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11 Years

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Hindi, Sindhi, Urdu, English

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Monday to Sunday 8 am to 11 pm

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Aashe is a multi-modality practitioner for the past 7 years with a focus on Tarot Card reading. Along with Tarot, she specialises in Akashic Records Reading, Reiki, Switchword Healing and is a certified Access Consciousness practitioner.
Aashe intuitively started Tarot Card reading after she picked up her first Tarot deck from Italy, known as ‘The Mecca of Tarot’. She realised her life’s purpose - to help and heal humankind - as she started off by giving incredibly accurate readings for her family and friends. Aashe’s reliable work grew by leaps and bounds and there was no stopping her as she quit her Corporate career and started practising Tarot full-time professionally.
This naturally gifted Tarot artist considers herself more spiritual than religious and strongly believes in the Universe and completely trusts her honed gift of intuition. Aashe has also featured on the popular radio station, Radio Mirchi Dubai to talk about her experience as a successful Tarot professional. 
People who know Aashe describe her as an empathetic soul who loves to connect with people. Using Tarot and other healing modalities, she has guided 100s of people and aims to guide many, many more to enlighten their soul and heal the body, mind, relationships and finances too.


Certified Tarot Artist.

Certified Reiki Master.

Certified Switchword Healer.

Certified Access Consciousness Practitioner. 

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22 Oct 20


Had an excellent experience with Aashe. Her level of divinity and commitment to her subject is par excellence. Her reading and interpretation is very precise and she gave me a very clear picture of situation. The positive vibrations she emits are enough to make one feel comfortable and open up without any hesitation. The best thing is her unconditional love. Her caring and motivating advices helped a lot and assurances of the result of the situation. The Bestest thing about her is her follow up on the situation - unlike some professionals. 

God bless her always. 

22 Oct 20

Jagruti Parihar

Received a satisfied answers to my questions with satisfied clarities to the happenings in my life.

Thank you Aashe! Lots of Love??

Good luck & keep growing ! 

15 Oct 20

Vandana Mansukhani

Completely reasonate with the reading given by Aashe. Felt peace that gud days are ahead for me. Gratitude Aashe. 

14 Oct 20

Ria N

Got a reading from Aashiji and reading resonated with me perfectly. She also guided me on how to go about the situation for favourable outcome. Thanks Aashiji... 

14 Oct 20

Babita Narayan

Got a reading from Aashe.Answers very accurate and very well explained.Thank you and gratitude.??

14 Oct 20

Divya Dayal

Got a reading from Ashi for a specific question,and the reading totally resonated ,accurate and precise reading..Thank you Ashi!! 

13 Oct 20

Sujata Sharda

Thanks Aashe for the wonderful reading...will pay heed as you suggested

13 Oct 20

Archana Parikh

Had a reading done from Aashe the Tarot Artist and found it to be very precise & accurate. What I personally liked about her is she brings a vibrancy in her readings. Loved it. Keep shining. Keep growing????

13 Oct 20

Urvashi Soni

I got a reading done from her and am still waiting for the result... but I feel connected and positive after the reading... thank u so much....

23 Sep 20

Vikas Rajput

It was a great experience getting my first Tarot reading. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect but Aashe was patient to listen and clared all my confusion. She was empathatic towards my issues and guided me with a practical solution. Her reading was spot on and I could relate to it. 

I definitely suggest and would refer her to anyone requiring spiritual guidance. 

Thanks a lot Aashe, I definitely felt much better after our session.

22 Sep 20

Jai Kishan

Fantastic Tarot experience with a truly beautiful and kind Soul 

Aashe was my very first experience with tarot and she gave me a great first session. I think Aashe's caring demeanour really put me at ease at the beginning of the session, and she explained everything about how the session was going to proceed before she got started. It was truly a beautiful and tranquil experience and the session was delivered by someone who can make you feel at ease and peace. I know that when I am in a session with her, I let go of my anxiety, panic and tension I may be feeling at that time. I always leave a session feeling at peace.

I also went for reiki healing and it was very effective in terms of how I felt afterwards, and Aashe gave me great tips on what to do after the session to maximise its benefits.

Thank you so much Aashe. God bless


Mr.Jai kishan - Dubai

22 Sep 20


Thank you for the wonderful reading Aashe ji. The past reading what you did were resonating with my actual past and I was really surprised and you gave me immense confidence to work towards my goal. I will come back soon for other readings. 

Bejjanki - New Delhi (India)

22 Sep 20

Deepti Nachnekar

We meet a lot of people who have immense knowledge but we meet very few people in life who guide you through the right path.. A path of knowledge.. A path of wisdom. Aashe is one such human and friend I have been rewarded with.

She heard me and guided me to follow the path of spirituality.... Path of reiki... And today I am happy, content and have immense gratitude to everything I have. 

Her knowledge is immense and accurate.. Needless to mention. She specialises in her stream of tarot card reading, reiki and akashik record reading. She is a great listener which is a important and a quality seldom found these days. 

Thanks Aashe for being my guide and helping me with the right path when I needed it the most In my life. 

22 Sep 20

Shiran B

Thank you so much for your time today. It has given me much clarity for all my confusion I was holding onto. The reading was spot on and you gave me great tips to help me along the way. Your gift is such a blessing. Highly recommend. #greatful 

Shiran B - Dubai (UAE) 

22 Sep 20

Swetha P

It's been a very good session with Aashe for Tarot reading. Being my first tarot reading session I was bit concerned what to ask and how it's going to be but you are a very understanding soul. I felt at ease with you and it was good. 

Hope you keep helping many more souls to find the answers they seek with the gift you are blessed with. 

Swetha P - Abu Dhabi (UAE) 

21 Sep 20

Mayuri Sonavne

Aashe my dear friend!!! As always you have helped me to walk in the new path and forget the old. Your intuitive readings and healings have always helped me to dive deep within me. May you keep continue to do this beautiful work & helping people around you. 

God bless your soul ??????

21 Sep 20

Maria Lyons

I certainly got more than I bargain for! Aashe not only covered every aspect I enquired about but she was also spot on and she clarified and shine more light on my situation. One of the best tarot readings I have had. Thank you Aashe you are very gifted.


Maria L - Boston (USA) 

21 Sep 20

Sarah K

Aashe is a really intuitive tarot reader. I was quite happy with the reading because not it resonated but also the fact that as tarot reader myself I I had tried reading for the situation at hand myself and the reading coincided. I would definitely recommended Aashe as she is highly spiritual and her reading exudes a warmth which is rare to find. I would definitely recommend seeking her out for guidance as she genuinely desires to help people. Wishing positive vibes on your way!

21 Sep 20

Natasha von

Aashe provided me with a reading today. 

Her description of myself and person(s) involved were spot on. Her timing of events past were on the money as well. Her feelings and description of the current energy was completely accurate and what she described as the future of the situation is very much in line with where everything should be headed. 

Aashe uses tarot, astrology and numerology to produce her readings. Everything- especially the description of myself as a person - she said was quite accurate and delivered with good energy. 

Nothing but good vibes on Aashe and I highly recommend her work. Her turn around time was very short as well. 

Thank you again Aashe, may you have a prosperous business ?

Natasha Von - Canada (Toronto)




21 Sep 20

Priyanka Kapoor

Thank you so much Aashe Ma'am for sparing time to read out for me. Your reading was as close as you have been knowing me from years and years. The things which you told me were so well connected to what I am as a human being. Everything resonated so well. Now I'm just waiting for the future results and pretty hopeful as per your guidance and enlightment things will come true ???????? Much thanks 

With Regards,

Priyanka Kapoor - New Delhi (India) 

21 Sep 20


Hi Aashe, firstly thank you for arranging the tarot session at such short notice. 

Aashe is very friendly and non judgemental. I didn't think twice before talking about my marriage... I must tell one thing which you deserve to know is that this was one of the most intriguing tarot session I had of my life. 

Hiral had suggested me few tarot readers in Dubai but you were the one who was able to rightly tell me about certain issues that happened in my life along with the year and certainly things were bothering me now. I gained a lot of clarity on what I can do. Thank you for being patient throughout the session. 

Kate - Dubai 

21 Sep 20

Sneha Kala

Aashe has answered all my queries patiently. The art of explaining cards to someone in layman's language is her USP. Her immediate response on certain issue made me gauge her energy as someone who could be a link between you and divinity. Her tarot interventions give you a whole new perspective to situations and questions you have! Thank you Aashe for your support.


Lots of love,

Sneha - Mumbai

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