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13 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

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I am available till 10:30 pm

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My expertise lies in Ashtanga Yoga, aerial stilts. Teaches a dynamic flow of asanas with focus on alignment and breath awareness. ’ increase flexibility and build inner strength

I have  been practicing tarot reading since the age of 17 but teaching  tarot , angel cards  since 2016. I truly belive   ” My angels and my intuition  are my strength ”

I take workshops outside mumbai too as well have  done the card reading for a lot of actors , actresses, media people and everyone who needs the reading.


i am certified in all the healing i do and teach above

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19 Aug 19


Very positive reading!! She was spot on...Very accurate .. love the reading , What I like about the reading was She gave me  solutions to the problem.

04 Jul 19



Samal's reading felt very accurate regarding the past happenings and her reading made me believe in the present and future again. Really going to apply her remedies sincerely for the best results and I want to thank you Samal for your firm and spiritual advices

26 Jun 19


Samal is very Helping and Generous soul...Fully enthusiast and love her passion.she is very good at her work n have tremendous knowledge..I love talking to her n her voice is too good ..She will point the exact thing and also encourage to follow the r

Needed thing to make the situation better  .Her reading n knowledge is accurate n helpful.and all above she is very approachable....Thank you very much Samal.

26 Jun 19

Vidhi sanghvi

samal’s Reading has been very accurate whatever doubts I had she made it very clear n her prediction was bang on thanku samal 

25 Jun 19


I had a really nice session with Samal.

She's really to the point and honest, which is what one look for in such sessions.

Thanks a ton????

25 Jun 19


I had a really nice session with Samal.

She's very to the point and honest in her approach which is what one looks for!


Thanks a lot ????

25 Jun 19

Krisha Shah


Samal Di's readings and interpretation of the cards is just spot on! 

She has a solution for everything and is willing to help one out at anytime of the day

Her positive attitude and understanding makes one easily trust her and open up to her in no time

She's always available when i have problems and I can't thank her enough for helping me all the time ????

Thank you

24 Jun 19

Vindi drthi

What an awesome person. Had a great reading and to the point. Will recommend her to everyone 

24 Jun 19

Chandni Chandiramani

I really enjoyed Ms. Samal’s readings. When we started I was feeling very low and wasn’t too sure in what I wanted to do. But after the reading with Ms. Samal I felt more positive and motivated. I felt that I am ready now to take the decisions I had thought of. She is amazing and if any doubt I have again in future, I would definitely ask her.

Thank you so much Ms. Samal. God bless you! ????

24 Jun 19


Thank you so much Samal, I can’t be more grateful to have you as my mentor and help me out with my queries with such accurate answers. The energy I felt in the surrounding while you were reading the cards were so comforting, I could feel the positivity coming through. Thank you so much for everything??

24 Jun 19

Falguni Dagli

Samal Shah is very sincere and intuitive reader. Her readings are quite accurate. All remedies and solutions are very practical and doable. her voice is very Angelic and inspiring.  Bless you for spreading hope and joy.

24 Jun 19

Nikita Solanki

Amazing reading by Samal. She's so intuitive and so well connected to the cards that everytime, all her readings are so accurate. And the best part is that she always has solutions which are obstacles on the path of your progress. All the best ????

24 Jun 19

Anu Kulkarni

Samal is a very helpful and Intuitive guide. Her intentions are pure and selfless. I truly enjoy my sessions with her deep insights. Stay blessed! Thank you ???? 

24 Jun 19



Shamal Di 

One tag line for you : A friend in need is a friend indeed . A person who helps at a difficult time is a person who you can really rely on it’s you Shamal Di .The card session of ours thoroughly made me feel very positive and motivated, which led me to chanalise all my negetive thoughts and energy into the right direction. Thankyou for your hospitality & You are excellent in your job. God bless you.

24 Jun 19

Harshi Shah

Had a great time with Samal. She is simply amazing and a lot of it has come true. Just follow what she says and see the change in you! 

20 Jun 19

Babita Narayan

Thank you Samal for the truthful answers to my queries.You are 100 percent accurate.

17 Jun 19

Neeraj Gwalani

As the featured healer on the Mystic Lotus WhatsApp group Samal has read for a number of the members today.

While the Angel cards carry a very clear, almost self explanatory guidance for the querent, what really gets to the crux of the matter is Samal's intuitive message which when taken along with the advice of the cards, adds another perspective to the reading.

Thank you for your insightful reading Samal. 

17 Jun 19

Meher P. Pavri

Thx Samal for answering my query. And bigger thanks for showing me d cards u pulled out. Thy tell me more.......

And can u pls share d name of d deck. Its such a wonderful deck. Thx again



13 May 19


It was great talking to samal..very positive and had a very good energy.. thank you samal???????????? wish you all the luck 

12 May 19


It was pleasure talking to Samal. She was very clear and apt.She gave an insight and made things quite clear to me. She not only answered my questions but also boast my confidence as well. Looking forward to meet you in person!

Thank you :) 

12 May 19


Samal s reading and intuition was to the point.without even meeting her doing a phone consult she could get it all right and know stuff which was not mentioned to her also.she came across as a genuine and humble human being and I will def recommend her to other people who need help.

12 May 19


I am so happy and grateful for receiving angel reading by Samal. She is truly intuitive and apt in her reading. Thanks for being an Angel !!

10 May 19

Meher P. Pavri

Samal gave an amazingly generous dollop of insights into Angel card reading on Mystic Lotus. ????Many Thanx to her. In such a short time she has shared  very helpful info for so many of us.

Hope to connect in d future



09 May 19


Samal is an amazing human being and her readings came exactly when I needed them, they are so accurate that it felt as if these were meant for me only.Thank you 

13 Apr 19


I was so anxious and lost before the reading. Post the reading, I feel so so much more at ease and it has helped me feel lighter from within knowing there is a higher power above.

Samal, thank you so much for re-instating that belief in the universe. 

Samal was absolutely to the point and makes you feel comfortable just by the energy aroung her. Her confidence, honesty was realistic yet filled with plenty of hope.

Thank you again!

28 Jan 19

mamata athalye

Samal is a very good human being and a tarot reader. She help you in realising your own potential. With her divine powers she help you look beyond. Thanks samal

27 Jan 19


I was fortunate to have a reading and healing from Samal.  Her reading and solutions reflected divine guidance and simplicity.  Her professional yet warm demeneaour made me very comfortable. Bless her

12 Jan 19

Sonia Sharma

Thanks for the reading, it gave me the clarity that I was looking and prompted me to set in motion the actions to achieve my desired outcome.

Thanks a ton.

12 Jan 19

Nadir Baji Karbhari

Samal haa been very kind as a person and accurate in her reading

12 Jan 19

Moyena Parikh

I had asked two questions in the ML WA group. Samal was to the point in her reading. Divine thanks. 

10 Jan 19


The reading given by the samal aunty were Very good enough with the answer upto point, enjoyed the way she gave my reading.

Thanks for the reading.....

10 Jan 19


Many thanks for the readings, cleared few of my doubts about the important areas of my life

10 Jan 19


Thank you for the reading today,

I will provide feedback & an update in time on what you shared.

09 Jan 19

Nidhi Mendadkar

M so so amazed that I got such a clear and exact answer... Never ever thought of it and experienced before... What else... No words... To express my gratitude

09 Jan 19

Sanobar Gorwalla

Thank you dear Samal for your reading. It was very accurate. Will certainly do as suggested by you. Much gratitude. Stay blessed. 

09 Jan 19

Hiteksha Tulsiani

Thank u for Ur reading. It was bang on. I will definately work on myself. Thank you.

09 Jan 19


Thank you for the reading on the Mystic lotus page

09 Jan 19

Sheelu Bhatia

Samal Shah is really too good.i really appreciate her for patiently answering so many queries of every one .I felt connected to the answers she gave.

09 Jan 19


Hi Samal.,                                                    Gratitude for the accurate free reading on Mystic Lotus group . You were bangg on whereas the anger issues and my career was concerned. Shall definitely work on the issues as guided.                                          MAY GOD SHOWER HIS CHOICEST BLESSINGS ON YOU ALWAYS!.                                                                        THANK YOU. 

09 Jan 19

Meher P. Pavri

Loved d quick reading I got at Mystic Lotus, the whatsapp group. Completely taken aback by the reading. And delighted. Hoping to hv a more detailed reading one on one. Samal u r truly gifted. Thank u. 

09 Jan 19


Samalji Very good n crisp reading given by you. Rather your understanding and readings of the angels messages is so pure and powerful. I feel a lot of clarity and look forward to future guidance from the angels through you. I see you going long distance n heights in your field.

Thankyou very much. Be blessed????????????

09 Jan 19



09 Jan 19


Samalji Very good n crisp reading given by you. Rather your understanding and readings of the angels messages is so pure and powerful. I feel a lot of clarity and look forward to future guidance from the angels through you. Thankyou very much. Be blessed????????????

09 Jan 19

Nadir Baji Karbhari

Her reading resonates with the current situation and time will prove her to be right

She has been patient and kind

09 Jan 19

Prarthana Savansukha

Thank you so much. You are bang on ????????

08 Jan 19


Very apt reading, what i really needed to know to begin the new phase/journey of my life. Thank yoh so much samal. God bless you and may you continue to enlighten people with what they seek.

08 Jan 19

Aparna More

Thanks Samal for the guidance regarding my further steps. Appreciate and value it. 

Samal responded to my queries and guided me for further steps. Even though I have not met her personally but could sense so.much of positivity and vibrance through her. Thanks again.

08 Jan 19


Truly grateful for the reading which has increased my trust in GOD. Divine thanks and may GOD bless u with all the happiness .

08 Jan 19

Anita sachdev

Samal is truly intuitive and generous in her sharings. Loved her enthusiasm and chilled out approach. I will certainly get healing  done.. Thanks much

08 Jan 19

Harish Shetty

I am truly grateful for Samal for the amazing accuracy of understanding my predicament, helping to find the core cause of problems and also suggesting such simple tips to practice.  Also,  giving such a personal touch to each and every query posed with so much calmness.  Truly wonderful. 

08 Jan 19

Babita Bhansali

Thank you so much for the reading. It was bang on. I will definitely follow your guideline and try to enhance my skill. ????????

08 Jan 19


Perfect reading for present situation, I got confident about the abilities I have, all the points which given are 100% true, thank you again Samal for a lovable reading, love and gratitude ????

08 Jan 19


She is accurate and very crisp in her readings.. I find her predictions to the point and bang on the target. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Thanks 

08 Jan 19

Mukta rathi

Looking forward to more

08 Jan 19


Thank you Samalji for your Divine guidance and reading. I will follow as instructed by you. You are a wonderful guide. Thank you again

08 Jan 19

Urmila Lovelekar

Thank you so much Ms. Shah for the readings...I'm awestruck at the accuracy. Readings for me in the ML group are bang on.  What she mentioned about my nature is very correct!!!  As if she knows me personally.  I had requested for  the overall reading, she covered health, wealth n my well being.  The guidance that she has given is what I'm certainly going to follow n stick to????  She has given me a boost to go ahead and do the things...... about which I was is dilemma.  She has put forth it with immense clarity.  I will certainly like to take guidance from her in future.  Thanks a lot..... God bless????

08 Jan 19

Urmila Lovelekar

Her readings for me in the ML group are bang on.  What she mentioned about my nature is very correct!!!  As if she knows me personally.  I had requested for  the overall reading, she covered health, wealth n my well being.  The guidance that she has given is what I'm certainly going to follow n stick to????  She has given me a boost to go ahead and do the things...... about which I was is dilemma.  She has put forth it with immense clarity.  I will certainly like to take guidance from her in future.  Thanks a lot..... God bless????

07 Jan 19

Achla Sachdev

Samal is not an ordinary healer she is truly divine,intuitive and extraordinary. All that she told me was completely true and i was amazed at how accurate she was with her reading. She is also so caring and helpful and extented herself beyond to help me ..I am grateful to meet an angel like her ..God bless u always Samal 

07 Jan 19

Minoti Banthia

The reading absolutely resonated with me....!

Just listening to her voice raised my vibrations..she is a very pure soul...

Divine Thanks!


07 Jan 19


Samals reading left me amazed.she is so accurate and correct.her reading helped me choose the next course of action and provided much needed assurance.a very talented and gifted person.thank a ton samal.and all the best.

26 Sep 18


Samal provided my card reading with such insightful, accuracy.  Her gentle approach addressed the very issues that were being questioned in my life.  Samal encouraged my participation to gain a deeper exploration into the meaning of the cards.  I was able to achieve better clarity of my circumstances through Samals  thoughtful explanation, as well as appreciate the necessary position I am in at this time in my life.  I was given many pearls of wisdom with my card reading and one I continue to listen to is "life is when you begin it". I acknowledge that samal has divine ability and I am appreciative for having experienced her intuitive gift." love  you Samal  ?????





17 Sep 18

Deepika Vibhandik

Thanks Samal for your lovely reading. She was straight with her answers. No buttering. Thanks for the time frame given for the marriage and also the free reading at the end.

16 Sep 18

Nilam shah

hello samal,

she is wonderful... positive vibes were flowing throughout the call... thank u so much samal for all the answer... all the best n god bless u..

02 Sep 18

Viraal Balsari

Samal is a terrific reader and guide. She has the ability to tell you the truth and one just knows it to be so! She is very approachable and gets in to your wavelength pretty quickly. From her cards to her salts - everything reeks of divinity.

01 Sep 18

Keki Bapuna

I met Samal through a close friend to consult on my financial and personal issues . I found her to be very accurate in her angel card readings plus her intuitive powers. She gave me easy solutions and suggestions for my problems and they were amazing accurate. 

If any one is passing through personal, family, financial or any issues he/ she should consult her asap. 

I wish Samal success & clairvoyance always







31 Aug 18

Miloni Munshi

I started learning yoga from Samal Maam last year in November and it was a beautiful experiece. She was the one who actually made me understand what is yoga and i learnt the importance of a guru after joining her classes.

During her classes she used to teach me so many different asanas and always explained the significance and benefits of each asana.

Along with this i have even tried her mud- pack therapy. Initially i thought it is going to be one of those regular packs but feeling that mud on my face was a different revelation. My face started glowing so much after washing off the pack and i even noticed my spots reducing. The best thing is that the glow lasts for quite a few days and you feel very refreshed. I would definately recommend this over any facial.

I have also done angel card reading with Samal Maam and she is the best therapist i could ask for. The readings are so accuarate and she always explain in detail what each card is trying to tell us. I have always got my answers and so many doubts cleared through these readings. 

Samal Maam is a natural healer. She has guided and helped me in so many ways and i am so grateful and blessed to have her as my teacher. 

29 Aug 18

Nargis Daruwalla

I met Samal at Prism Healing Institute when I was at my low state of mind ,I started personal meditation with her and it really helped me gain my mental well being, I also learnt yoga from her and she did tarot card,angel card readings as well. She is a wonderful human at heart and really concerned for the well being of others and her genuine abilities in all aspects of holistic work is incredible. God bless You and Prism

28 Aug 18

Parth Shah

I have know Samal from more than a decade. She is such a wonderful person by heart and has always been there whenever I need her help. She is genuine, talented and has this ability to give a quick and simple solution no matter what the problem. She has helped me with my problems with her intutive healing and angel card readings. She is very true, hard working and will make sure that the problem is solved. I feel blessed to have such a friend in my life. Keep up the amazing work you have been doing.

Stay Blessed.

27 Aug 18

Neville Velati

Blessed to have known this Young , talented and charming angel card reader. 

I found her to be very truthful and focused in her work. I would like to visit her when I am in distress

If you have a problem in life & are experiencing any turbulence - go catch up with Samal. She will suggest an instant solution. 

She is genuine and will ensure that she gives you an answer to all your problems 

God bless you Samal , keep smiling dea - and most importantly - HEAL THE WORLD !! 

Love  Respects and Regards 


27 Aug 18

Poonam Patel

Samal is truly excellent in all her healing n her teachings! She does her work with intensity n that’s what I like about her. Keep doing the fabulous work Samal. 

27 Aug 18

Feriyal Mistry

Samal is truly blessing with intuitive powers. She has always been not only my yoga guru but a guide to follow and live my dreams. It’s so important to have someone like her in your life. Her intuitions really help to figure out your purpose in life and what you are truly meant to do

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