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Charmie Jhaveri

I am Charmie Jhaveri I was born and brought up in Mumbai and presently, living in Japan (Kobe) for the past 14 years. At present, I am a qualified and Certified Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Graphologist, Signature Analyst, Handwriting Analyst, Vastu Expert, Color Therapist & Chakra Healer. 

My journey in the spiritual world started 5 years agao when I got attracted into learning the different healing modalities. Initially, I started practicing Tarot readings and other modalities at home for family and friends and I got many positive results. This made me want to start a company in this field which will spread awareness and help everyone to get positive results. This is how my company GOPOSITIVE was started 3 years ago. My main focus and aim is to bring positivity and heal the person ao that he/she is able to make the highest and best decisions in their difficult times with a positive mind.

GOPOSITIVE provides sevices like Tarot Readings, Numerology Reports, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Analysis , Grapho Therapy, Color Therapies, Vastu consultations & Chakra Healing. These services can be provided in person, over the phone as well as whats app and skype calling.

Today after 3 years GOPOSITIVE has successfully served more than 150 happy and satisfied clients around the globe. We have clients around the globe. We have clients from India, Japan, UAE, New York, Hongkong, Auckland & Belgium.


Biggest achievement of Charmie Jhaverii is that Everyone who she has helped has come back to her, wants to keep in touch with her.


Professional & Advance Tarot




Handwriting Analysis

Signature Analysis

Chakra Healing

Chakra Balancing

Color Therapy

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08 Apr 20

kusum negi

I want to know that when my son get merry

16 Dec 19


I have been so blessed to get card read by you.  Your reading was quite accurate and bang on ,I thank God and pray for you every day. Thank you so much for your support and mentorship.  Thanks charmie.

02 Jun 19



I Lost /misplaced 2 valuable rings. Couldn’t recollect where i’d kept them. For first 2 weeks every time i thought of wearing them & couldn’t locate them I thought they’d been pushed into a corner of my wardrobe drawer underneath all the mess. Then the next 10 days I started panicking when I started pulling out my things one by one & clearing them & finding no sign of them. Looked in all the likely places. I started doubting myself wondering if I had left them elsewhere. Close ones suggested calling the cops to investigate my staff- One trusted part timer who’d been with me for a while & another young girl who’d worked for approx a year . But I was reluctant to as I feared they’d be mistreated for no reason in the event of them being innocent.  Didn’t want that on my head. But bcos of the value of the rings I was in a dilemma. When I questioned  both of them both seemed to be innocent & confident. I reached out to a good friend to ask if she could help me. Someone to work a miracle or to pray to. Maybe recommend a tarot card reader. She suggested Charmie. I had never heard of or met her. But after my friend spoke to her about my stress & predicament  Charmie agreed to speak to me. We talked & then Charmie suggested i do the 3 qs reading. Whether they were home, or stolen & whether i would get them back if I went to the cops. 
The answer she gave me - they were not in the house , they were stolen & I had a 50-50 chance of getting them back. Then we decided to do another 3 qs session. She suggested  I give her the details of my staff. Photo, name etc.I did. 
On the very first staff member she said the verdict was guilty. So strongly that we needn’t even try the other. That gave me the confidence of approaching the cops. I Reported to the cops on day 1. Day 2 officers came home to understand how things could have disappeared. Then they said they would take all the concerned people into investigation. They took my old trusted part timer to the station & grilled him that day. He didn’t own up. Next afternoon I got a call from the police station that I should come down to identify my rings !! I rushed there. Yes they were mine !!
He had given in to their pressure & handed them over !
So happy & so light hearted on 1 hand & so upset that someone so trusted could’ve taken advantage of my total trust!
But had it not been for Charmie being so confident that he was the one I might have never pursued the matter...
Thank you so much Charmie!!

28 Mar 19


I have been so blessed to have had you as a spiritual mentor. You have truly helped me on my journey and I thank God and pray for you every day. Thank you so much for your love, support, and mentorship. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Thanks charmie.

24 Mar 19


Thankyou so much for your wonderful guidance on Numerology..

Your guidance was 100% accurate and perfect and provided a good insights on how to have a forward looking perspective towards life goals.

Will definitely follow your guidance..

Tysm once again ????

Recommended to everyone..

05 Mar 19

Ankita Kapadia

I have interacted with Charmie on multiple occasions - some private conversations and some through her #Gopositive page.  I started following her page few years back and used to read her motivational messages on positivity, law of attraction, self realisation etc.  I was going through a tough phase in my personal life and would look forward to her posts to keep me going.  She gave me strength and also a positive outlook towards every event in my life.


She somewhere built that trust in me through her outlook and I decided to seek personal help through a personal tarot reading.  I had questions on my husbands career as he was pursuing a job opportunity but nothing was working out.  She was the only one reader who gave a positive reading and guidance that this will take time and there could be difference in salary expectations and thus it is not working out.  Basis her advise, my husband spoke to them and clarified about the expectations and he got the job.


The second reading was for my career - I was not happy with my job and she directed me to stick around as she can see a promotion.  I challenged her saying that there is no budget and its not possible.  She said she is very sure and I should wait before I quit.  In the next month, one senior person quit and my company gave me additional role with a promotion.  She was proved right and I am so thankful that I stuck around.


I totally believe in her ways and predictions - she has the instinct and the talent.  She keeps upgrading herself and invests a lot of time in self development which helps her better do her karma!


She is not the one to run behind money and donates most of the earnings she gets through her work.  Super proud of you Charmie!!


Go girl...may u have a huge fan following.

28 Feb 19

Priten Jhaveri

Reading are like 90 % perfect. And what guidelines has been recd is very simple and logical... I recommend to all. And most important is that she is not money oriented but she want to help public by in the way what she has learned. Thanx alot

27 Feb 19


Charmie is an extremely positive person, and I'm glad I got in touch with her for my tarot reading. I was surprised on how much I was able to connect with my past reading, her positivity reflects in her readings, which induces a sense of calmness. Thanks again Charmie, continuing being the same awesome self that you are!

27 Feb 19

Pritesh shah

Charmi is a gifted teacher. I was warmed by her insightful messages. She brought up some points that have really left me thinking. I am impressed by her selfless to help a people to find their purpose. I highly recommended a reading. Charmi is authentic, encouraging and inspiring. Thank you so much.

27 Feb 19

Rani Chainani

I so admire her and follow her advice daily

I recommend her to everyone 

so glad that I have her help in making my life better 

Thank you specially for the bling advice

Many blessings

26 Feb 19

Beejal Jethwa

Charmie you are a very positive , kind hearted and helpful person. You always guide people to choose the correct direction. You are not money oriented infact u want to help people so that they start living a positive lifestyle .I came to you regarding my  career and gemstones related problem. You guided me correctly. Thank you very much for your suggestions related to my career and gem stones. Your advice to remove Ruby gemstone really helped me and my career a lot and you even gave me knowledge that you should not always believe in others you should always trust yourself . I always follow your Tarot Readings  , Vastu Tips, Numerology Tips, Graphology guidelines and other positive knowledge which you share and which are posted on your Facebook page GOPOSITIVE it has always been accurate and guided me and helped me to solve my problems in a positive way. As per your instructions I got the desired results and I am focusing on my career and always trying to live a positive life. Once again thank you so much for your guidance.
I would suggest everyone to atleast consult her once. I am sure you will always go back to her again for guidance. She is the best!! Thank you & God bless you GOPOSITIVE

26 Feb 19

Ritu Morbia

Hey Charmie we are deeply thankful to you.
You are best vastu consultant and your predictions are accurate also I got very positive result.
You are such a special, unique and amazing person, you always find time to listen to us and we find strength and comfort in your words.
Just be the same and keep adding this sweet measure of your soul in everyone’s life. Love you

26 Feb 19

Rohan Jhaveri

Hey Charmie you are amazing and a positive person and your vastu guidance helped me and my family a lot . After  your vastu guidance my life’s approach has become very positive and I really appreciate efforts you put and thanks for everything !!

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