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22 Years

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Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English

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I am Monika Yadav. I heal Mind Body Soul and I predict through different modalities. 

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Monika Yadav

I am Monika Yadav. My journey into mystical world started with Chaldean Numerology at the age of 16 from famous Numerologust, RC Kalia. I also practice Vaastu Shastra. I used these modalities to help family members in their business guidance.

Along with these, Energy healing started in  2002. I learnt Reiki and became a Grandmaster followed by Angel and Crystal therapy. Connection with Supreme Power increased with Past life Regression with Dr.Tripti Jain and I  became Past life Regression expert. This was followed by Magnified Healing from the co-founder, Dr .Gisele King. After dealing the past, the future predictions made me learn Predictive Pythagoren Numerology, Tarot card reading and Runes. 

And now  latest addition is Lama Fera healing technique, with which can karmic issues are healed.



Previous Experience

I am associated with  Gurgaon based Multi speciality clinic-Mindspring for past 2 years 

I have been doing Vaastu consultation and predictions for few entrepreneurs for past 20 years 

The healing modalities and crystal retailing is done for past 7 years


1) Reiki (Grandmaster level)

2) Karuna Reiki 

3) Angel Therapy

4) Past life Regression Therapy (Teacher's training program)

5) Crystal therapy

6) Pythagorean Numerology (predictive advance level)

7) Runes 

8) Oracle reading(Rider wite Tarot,)

9)Magnified healing 

10) Lama fera healing 

11) Tibetan bowl sound healing therapy (advance leve)

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07 Mar 21

Priyanka dadhwal

Monica is the best healer empath she is such a genuine pure soul she helped me n my brother too her sessions are amazing I was very much disturbed n depressed few times back n took only 1-2 sessions from her and I gain soo much clarity in my thoughts and peace also then I recommended my brother to her and we are very much satisfied lots of love light n blessings to Monica ????????????

19 Nov 20


Thank you Monika ji for your group healing for finances and covid protection.this has been a relaxed session

18 Nov 20

Anurita Pawa

During Financial Healing was having some vibrations

In t body. Having faith. Thanl u Monica & much Gratitude to u.????????

18 Nov 20

Anurita Pawa

Thank u Monica for t healing. Feeling relaxed.Have confidence. Need more healing.

Feeling something different.????

Gratitude to u & Tks once again Monica????????

18 Nov 20

Surabhi Sood

Thank you for the financial healing .i could feel the strong energies .Hoping for the best .Gratitude

18 Nov 20

Pooja Jalan

Monika has been sending healing for the past few days. Been feeling very relaxed. Thank you Monika & Mystic Lotus for this awesome session.

24 Jul 20

Meher P. Pavri

Monika came on our Mystic Lotus group and has been very good to us for d past four days. She's given us reiki healing energy. And it feels very good. Very calming energy. 

Also protection energy against Covid 19 for which we r very grateful. 

Love and light dear Monika, thank u

23 Jul 20

Meher P. Pavri

Monika came on our Mystic Lotus group and has been very good to us for d past four days. She's given us reiki healing energy. And it feels very good. Very calming energy. 

Also protection energy against Covid 19 for which we r very grateful. 

Love and light dear Monika, thank u

10 Jul 20


I feel very clear in my mind after getting a chakra cleansing session from Monika yadav. From months together i was feeling quiet depressed due to my expectations in my relationships ....But after just one session with Monika i ve actually given up expecting from others and this makes me feel free of the weight of all the thoughts i was carrying within me .Thanks once again monika yadav ....stay blessed always ????

10 Jul 20

Ilse Goschus

Monika  is a healer with diverse talents. I felt totally safe and relaxed during her sessions. She worked very hard to address the diverse and challenging group needs. Thank you vey much Monika for your valuable inputs during  an extremely stressful time. Last night's healing session was very powerful. Wish you lots of blessings. Thanks again.

10 Jul 20

Nonika R Kumar

Sorry had to give a 5-?? rating 

10 Jul 20

Nonika R Kumar

Amazing sessions, felt so good especially after the reiki as if all tiredness and exhaustion due to the pandemic left my body. Had a sound sleep and feeling very good about everything ???? Also, Monika is extremely compassionate so what and how she says and writes will itself give you inner peace 

10 Jul 20

Vannee Jaising

thank u so much monika. loved your sessuons. soecually grateful for always going that extra mile for kids

10 Jul 20

Richard Valladares

Thank you for responding to all the questions posted

That was really nice of you

Happy with your answers

10 Jul 20

Akshay Koli

Thank you Monica. You are a great help. 

09 Jul 20


Excellent work monika...felt so pisitive after your Healing..Thanku soo much..

09 Jul 20

Riddhima Bansal

Thank you Ma'am for your readings and healing :)Both were wonderful

09 Jul 20


Thank you Monika ji for your readings and healing.the healing session was too good very refreshing.

08 Jul 20

Pooja nikale

Hi, thanking you ???? for giving free healing in white mystic lotus,to all, which is the need of many and of time, thanking you for your generosity.


31 May 20

Dr Pinal Chirag Chitalia

Thank you Thank you Monika ma'am. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the healing of my mother in law Nilam H Chitalia very very well.

My mother iin law is  now able to move her hand properly . Your work is commendable and praiseworthy. My mother in law had a paralytic attack in Feb this year. Within one month she recovered very well. I wish to say again and again thank you so much. You did something which we thought would take some time. But with god's grace and your healing powers she has become very active and efficient. 

We would definitely recommend your name to everyone who is needy and in distress. Naturally your work will always help them. God bless you Monika madam.

25 May 20


Monika mam,she is an incredible person,she has healed my father who was totally uncontrollable after his stroke.He was not having his food nor medicines for which I asked her for help .She is a healer,a mentor and all above she is a wonderful person.She understands people's emotions,feelings and upon which she works on it.She has never said it's not possible or it cannot happen,she always tries her level best and tries out different methods to give t best results.I love u Di for everything you have done for me.

07 May 20

Pooja Gindra

She had done healing session for my one of my patient cum uncle for his recovery...he recovered unexpectedly !

Heartfelt thanks for healing r doing fanstatic work n fab job for patients and covid workers....they r top priority of entire world. Keep it up..!

Thank u soo much once agn...god bless u ?????


07 May 20


Hi mam, u are an amazing healer. I took healings in M L Golden light grp. Tq for ur service and u healed so many people without cost. God bless you

06 May 20

Mansi Buch

Monika ma'am want to share something today after taking healing from u I got one positive inquiry for H1B visa it's really very amazing feeling 

Gratitude to u, Univers and all divine energy????????????????????????

05 May 20


Thank you monika ji for group healing and healing for covid 19....both were very relaxing and I slept peacefully too.

06 Mar 20


Thank you for the healing ma'am. Feeling better light at heart and relieved

05 Mar 20

Dr jaya jain

It was nice experience for healing throughout the time and helpfulThanks mam

03 Mar 20

Pooja Agarwal

Found her tarot reading quite accurate. She genuinely tried to answer all my questions and guide me. Thank you Ma'am ????

03 Mar 20

Tulshi Bhatt

Thank you mam 

For removing financial blockages 

03 Mar 20

Tulshi Bhatt

Thank you mam 

For removing financial blockages 

23 Feb 20


Thank you for selecting me for the healing  for my liver and eye issues. Divine Gratitude. God Bless you.

17 Jan 20

Navniit Ssharma

i had session with Monika for health issue (psorasis), after the session i felt very relief and observed the reduction in the situation. it was great work. Gratitude and Thanks a lot!!!

10 Jan 20


Divine gratitude to u for healing me I had good sleep.feel better

10 Jan 20

Babita Narayan

Thank you so much for the healing session for my daughter.Gratitude.

10 Jan 20

Uddeta Jaain

I was lucky to be selected by her for chakra balancing & clearing negativity in mystic Lotus what's app group. I was having severe boils in my underarm as suffering from hidradenitis suppertiva from years. After her session & guidance that day I could feel the difference & could sleep & the pus came out the same day which wasn't possible & pain was also less.  Thank you & diviDi gratitude for healing me & guiding. Divine blessings.??????????

10 Jan 20

Dr. Archana

First of all I wanted to say thank u from the core of my heart for bestowing unconditional healing on selected members in which I n my son both were lucky to get selected with all ur patience n joy on mystic lotus...On the particular day of healing I could feel lots of vibrations at my spine...Felt peace n calmness...Lots of gratitude.

10 Jan 20

Suman Kankaria

Thank you mam, your chakra healing was helpful. I felt better and could feel higher energy levels. Gratitude. 

04 Jan 20

Bishwajyoti Ray

Thanks Monikaa, your healing is really profound, it helps a lot to restore one to balance the state of mind, it really helped me a lot to keep my mental balance and cool to face my hurdles. Thanks and regards.

03 Jan 20


Thanks for the chakra alignment n healing in group Monika...the group healing was very relaxing.

03 Jan 20

Anupama Nair

Did not get healing. Wanted financial blockage removed but did not happen

28 Dec 19


Thank you Monika ma'am for the healing.

29 Aug 19

Krishnakali Mitra

I would like to thank Monika for her healing and contribution as a guide, friend and healer.Her approach towards each session is rewarding. 

I am thankful for that. Her involvement and concern are very nurturing .With kindness and love ,she leads all.

28 Aug 19

Madhulika kumari

I had heard about Reiki healing from couple of people but never was sure of what it was and how it works and all.But I made up my mind to go for it when I was really troubled with my on going health and personal issues. I took Reiki healing session for my relationship and health issues I was going through  on from month of January 2018.

All thanks to Monika .not only my health improved and also my relationship with my spouse revived

I am extremely thankful to Monika for efficacy of  her healing and her time to time guidance she is giving even after healing is over. 

24 Aug 19

Aarti Gautam

I thank Monika for a wonderful job .She suggested my company name and blessed  me with her Vaastu guidance.Also she healed my business.

She has tremendous positive vibration. I look forward to long term relationship 

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