for almost past 7 years. 
Trying to understand & explore both these modes to deep dive, introspect to myself & understand the purpose of my life better while also seeking answers to some questions, regarding my journey, people in my life, relationships & more.

I attended Dr. Vvijee's sessions & there was this deeply gratifying feeling that I might get answers to a lot of questions with her.

She has this very calming effect on you wherein you get this reassurance that all is well & solutions are round the corner.

Most importantly she is very patient & ever smiling & the way she decodes your questions with her readings is a not to miss experience!

Thank you Dr Vvijee. Lots of luv & luck to you♥?

20 Feb 23

Swaty Rungta

It was a wonderful experience..

I got so much of strength and positivity to survive..

Thank you 


20 Feb 23

Bhavana lilani

Dr Vviji mam is the best. My life changed alot after consulting her and getting my akashic reading done ???? i got best results following her remedies.

I am blessed to have her in my life. Truly angel ???? 

Thank you so much Dr Vviji  you are the best.

Gratitude gratitude gratitude ????????????

20 Feb 23

Puja Sahu

Dr. Vvijee has a different aura altogether.

In the first connect itself you can feel her purpose is not looking at the time duration, self benefits, etc , her soul purpose is genuinely helping the person overcome and clear the Karmic debts for whichever reason he or she is suffering. For me, she is definitely an Angel and will always have a special place in my heart and soul. She really feels your pain and does her BEST to heal it.

Love and Regards.


20 Feb 23


Lovely soul, lovely selfless teachings..would live to connect n learn more

Sincere Gratitides Vijee Mam

20 Feb 23


Dr Vijji's course was extremely impactful and she makes for a great teacher and facilitator.One of the best courses I have ever attended.

29 Dec 22


A Divine Experience

Connecting with Dr Vvijee was no coincidence, it was divine timing.  As part of my spiritual path I always wanted to learn Akashic record reading but did not find the right teacher and knew that one day divine will present the master to provide the teachings.  

Meeting Dr Vvijee was divinely planned and ever since I joined the Akashic record reading course my spiritual path excellerated.  Dr Vvijee's teachings are fresh, rejuvenating to the soul. Her gentleness, love and support through the programme helps one shift in leaps and bounds.

What I truly admire about her teachings is that the the theory compliments the practical lessons.  Learning the Akashic record reading gives you the opportunity to clear your own karmic baggage and to heal from the lessons.

Dr Vvijee is a divine teacher in the true sense and I am rather fortunate to have met her in this live time to be my spiritual teacher / coach on my journey to Divinity.

I feel blessed !

28 Dec 22


I first met Dr Vvijee for an Akashic record reading. & besides that being a very good experience, I really connected with Dr Vvijee's aura, compassion & empathy. She is a wonderful human being & pure soul.

I later learnt Akashic Record reading as well from her. Her process, explanation and teaching style is simple and she empowers her students to not only use this knowledge for their own lives but also to actively start reading the Akashic records for clients, reminding us of our spiritual mission.

Dr Vvijee is an ocean of knowledge & I am grateful to the universe to have met her & to have her as a mentor.




28 Dec 22

Sonali Bhasin

I am really so excited and blessed to share my experience of doing Akashic reading and Akashic level 1 &2 course from Dr.Vvijee. I was just fairly familiar with akashic records but when I attended Vvijee mam introductory session on Mystic Lotus it was instant connect I could feel and her humble and gentle energy led me to instantly join the ARR course. It was best decision of my life I can proudly say where I found amazing mentor for my whole life. Her modules and way of delivering is so simple yet so powerful that it just entirely shifted my way of approaching things. She shared tools , learnings and meditation that can be followed on daily basis easily. I also did Self Awareness session with her which is again life changing experience for me. She is always caring for her students and make sure that we are on track of our spiritual journey. Her words and speech itself is very healing. Deep gratitude Dr.Vvijee and also to Mystic lotus for bringing light in my life ??.  I definitely want to say Vvijee mam is the best mentor, most humble person I have ever met and beautiful divine soul. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

28 Dec 22


I have attended Dr. Vijaylaxmi's Spiritual and Karma Discourse and Self Awareness program too. She has a lot of in-depth knowledge after thorough research and both are amazing and wonderful eye-opening modalities. Pursuing MSc Psychology myself, I could easily relate to the Self Awareness module but the way each aspect was covered was a hit on the nail.

The Spiritual workshop is a must to-do for everyone seeking answers of why and how.

Thank You so much Dr. Vvijee for making this available and I am connected to such a beautiful and intellectual mentor today 

27 Dec 22

Ajitha Kuttan

Recently I attended Vvijee Mam's Self Awareness Sessions. The course has been so powerful that there were a transformation from the day I started attending the course.Immensly Blessed to go through the process of notes preparation pertaining to Self - Reflection under the guidance of Mam.

Most of the times we are unaware of certain circumstances , the behaviour of people (Why People react in certain way) .Self Awareness Session is an Excellent Module.

Thankyou for being our Mentor , resolving our clarity..Thanks a Ton♥?Akashic records session along with Self awareness sessions it bought immense change in Self. Gratitude Gratitude

26 Dec 22

Preeti Verma

In my quest for connecting with the divine, I yearned for a mentor who could initiate me to the process to bond with my innerself and with the divine. An acquaintance mentioned about Dr Vvijee and I was so drawn towards her. I started the Akashic record reading journey with her in August this year and how miraculously I feel the secrets of the universe are being revealed to me. As a person, I have become so optimistic in my approach towards life and in my day to day events. There is so much more to experience and learn and with Dr Vvijee's constant soul nurturing and care I am sure to experience the divinity all around me. Holding on to and always. Gratitude 

24 Dec 22

Shilpa R

I was drawn to Dr. Vijee from the first moment I heard her talk on mystic lotus. Was so keen on doing Akashic records with her. After joining her classes i have got a lot of clarity in life about why things happen and how to resolve our issues. Thankful to Vijee for her love and dedication to the Akashic work. She is not a teacher who will do her class and forget about you. She is a constant companion in your life's journey now. ????????????

23 Dec 22


I had no clue about The Mystic Lotus;  I was drawn to it thru the divine.. & Akashic Records Reading was also a new term for me. I attended Dr. Vijee's master class & immediately I decided to learn this divination from her. After learning from her I believe I was destined to do it with her & also with my fellow mates who I now called as My Soul Family... Dr. Vvijee is just wonderful... The best teacher, a friend & a torch bearer on the spiritual path. Her teachings are in depth with simple language that anyone can understand. Simplicity, Walking the Talk, in depth knowledge & application of knowledge with complete hand holding on the spiritual path is what Dr. Vvijee is...!  Gratitude to The Mystic Lotus for being a medium in introducing Dr. Vvijee to me... & Immense Gratitude from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Vvijee for everything..... for giving me such wonderful soul family...& for always being there... ! ????????????



12 May 22

Vandana S

I wish to Express my Gratitude to Dr Vvijee for her healing energy and prayers for my daughter to get full time offer in Company of California where she was working on freelance basis for a year. Dr Vvijee healing energy are truly Magic wand Divinely Blessed. 

Thank you Dr Vvijee for your prayers healing energy and blessing.  My daughter has safely reached Ontario.


14 Apr 22


Hello everyone I wanna express my gratitude towards an angel Dr. Vvijee whose has helped me in healing my lungs as I was facing breathing issues. Through Akashic Record reading she made me understand why I am going through this and that it's just a fear in my mind that is causing me this problem. After having done Karmic Healing from her I feel so better within 15 days only that I feel like my lungs are healed and I'm no longer feeling breathing issues although 10% is still there but I am very hopeful that this will also be healed in few months. So yeah I am very grateful to her and I'll always keep coming to you Ma'am. Thank you so much ?????? 

Highly Recommend ??

25 Jan 22

Ajitha Kuttan

I got an opportunity to get consultation from Dr VVijee Mam. Whatever was asked for she gave me an immense reply. So True the Prediction was. Such a Divine Soul I met. She not only answered the queries I asked for but also guided me.

Thankyou Vvijee Mam for being the guiding light.

25 Jan 22

Ajitha Kuttan

Dr. Vvijee Mam Thankyou for being the best teacher. The course module is designed in such a way that everyone can understand with an ease..Mam becomes the guiding force in helping us bringing the best in ourselves about the topics being taught to us. Every questions are answered which help us to bring clarity in learning. All the sessions are well managed and articulated in a profound way.
My Best Wishes To You Mam..Your way of Teaching is incredible ??????It really feels great and blessed to be the student of you??????

21 Jan 22

Shylaja Chandrashekar


The word Akashic Reading itself was very new to me,when I attended one of the Mystic Lotus sessions. After attending the Demo Session, without a 2nd thought, I registered myself for a reading as well as the Class and I am more than happy and greatful that I did choose to be here. Most importantly a heartfelt GRATITUDE to Dr. Vvijee for being my Teacher and Guru.

As a Teacher, she teaches us with patience and she is more than a friend than a teacher. She encourages and guides her students. Am Blessed to have connected with Dr. Vvijee and all my Soulmates though this class. I understand that this is the Mother of most of spiritual learnings.I truly suggest that you learn this "Divine Art" from Dr. Vvijee. 

To speak about getting my AR Reading done - it was very significant. My 3-4 questions helped me understand the happenings of this lifetime and how to better it and make it more valuable. Though there is lots to work to better my life, but I can loudly say "I am at peace, I am calm and I surrender".

I certainly do request who ever is reading this to get a experience by getting your "Akashic Record Reading" and unveil the magic of your life.

Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude

05 Jan 22


Dr Vvijee is one of the best teacher for anyone who interest in spiritual world.   I have experienced the Akashic Record for the first time with my own eyes because of her teaching.  Most recommend teacher because she got a lot of stuffs and techniques to yeah you more than you can expect!

Thank you Dr.Vvijee :-)

05 Jan 22


A very one to one experience of workshop given by Dr Vvijee even in a group atmosphere.The patience and confirming the group understanding on each subject had everyone in comfort zone. The base topics picked prior to understand Akashic record made a vital and additional part of learning experience.Highly appreciate!Thank You!

28 Dec 21

Jyoti Gandhi

Had a wonderful experience,was doing this for the first time,felt peaceful and calm ,lots of tools were shared , which I'm working on,I think everyone should experience this modality at  LEAST once to have a deeper understanding of events in this LIFETIME 

Thank so much for helping me ????


20 Dec 21

Naina Advani

I had a wonderful session with Vijayajee .She listened patiently to me and addressed by queries ,my fears ,my concerns with great ease and dept .


I got a great insight to what I perceived was my problems and received spiritual remedies for the same .

I am feeling light and much better with her sessions and healings,.


God bless and hoping to connect with her again and again .


Love ????


19 Dec 21

Dipti Selvakumar

I did my Akashic reading- with Dr. Viji for my situations in life. The readings were so real and meaningful. She not only explained the readings but also gave insightful thoughts about how and why. She makes one understand the situations. She is at peace and calm when in the process doesn't rush or not in a hurry to finish her readings

 She is empathetic, kind, helpful and a DIVINE SOUL.  Also the remedies are simple, easy and quick to do. 

Hoping to do more readings for myself and my family and friends. 

Thanks a lot Doctor.  ????


19 Dec 21

Monika Jain

I got Akashic Reading done by Dr. VIJAYALAXMI . The session with her was very insightful. I learnt all my sufferings were due to my Past Karma Baggages .I definitely got answers to all my queries and have found a path as well.The best part she is a pure divine soul almost like an Angel  who  goes extra miles to support her clients . This kind of emphatic nature is found rare in professional readers . Her remedies are very simple and easy to follow . I will continue to work with Dr. Viji to remove a lot more of my Past Life Baggages from my life.  

Thanks and lots of gratitude to Dr. Viji for giving her kind support in helping me live my life with much ease . ???? ?


17 Dec 21

Shraddha S

I went in for my Akashic Record Reading session with Dr.VijayaLaxmi who gave me insights to my Life past Karmas in depth and its impact in present Life alongwith Remedial measures thereof.She is truely a gifted person in her modality .My deepest Gratitude ????as i knew the Answers i was searching for long.????

17 Dec 21

Preeti K

Session with Viji, was quite insightful, it was shocking, why I was facing so many challenges in my life, it resonated well with my past and the remedies she gave me to overcome them was truly helpful. My deepest gratitude to you for showing the right direction. I thank you thank you thank you for your divine guidance. You are truly blessed soul. 

17 Dec 21

Preethika Kannan

My session with Dr.Vijayalaxmi was simply amazing. We started our session with me giving her a brief history of my life and highlighting areas where I feel I needed guidance. Even without me giving any major details,  she could immediately sense the problem areas. And  When she read my records, I was taken aback by the accuracy of her readings.  They made so much sense and I could feel that instant wave of forgiveness rise within me.  It felt like a big sigh of relief since so many missing pieces of the puzzle fell into place!  She was very kind,  non-judgmental and patient with me  throughout the session.  And the remedies she gave were also simply but profound. Thank you Dr.Vijee for the amazing session.  

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