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Hema Rajesh Mishra

Hema Rajesh Mishra


Hema Rajesh Mishra is an acknowledged Star Magic facilitator and Grandmaster of Reiki. She not only has an experience of 5 years, but has also successfully conquered challenging situations in her own family, which makes her an even more powerful healer. 


The healing journey started for her with the birth of her twins. The younger of the two was recommended early intervention due to complications at birth. After 3 months of unsuccessful visits to the therapist three times a week, Hema’s inner voice guided her to consider alternative therapy. Hema and her husband learned Reiki together on the recommendation of a friend to energize their son. The effect was astounding and the unbelievable changes were there for everyone to witness! Their son started walking on the exact day they had intentioned! 


The positive effects reflected in other areas of their lives. Hema’s husband, a veteran seaman, quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Their relationship improved as well.


Eventually, Hema delved deeper into Reiki, completed levels 2 and 3 to become a Grandmaster. She also got certified in Star Magic healing from Dubai in 2018. Now, Hema gives healing sessions to her son as and when required and he has been doing miraculously well since Star Magic healing. Hema considers her son an angel who has taken upon himself to lead her to the path she was destined to follow.


When we talk about how healing works, Hema believes that there is no restriction as long as the recipient is open and accepting. Once she connects energetically with her client, she then uses a range of modalities depending on what arises for them. She works to sort and facilitate healing every important aspect of life be it physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, across all realities of life. She also works to relieve stress, promote inner peace, dissolve disease at the causal level, increase energy and creativity, clear and balance the energy centres, strengthen the intuition, uncover and release old patterns of self-limitation, clear karmic contracts and unwanted energy cords, and co-create with her client a powerful and safe environment for them to thrive in. 


Hema is passionate about healing and strongly believes that every time a healer heals another person, they are also healing a part of themselves. Hema believes that a higher consciousness is healing through her using her as a channel. 


Hema’s message: Be open and accepting... God loves us.

Previous Experience

I have personally experienced lot of miracles. My son was very scared to do water sports. After my

healing session he is almost fearless. The results have always been very powerful and intense.

One of my clients was admitted in ICU in a hospital in Banglore because his platelets were very low.
After my Star Magic distance healing he got discharged from hospital next day of healing.

Another client had thyroid, her medical report shows that after my healing there is no more thyroid.

Another person with failed kidney and failed lungs in the ICU has recovered and is back home with family.

A young lady got her irregular menstrual cycle restored.


Star Magic healing 

Grand master of reiki 

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03 Aug 20

Mansi Parab

My Daughter, Rujula achieved big success in 10th Standard. She got 92.80%. Hemaji was heal her before every exam to boost Rujula’s confidence. I would like to say special thanks to Hemaji for wonderful healing.

25 May 20

Mansi Parab

I am thankful to Hemaji for healing my daughter, She was in 10th and fear of exams. She had no confidence and no faith on herself. i got Hemaji's reference from facebook and call her immediately. She understood my problem. She healed my daughter to boost her confidence and to remove fear of examinations.

After her healing session, I saw drastic changes in my daughter. She became confident and had faith in her. She started studying independently with lot of energy. Her exam fear was gone before final exam.

Thanks Hemaji for wonderful healing. Her healing session is magical and she is always ready to help others.....

24 May 20

Shreya Angara

Shreya had vetigo from 1and 1/2 years, she is doing her masters in Psychology in Benguluru. She stays in hostel. Vertigo started when she was frequently traveling to Mumbai in bus. We had showed it to ENT specialist, he had prescribed some medicine and told to do exercise regularly. Recently during this lockdown when again she got vertigo,  we couldn't visit the doctor,  then I suddenly remembered Hema and asked her whether she can do star magic healing. Immediately she said she will do it, to my surprise Shreya felt fine immediately and on third day completely she was fit and fine. I am so happy and thankful that I have a friend like Hemaji.  She is blessed and great person. Thanks a lot.

23 Jan 20

Shobha Rajesh Kumar

Hi , Today am sharing my experience of Reiki . It was my childhood desire to learn Reiki which Hema has made it success. She is my neighbor and a very helpful person also .  After learning Reiki I ve experience positive things in my life like it heals my old health problem . Even my daughter also believe that Reiki has some positive energy. I get up by 4.30 am nd sleep by 11 pm continuously running nd moving  doing household job. I don’t sleep in the afternoon but I do 6 chakra of Reiki every day which gives me intense energy for whole day and no night .. Besides this we have brought new TV and Freeze back to back which was not  planned didn’t pinch our pocket also . I take it as positive effect of Reiki .. Another important thing ,without being a man-com member , first time I got opportunity to take decisions for both Lobby paint and many more thing related to that.. Got  appreciation  from members of our both towers . One more thing We got puppy after Reiki experience... These are the small small thing but touchwood I take all these as a positive effects of Reiki 

All credit goes to Reiki . 

Thanks Hema 

23 Jan 20

Surender Sharma

5 stars are too less to express my Gratitude to Hema, the compassionate Healer with a Vibrant and contagious positive attitude. Hema has been helping me for years with her Magical Healing and I have always experienced the same with miraculous results.

I have a long list of my experience of her Healing and words would be short to express all of them.

Best one - My left hand used to go numb suddenly and this has left me into many dangerous situations like while riding the bike, holding onto something, weight lifting. I have consulted many doctors and nothing concrete findings were out and was just prescribed some medicines. Hema was consulted then and i recollect, may be within few healing sessions in Person and few in distance, i  am completely healed from that numbness. 

My wife and son have experienced her healing and results were amazing. She is kind of First Point of contact for us today for us seeking her help in many things or our lives.

Love and Respect for You Hema from the bottom of my Heart.

May you continue helping and healing infinite lives and grace them with your loving smile:)


21 Jan 20

Rakesh Sharma

I was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition with failed kidneys and liver. I was moved in the ICU the same day I was admitted. The doctors had given 24 hours for me to live. My wife called up Hema to heal me. Hema sent healing everyday for a month till I was in the ICU and even after I was discharged from the hospital. Trust me people I was on the death bed with my organs failing . But Hema diligently sent me healing .. strong healing and she kept advising my wife about what she could feel about my situation. Gradually I showed improvement and today my kidneys have bounced back and liver has started functioning.  

I am thankful to Hema and would strongly recommend her name for healing . Her healing power is magical and holistic. 

Thank you Hema ..

16 Jan 20

Hemlata Nagpal

Hello. Hemlata here . I am very grateful  to Hemaji  healing. I really still unable to  digest how could it change my way of thinking  and positivity to life. She taught me how to love yourself. And actually  felt how wrong it was. And looking  at the past I still not able to figure out how could I do this. Feeling  helpless NO point in living.I am very lucky that I came across such a person (Hemaji).Very grateful  to my Aunty (Pushpa )to guide me at the right time.Not only she but all my family members and my remaing near and dear ones. Very  grateful  to you Hemaji. Whatever said there is no end to it.Thank you Hemaji and all my family members

16 Jan 20

Hansa latey

Hema Mishra is Miraculous healer, her healing is really magical. I had immense and uncertain pain in my lower abdomen. My gynaec suggested me for sonography but I was hesitant. Hema had come to Pune for her personal work and she scanned my body. She asked me about abdominal pain that to left side specifically. I was surprised that how could she know about it. Since then it seems my pain has vanished. I consult her for minute thing and she heals it with her magic distantly. 

My daughter had got sprain in her right thigh, she was not able to move from bed. I called my magical healer and she was fine. She has healed many people with her star magic. I would strongly recommend her healing even for emergency cases. I am very grateful to her.

16 Jan 20

Poonam Sharma

Hema as a healer bought lots of changes in my life,because of her I  got introduced to reiki that bought positive changes in my life .I was suffering from hyper Acidity problem which resulted into severe headache and vomitings ,due to my hectic work schedule I was often affected by this issue .when i discussed this over phone to her she sent me distance healing and that worked miraculously for me since than I never had that problem in my life .After healing I felt very happy , energetic, positive and confident.The best part about star magic healing is that she can send you the long distance healing ,she can scan and tell you what exactly is your problem and heal it your presence is not needed. whenever I have any problem I call her distance doesn't matter she sorts out the issue by her magical powerful healing .The experience cannot be put down in words u just have to expirience it for yourself .She is such a woderful and positive person who is always ready to help . She is an Angel in my life ,I thank God for that.I wish that more and more people should get benefits from your magical healing .

In Gratitude 

Poonam Sharma????

13 Jan 20

Indumati Raman

Hema and her family are neighbours and friends and we have fun times with her twins. My daughter persuaded me to take Hema's help to solve my many personal problems. When I hurt my back badly and became bedridden for a week, I asked Hema for a Star healing session. I felt strangely energetic and positive after the session. I was on my feet the very next day, with the back pain gone. Another time later I had a cold attack which left me shivering and teeth chattering, even at the height of summer. There was no possible reason for such an attack.  It started around 11 am. I had piled on heavy quilts, but that did not help. I did not know my daughter had consulted Hema and she sent distance healing . The shivering fit suddenly stopped after 4p.m. I had a deep sleep after that.

Hema is a warm, sincere healer and can connect immediately with those who come in touch with her. I would definitely recommend a session with her for any problem that requires gentle healing.

12 Jan 20

Ruupa Raaman

I know Hema for many years and we have been friends and exercise partners before. I was intrigued by her personal journey into healing and I could see the progress her son made on a regular basis. 

In Dec 2018, I was going through a phase of change and I felt I should request her for a healing session. For over three months Hema worked her energies to help me heal from aches, pains, weight issues, pcod and surprisingly my fears. She intuitively guessed my problems and even said that she cleared old contracts with my late father. She has also done healing for my mother and husband.

I see a huge change in myself and my outlook to life. My fears disappeared, my health has improved and I feel lighter and more postive every day. There is more clarity about my professional life and I feel more confident than before. Its difficult to explain but I sense there were physical and psychological blockages that needed to be freed. 

I decided to learn Reiki from her. I did the Reiki 1 course in July 2019 and that has only bettered me. 

I would encourage you to connect to yourself by opening yourself to healing modalities. Undoubtedly, Hema is a facilitator I rely on and trust. 

12 Jan 20


I have known Hema from many years ,I was going through personal crisis and it was making me Anxious, that made me go through physical issues,that's when Hema helped me with Star Magic healing. The results were almost instant ,like miracles. I started healing and now whenever I have any issue whether it's physical or emotional I consult Hema for it. 

Thank you Hema for making me heal. You are very compassionate healer. . 

11 Jan 20

Pushpa Shahri

It was an amazing healing session given by Hemaji, after the healing session she told me that i had pain in my right arm which i had not told her before and after that it has not occurred again.

Also my problem of insomnia has resolved to a great extent.

On my personal front i know she is a very nice, kind and considerate person and i am happy to be associated with her. I would recommend her to others for healing. 

10 Jan 20

Priya Sharma

Hema is a wonderful healer. My husband was admitted to the icu at Bombay Hospital. He was in a critical condition and the doctors had given him a few hours. Hema was actually God sent. She started healing my husband and she relentlessly sent healing for him everyday for a month. He is out of hospital and in a path of recovery. I do not have words to thank Hema. I recommend her to all those who need healing. Please consult her. She's fabulous :)

10 Jan 20

Laveena Maharshi

In the year 2017, I firstly got to know about my Hyperthyroid due to sudden weight loss. I lost nearly 7-8kgs. And the reports were at the higher side. My T3 was 258.2 ng/dL which was in third trimester. T4 was 19.53 which was again out of range. And TSH was below 0.003 which was at very low level. We consulted doctor and took allopathic medicine for around 6 months and along with allopathic medicine we consulted homeopathic doctor but none worked.


Later , I got to know about magic healing. I had 2-3 sessions of healing and during healing I felt like swallowing something and during negative qualities releasing I felt heaviness at the back of my neck while just Hemaji's fingers were touching. Next day I felt very energetic and did all the pending work.


I took healing the day before my blood test. And to my & my family's surprise all my reports were normal. 

On 12th April 2019, my T3 was 92.01, T4 was 9.53, TSH was 3.098 all of them were within range. I would thank Hemaji as she has brought healing in our life as a blessing.

10 Jan 20

Rekha Aravinda

I am thankful to Hema Mishra for healing my son who was infected by viral hepatitis last year. It was very serious and his platelets had come down drastically and I must say it is ms hema's healing which miraculously brought my son back home. 

Thanks to her


10 Jan 20

Aruna Angara

I am Aruna. I got introduced to HEMA Mishra as a Zumba teacher, she is a wonderful person and a teacher, later I came to know that she is a healer in Star magic and also Reiki Healer. I learnt first level Reiki from her. Many times I got Reiki done from her, and also group star magic healing we got it done. All the time I had great experience, and I was wonder struck.

One experience about  Rama who helps me in my daily chores everyday, had got a lump in her throat, and Doctors told it is serious problem, and they asked to further tests done. I thought I should help her. Then i got  healing done by Hemaji for Rama. For her and my surprise all the reports were completely normal.

One more my personal experience, I had a dream of learning Painting and to exhibit it. After learning Reiki from Hemaji, i practiced it so much, my dream got fulfilled, I am learning oil painting in still life, landscape and portrait. I participated in Mumbai Art Fair 2019 from 11 to 13 October at Nehru Centre. It was dream come true, it was great learning experience, and unforgettable memories. 

I feel blessed that I met Hemaji. Thank you so so much for everything.


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