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Malini Rustagi

My journey as a healer started 20 years back when I started to learn Usui Reiki Healing as a basic level practitioner. It was a hands on therapy to relieve a person for chakra blockages, pains and overall wellbeing. Thereafter I continued with the same and did my Master Level in it wherein I am capable of doing attunements, sending distance healing, performing Psychic Surgery and imparting knowledge of the same to those who choose to learn it. In the year 2010, I learnt Tarot Card Reading and Healing from Janki Devi Vishvavidhyalaya’s Center for Vocational Studies. Tarot is a medium of psychic visualization and prediction through the medium of Tarot Cards. It is usually a set of 78 pictorial cards depicting various scenes and symbolizations to be used as an analysis for question/ situation proposed by the querent. Accordingly these tarot cards are used for divination and healing purpose for various issues.
Walking on this path of healing the mankind I learnt various other modalities like Dowsing, Numerology, Money Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki etc.
Being a Theta Healing Practitioner came as a major breakthrough in my life. Through Theta Healing we work on the subconscious mind of the person. Beliefs stored in the subconscious mind play a pivotal role in building up the overall personality of a person. The choices we make in our day to day life are due to the beliefs we have acquired from various sources like parents, society, religion, workplace, etc. from present and past lifes as well.
These beliefs also work as a receptor for various ailments we have in our body. For example weak skeletal system or joint pains are an indication of a person feeling lack of support in his life. Such people also have a tendency to suppress their desires and have major communication issues as well. These people fail to convey themselves and maintain resentment from the rest for not understanding them which further effects the liver as most of the resentment is stored there in the form of toxins which further endangers the overall well being of the person.
These harmful toxins stored in the form of chemical imprinting can be released from the body through various methods esp. belief work and cleansing. In belief work sessions , beliefs pertaining to the issue are switched with positive transformational beliefs supported by feelings and downloads so that the instant positive shift can take place in the physical body of the person.
The latest feather in my cap is being a certified Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. Here in this modality we press the 32 points placed on the head, known as bars. When these bars are run a lot of beliefs from are overall system get to release with the help of clearing statements bringing in the desired transformational shift in our physical reality.
I rest my life journey here and put myself at your discretion to be chosen as a professional certified healer serving the mankind and enhancing self as well on the platform provided.


Thank You.

Malini Rustagi




Starstell Awards , WEF Exceptional Women Of Excellence


Reiki Master
Karuna Reiki
Kundalini Reiki
Karmic Reiki
Money Reiki

Tarot Card Reading and Healing
Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Archangels Power Tarot.
Situational and Personal Healing

Theta Healing Practitioner
Basic DNA Practitioner
Advance DNA Practitioner
Manifestation And Abundance Practitioner
Game Of Life Practitioner
Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner

Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

Access Consciousness Facelift Practitioner


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19 Jul 19

Shweta Srivastava

She understnds the inner issues and deals with them excellently..

I will strongly recommend her services

14 Jun 19


I was surprised at how precise and accurate Malini's answers were. Her suggestions really helped me take important decisions. I have rarely seen mystics give such clear and transparent predictions and advice. It all suggests that she is a pure soul who is genuinely willing to help people. 

29 Apr 19


Malini is very experienced, thorough, patient and professional in her dealing with people and in her readings. 

28 Apr 19

Rabia Jafar

I love the way Maliniji runs her WA group and gives put tips and pointers for various things

Bless you dear

28 Apr 19

Ankit Aggarwal

I have been taking tarot reading n healing services from malini ji frk. Last 10 years. Every time i found her reading accurate according my stituations . She give solutions as well which everytime help me to overcome problems . M very well satisfied with the services she gave n the way she explains n help to overcome the issues .  For tarot n healings i cant think or try anyone else.. malini is best. Thanks.

24 Apr 19

Barkha Sharma

I have learned Tarot Reading from Malini Mam.She is an amazing and laudable Teacher.She will make you feel very comfortable and also your training very enjoyable.I was holding on many beliefs and they were playing unnecessary role in my Life.But after meeting Mam they just became nonexistent and changed my Lifes Perspective.

You will feel confident and positive about your Life after being trained or Coached by Her.I would recommend everyone who is interested in taking training or coaching from her and see the CHANGE.

24 Apr 19




I highly recommend LifeCoach Malini Rustagi for accurate and precise Tarot Reading. 

Get connected to her for any guidance. She coaches well , keep facts, suggests way forward for possibilities.

24 Apr 19

Vineeth Cheriyan

Hi All,

If you need any guidance in you life - I highly recommend Malini Rustagi as the most talented and professional intuitive reader.  I have ever known! her ability to understand and analyze the situation with the help of Tarot cards and her intrusiveness allows you to see things in your situation that you never thought about , so you can be guided towards the better solution what ever it might be . She is able to bring calmness and relief to any situation and is extremely accurate . She has done a couple of readings and healings to me and they were scaringly accurate . I will definitely  contact her again for any guidance in my life in the near future. 


Vineet .

22 Apr 19

Mauulik Ashokk Shah

Thank you malini madamm for tarrot reading.

The reading was  very very accurate and it has helped me in my learning  lesson

I appreciate your kindness 

Thank you for healing.

21 Apr 19

Rumeli Mukhopadhyay

I am proud to have her in my Institution as a serious experienced learned Student. She not only learnt several Reiki courses from me but we can seriously discuss on several of our personal issues and healed together on acute cases. I am blessed to have her as my student who took active participation in helping and healing my entire family members during the crisis situation of my mother in laws death. Heart ful Gratitude with LOVE & Blessings. I wish her name fame succes in her healing life ahead.

21 Apr 19


LifeCoach Malini Rustagi is a very accurate and precise Tarot Reader. Her suggestions and proposals are very inLine with the facts and possibilities when those are seized upon in real.
I have been consulting her for last 5-6 years and she has a very transparent and nominal fee structure which can be neglected when you compare it with the quality of results and quantity of the suggestions. 
I highly recommend her to all my networks who might need to get a clarity in thoughts while making certain decisions in confusing situations in their life. Please feel free to reach her and get connected to her for any guidance.

21 Apr 19

Noori Batra

I have asked few questions from her. I am satisfied with the answers she gave.I am feeling quite positive after reading her prediction. She is a positive and genuine soul.I really admire her.I wish she can help as many people as she can through her knowledge and insight vision.

21 Apr 19

Divya Chawla

My interaction with her is always insightful.her services are great. She is an amazing person too.lots of love and wishes to her.


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