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Vidya Kaval

Professionally a Banker , after my voluntary retirement situations in my life led me to ask a question 'Why me?'. Intuitive even as a child, I was always curious of the metaphysical world and had a yearning for the true meaning of life beyond the mundane. My quest began with a Tarot reader and what followed was a plethora of Healing Modalities, beginning with Angel Healing. 

My connection with the Divine allowed me to receive a huge blessing from LORD METATRON in the form of a new modality ' REWRITING OF SOUL RECORDS'. Soul Records aka Akashic Records are looked after by LORD METATRON who also contributes to the upliftment of your thoughts. 


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05 Apr 18


I just completed a three day workshop with vidya on rewriting the soul records .it was a life time experience.she  is master in true sense.she was very patience .her aura is amazing .very soft spoken.she was sharing every bit of knowledge she had .it's very difficult to find a teacher like her we. are blessed to have a guru like her .teacher is a small word to describe her 


05 Apr 18

Sheetal Pandharkame

I met Vidya around 2 yrs ago for my Bach flower treatment.I was instantly connected with her due to her loving, compassionate n supportive nature.
She was always there to help me with my queries n problems.
I got introduced to various modalities through her and I am amazed by the vast knowledge she has acquired of all the modalities that she practices. It was a great experience to do Merlin Trinity Healing System and Akashik Soul Records with her.
She is extremely Clairvoyant with High Vibrational Energy.
Thank you and Love You Vidya di for all your support for getting me going in my life.

03 Apr 18

Smita Joshi

Vidya it's been so diffcult to pen down in words the divine experience in the 3day soul rewriting workshopTo begin with was a little skeptical myself about me seeing the records. But he whole process you took us through made it so simpleas if it was one.of the most easiest things to do. And that was the truth.

Your patience and explanation on the subject simple for any lay person to understand. You were so open to giving all that you had. A very rare gem that makes you.

Divine eneegies could be felt all around us. I can only bow down and say thanks. Excited to do the next level after working on ourselves.

Thank you Mystic Lotus Team for giving us Vidya.

02 Apr 18

Roma Biswas

Vidya Maam, how do I describe or rate her? For the past many days have been trying to give a review on this website but frankly speaking run short of words to express my Gratitude and feelings for her. I am Blessed to have Vidya in my life. She is an Angel, a very high Energy Being! Have done the "Rewriting of Soul Records" - Basic Level Course with her. She is not only an excellent person but also an excellent teacher. The 3 days workshop was an amazing and thrilling experience Vidya made the journey into the Higher Dimension so easy that it was initially hard to believe that we can really reach the Akashic Library and access not only our own records but also of others (with their permission). She conducted the workshop with lot of patience and shared deep insights. Her guided meditations are awesome and I always look forward to it. Vidya is always connected to the Divine Energies and being in her presence makes all the difference.I look forward to learning more from her. Waiting to complete the three months period and learn the Advance Course of Rewriting of Soul Records. 

01 Apr 18

Marian Paintal

Just finished the3 day practioner’s course- Basic Level of ”REWRITING OF SOUL RECORDS" with Vidya Kaval. Each of the days with her was simply amazing.... Insightful...Brilliant!!!!

Vidya is well versed on the subject and an awesome Teacher who knows every area and interweaves it with experiential hands on learning’s.  Vidya took every participant (from varied backgrounds) through each session with so much of patience, calm and explained every nuance of the modality.  Every moment was a revelation, a learning filled with enough of credibility of her experience and the guided meditations topped it all.   She helps us explore, and facilitates our experience with so much of assurance and persistence, ensuring that each of us were confident about the modality.  The three months of diligent self practice period till the Advanced Level is going to feel a rather long wait, but that is well needed to move to the next level.   

I have definitely got answers to my queries and have found a path as well.  This is one learning experience that will resonate within me for a long time to come.

31 Mar 18

Vinita Sharma

Vidya teacher , as I fondly call her , is  full of wisdom and teaches so many modalities . I have learnt Melchizedek and MTHS from her and enjoyed the workshops thorougholy . Look forward to greater learning and gaining more insights from her . All the very very best for now and in the future . Love and light . Vinita Sharma 



22 Mar 18


Vidya mam is a very calm and composed person.Her readings are absolutely precise and correct.Her readings gave clarity regarding certain situations in my life and solutions for the same. During the session I released certain emotions that made me feel light.I am very grateful to Vidya mam for the wonderful divine session. Before I conclude , I have to mention about Mr Kaval who kept us entertained  while we( my husband and I) for waited for our turn.He is a very friendly ,warm n knowledgeable person.So I give my whole experience with Vidya mam  a 10 star rating ( 5 for her n 5 for Mr Kaval).thank you:))

21 Mar 18

manjula ruja

Although I know Vidya for quite some time now but it was my first opportunity to have a session with her in form of Akashik Reading.  I was really touched and mesmerized by her simplicity and  humility and become a fan of her.

Awesome session where in she provided me with all the answers n connections and remedies to the issues I have been facing for my life. I could feel the energies during the session. 

Now it's my responsibility to follow much valuable DIVINE Guidance that has come to me through her in order to bring desired positive changes in my life.

I definitely look forward to connect with her in times to come. 


19 Mar 18


It was wonderful to get to know about Vidya Mam. Felt nice interacting with her, she's so calm. Got some healing during the session and some solutions for a couple of issues. 

19 Mar 18


It was wonderful to get to know about Vidya Mam. Felt nice interacting with her, she's so calm. Got some healing during the session and some solutions for a couple of issues. 

19 Mar 18

Natasha Advani

Vidya is just awesome  session.I always had questions why are these things happening in my life. She went through my past and I got so much clarity with the situation and also gave me solutions of what to do.Her energies were just so awesome .Thanks so much .looking forward doing the workshop with you




18 Mar 18

Jyoti kadam

Thank you so much for the Akashik Records reading. The readings resonated with my life experiences. I'm absolutely amazed by the rapidity and depth of the information provided by you. I found all the answers that my soul was seeking. The tools and solutions provided by you will definitely help me tremendously in moving forward in my spiritual journey. I am thankful to destiny for having met you. God bless you and your good work

18 Mar 18


Did a phone session  with Vidya and was very happy with the answers I got from the Akashic records . Got a closure on a lot of topics which were of concern . Thanks a lot Vidya for all your help . Gratitude to the Universe for putting me in touch with you ! Lots of love and light !

17 Mar 18

Chhaya Bheda

I had an opportunity to have an akashik reading done by Vidya. Wonderful person and a very helpful soul. The space she provides by being the person that she is , opens up opportunity for experiencing miracles. I had a beautiful experience during the session. A very great start to the spiritual journey, ( now I understand),. Still a long way to go. Will continue taking your guidance.  Thanks Vidya. God bless.... keep doing the good work. 

17 Mar 18

Chhaya Bheda

I had an opportunity to have an akashik reading done by Vidya. Wonderful person and a very helpful soul. The space she provides by being the person that she is , opens up opportunity for experiencing miracles. I had a beautiful experience during the session. A very great start to the spiritual journey, ( now I understand),. Still a long way to go. Will continue taking your guidance.  Thanks Vidya. God bless.... keep doing the good work. 

17 Mar 18

Vipul bheda

I had a wonderful experience in Akashik Reading session with Vidyaji. There is a famous song. " Mai aaisa Kyun hoon". I got the answer during the session to above question. I could close few pending issues originating from my past life. Got remedy for my health issues. Thanks Vidyaji for the blessings. 

17 Mar 18

Neena Mehra

Vidya has such a beautiful gentle energy, I was so happy to connect with her through this telesummit, Vidya lifted a tremendous burden for me through AA Metatron, and her insights were amazing! She connected with so many of my family members who have passed on and facilitated tremendous healing for me and them. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who has a problem from which there seems to be no respite, and she will get it for you with her skills and gifts and blessings of her Masters and guides as well as yours. This records reading was a gift for me from the Universe, I am so grateful. Thank you Vidya, many Blessings to you. I am looking forward to connecting with you again in the near future.

17 Mar 18

Priti Chheda

It was wonderful experience taking Akashik reading from Vidya mam. She is so compassionate... felt the energies of mother kuan yin ? Gratitude ? 

She gave me the root cause of my suffering  which I was finding for so long 

I have learnt my life lessons and know how to move forward on my spiritual journey 

Thank you so much Vidya mam ?

11 Mar 18

Anuradha Rao

Vidya is not only an awesome healer but also a wonderful human. To be a healer she is a wonderful empath. Vidya through her healing and spiritual councelling has healed many. A perfect spiritual guide and a spiritual friend is what she is. 

Love U lot Vidya Tai and may continue blessing U and may u continue enlighting people's lives.


07 Mar 18


Very  intuitive, very loving, kind and non judgemental, always ready to help, wonderful healer, teacher and friend, full of warmth and wisdom. These are a few things u notice as u get to know Vidya di . I’ve done Angel therapy, access bars, Merlin trinity, reiki, zibu symbols and Rewriting of soul records basic level. She has also guided me personally with many issues and I find her guided meditations extremely soothing. Blessed to have her as my Guru ! Love u di 

06 Mar 18

Shraddha Singh

Vidya Ma’am is an exceptionally selfless person and a teacher who would go out of her way to help others. She remains non judgmental and is always rendering best selfless advise and tools to overcome crisis.

I have studied almost every modality that’s she offers. She is highly intuitive and holds a treasure of miraculous divine energies.  She is an excellent Akashic Reader, furthermore her own modality Rewriting of Soul Records is a life changing gift to us.

06 Mar 18


I have known Vidya for the last 15 years,and have seen her grow from a wonderful person to a serene and powerful personality. Just reading her messages have made such a difference to me, I admire the person she has become,and can feel her positivity radiating from her words, Thank you Vidya for being my friend and making me part of your Divinity.

06 Mar 18



My meeting with Vidya Ma'am, happened due to divine providence and eversince am amazed at her calibre, she is highly evolved spritual being and always concerned for well being of all.She is an healer par excellence and blessed with high intution is  an excellent, guide, coach support. Her humility and and simplicity  covers the vast spritual knowledge. 


06 Mar 18

Deepakk Kanayalal Raisinghani

Wow! Is the one word I can describe my life journey post meeting Vidyaji, the most grounded guru with no air about her, helps her students to the core meticulously and puts a lot of hard work to get a person out of trouble where the person himself is motivated to help himself, so in a single sentence to describe Vidyaji is

An empowering Trainer and Teacher who creates trainers and light workers and without any ego attached


Thanks Vidyaji for the wow factor and thanks for all your trainings, Looking forward for more of them, God Bless you 

06 Mar 18

Himani Joshi

Vidyaji is my Guru , in all walks of my life. I started my spiritual journey with her with a course in Reiki. Later I did Access Consciousness (The Bars) , Magnified Healing (1 & 3) , Melchizedek Methods(1 to 5), Merlin Trinity Healing Systems and most importantly ' Rewriting of soul records' under her guidance. She is extremely intuitive and a very powerful healer. She brings value to the courses she teaches and strives for the upliftment of everyone in her life. She has shown me every step of the way what functioning from a place of love means. Her modality , 'Rewriting of soul records' was an overwhelming experience for me since it opened locked doors of subconscious and unconscious mind for me. Vidyaji is not only my Guru but also my Hero. A Hero who walks the talk !! I am blessed to have her in my life ! 

06 Mar 18

Mitali Wagle naik

When in doubt go to vidya pacchi. I have been to vidya pacchi for some healing (inspite of not being a believer) and wow did she transform my life. A truly gentle soul her meditation can fill you with renewed energy and hope. In today's world where belief has become rare one needs to go to vidya pacchi simply to know that hope exists.. 


05 Mar 18

Satish Rawool

Very kind n concerned healer and guide..explains process in detail till it is understood thoroughly.  Her guided meditations are very blissful and has the ability to take you to a different level easily.  Her session on re-writing soul records is unique and the best.  I recommend her for her simplicity, genuine concern and approachable behaviour.

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