Mamta R

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18 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

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Monday to Friday - 5pm to 5am 
Saturday and Sunday only two slots, by prior appointment.

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Mamta R

Mamta Rohra is a gifted intuitive healer, providing her services in Tarot, psychic reading and Moon guidance for the past 15 years.

Mamta has people coming from all walks of life seeking guidance for complex realities related to health - physical and emotional, spiritual callings, dealing with grief, sexual trauma, family healing and other issues which are hard to deal with on one's own.

Mamta’s connection to the spiritual realm has been strong since her childhood. She has had countless experiences around her psychic powers, energies, other realms and so on. Every astrologer, guru and Tarot reader in Mamta's journey has confirmed her healing abilities to be her life’s calling.

After healing people part-time and getting busy with other pursuits in life, Mamta finally decided to honour her gift and dedicate her life to Sufism and to bring oneness in hearts and help minds expand.

Mamta is always looking out to guide people with her honest advice. She strongly believes that those who are meant to receive guidance through her will cross her path.


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26 Mar 21


Mamta is excellent. Her healing energy and keeps the negativity away. She uses her gift of foresight with practical reasoning during her consultation session, thereby giving the best advice. 

22 Mar 21


Mamta is very intuitive and her readings are always accurate...she has been my constant guide for the last 10 years and I highly recommend her... also her full moon meditations are magical!

21 Mar 21

Roma Dhanda

Mamta is very talented and her tarot card reading is perfect.She helps you to solve your life problems and with her healing abilities she brings positivity in your relationships.

21 Mar 21



Mamta is great with  her readings, very accurate. She is gifted with her abilities, guiding people to a right path. She has a healing meditation every full moon. Would recommend her totally worth it!! 


21 Mar 21


Mamta is absolutely fabulous, accurate and very intuitive - she has also become a very dear friend and confidante. Would very highly recommend her to anyone who needs, amongst others, guidance and support through different phases of life. 

21 Mar 21


Mamta is amazing in her readings and extremely accurate. She truly seems to be gifted with her intuitive abilities, guiding people the right way! Totally recommend her services- very worth it!! 

21 Mar 21


Mamta is a reader, healer beyond your imagination. Her readings have always given me the insight that I need in my life and not what I want to hear. Please do reach out to her and you will be amazed as to how she transforms your life. She is my guardian angel.

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