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9 Years

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Hindi, English

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Monday- Saturday 10-1pm and 4-7pm

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About Muddita

I Am a dancer, artist and traveller.

I work as an Expressive Art Therapist and Intuitive Healer.

I have always been inspired by transformational work that leads to personal healing, & Soul Growth

My journey to Spiritual Growth:

“You look for peace, but you are at war with yourself, you look for freedom, but your are free, you look for love, and you are love itself”

This quote pretty much defines my life journey so far.

For the longest time in my life I was at war with myself, looking for peace, freedom and help outside of me.

Being an extremely sensitive child I got affected by anything that was rude, insensitive, and not the truth. I always felt things deeply and differently than most people around me and it became more and more difficult for me to express myself.

My journey made me realize how everyone including me was seeking freedom of expression and thought. This pursuit propelled me towards various Transformation Programs, which made me realize how overburdened I was with my own beliefs, ideas and choices. These peeled layers of my being, it broke down walls of anger, frustration, and hatred; it brought me to a ground of understanding of what was going on with me. It healed a lot of my relationships & the 1st one being the one with myself. As healing is not linear, I went through various curves and emotions and phases till I could cross over to the other side to start looking at the picture differently.

My belief in the interconnection of the body, mind & soul and my deep love for dance and art led me to explore Expressive Art as a medium of authentic expression & as a tool to overcome limitations. This opened the realms of healing through self-expression for me.

Across the years I gained certification for certain Healing techniques such as Star Magic, Magnified, Redikall , Shamanic Healing, Essential Oils and Reiki.

My practice has made me believe that we humans store a lot of emotions, memories and triggers in our body, which then take form of minor discomforts to major illnesses and also manifest in our relationships. Through these techniques I focus on addressing these issues, thereby freeing the mind, body and soul.

These therapy and healing sessions have helped my clients to believe in self-expression, self-acceptance, living in the moment and having the courage to embrace the entire range of their emotions.

Healing is all about becoming whole. Hence all my practices are focused on helping an individual to become Whole.

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04 Jul 19


Amazing ... You were very correct with your readings and findings reg me and the situation thru art therapy. Really I'm amazed and happy that i did that session. Your intution helped me peep into myself and  improving and finding self !

????much gratitide????

04 Jul 19

Renu s

Doing art therapy with Muddita was a very new and satisfying experience for me. I could find my self in a haystack  Hoping to work with her more so the layers of my soul peel off like an onion. Thank you Muddita

03 Jul 19

Meher P. Pavri

Was very interesting hvg Muddita on d group. Thanks for being so generous with all that u shared on art and movement therapy. The insights into my ???? wonderful. Gv me something to think about. Will def keep in touch. God bless

30 Mar 19

Sarika jain

Hi muddita,
It was an Awesome experience with you..!
Could feel the connect and your warmth almost instantly : )
My biggest challenge has been finding my self worth, accepting and seeing myself for the ‘True Real ‘of me...
The workshop of Dance with your Demons and Art , helped Greatly to face it and overcome it, also to see my soul reflections so clearly..thank you sooo much..!????
It was a very different and a wonderful experience for me..
I would definitly recommend it to those who have issues of self love, self esteem , confused of their purpose of life.
You are a wonderful , teacher , guide , always there to help us and show the path.very very Grateful to have you in my life as my spiritual guide????????????

06 Mar 19


Muddita is an extremely welcoming person and a keen listener. She has an amazing sense of intuition and knows exactly what would work for each one. She has multiple modalities that she practices. I have experienced expressive arts, star healing and essential oils. I had gone to her for some physical issues and a lot of mental and emotional baggage. She suggested a 12 sessions course over a period of two months. I was hesitant at first but then I committed myself so I could just get rid of all the stored emotions. Every session was about taking me deeper in my own self and addressing the issues through movement or drawing or breath work  or meditation. After each session I would be full of energy and confidence, my physical pain started to diminish as I addressed my emotions. All in all, it was a very liberating experience and a very fulfilling one, as I learned to take control of my life and also protect my peace. 

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