Ami Chhowala

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13 Years

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Hindi, English

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11 am to 5 pm. All days except Sunday. 

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Ami Chhowala

I'm an intuitive healer & use the modality that i feel would give best results in personal sessions. 

I specialise in space clearing & hands on body healing processes as much as facilitating bars workshops, money workshops & personal sessions. 


I'm a certified practitioner of Matrix reimprinting trained under Dr. Rangana Choudhary,  a licenced & certified facilitator of bars by access consciousness.  Learnt the journey process under Brandon bays. 

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17 Oct 18

Preeti Panickar

Ami... A beautiful soul who touched my life in the most beautiful way and gave me the gift of love and happiness and peace. 

I've taken two sessions of matrix reimprinting with Ami and that changed my life in many ways... Healed me in many ways and I could move on to a better life. 

I recently attended a class of Access Consciousness - The Bars with Ami... I can only try to describe it in words because what I felt that day and how I feel each day ever since I'd beyond words can express...

Ami is an amazing facilitator and her indepth knowledge and understanding of the subject is unbelievable. A she is willing to share it all making sure you understand and use each tool for your benefit. 

 I cannot thank her enough for coming into my life and bringing this major shift...

Gratitude ????

18 Feb 18

Minnie Naveen

I took the access bar sessions with Ami. She was an amazing facilitator. Its really beautiful that she could actually explain each concept of access bar with in-depth understanding and taking it to the next level by aligning the concepts with the buddist practise for my understanding as in our conversation I happenned to mention my inclination towards the buddist philosophy. The session was very personalised,   I found her extremely professional in her techniques. I am glad to have taken sessions from Ami! Thank you ..How can this get even better! Gratitude and Good Luck !

13 Jun 17


Ami and I worked on my relationship challenges. I learnt the fine art of making allowances, being non-judgemental, being kinder than being right and then when she ran a set of 3 sessions of bars on me, I found myself growing more clear, logical, fresher, peaceful and loving. I found bars to be exceptionally powerful and Ami's methodology to be highly effective and forthright. All in all, Ami is an exceptional healer and I found our time together a life-changer! Kudos, Ami! Keep shining your light and bringing out ours! 

03 May 17

Aaron Elias

I have attended Ami's Money class workshop and Access consciousness Bars practioner course,i also had a matrix reimprinting session with Ami.

The workshop,course and session has really changed my life in many ways,opening my life to healing and so many positive possibilities,it changed my thinking about money and made me realise my limitations and helped me in manifesting a life open to changes and just being myself,her presence and energy is so positive and angelic which radiates love and light and major shifts to create the life you want,i am really grateful and blessed to have met Ami who has been a Brilliant light worker and teacher,i would recommend Ami to anyone who is looking for a positive shift in their lives.

02 Feb 17


Gratitude!  Ami,  the session  with you on EFT & Access Consciousness  were absolutely wonderful. Not only releasing  dense energy but also replacing it with light and love. Thank you!  Blessed Be. 

01 Dec 16

Sajid B

I was referred to Ami by someone who is in the field of healing. I had heard she is very good at her work. And when I met her I realised its true. I got positive vibes from her. It was very good speaking to her and sharing things. I must say she is a very good listener. She explained me about bars and I was keen to take the session. The session was mind blowing. I was in a complete state of peace n calmness. I went into trans. I could feel the energy flowing and the vibrations. I could see different colors during the session. It was something very different I had ever felt. She surely has got healing hands. She is a wonderful person and a good human. I would highly recommend her services. 

20 Nov 16

Raman Suri

I had set up a money class with Ami yet we worked on a challenge which needed more attention in that moment simply flowed.....and so much shifted for me...apparently . ..the money class was absolutely great. Ami I am so thankful to have been in a space of possibilities and consciousness. enjoyed the shift and now enjoying the new me gratitude....what else is possible ?

24 May 16

Amrish Arjun

I've had one Access Bars session with Ami, and i went through the following 3 phases:

Phase 1- I didnt know what to expect out of the session. Ami had this recliner (sort of a sofa) where i lied down with a 1000 different thoughts in my head. While i am there, lost in the maze of thoughts, Ami starts the session by touching my forehead with her hands. I dont know how that happened, but the second her fingers touched my forehead, everything cleared up. The thoughts disappeared, i was at peace and i was completely in the moment. It was magical !! The magic was about to begin

Phase 2 - we are a few minutes into the session and i go in this trance where i see colours and i think i even heard them. There was a dance of colours all over, happy singing and dancing. I am not sure how long it lasted; probably 15 minutes. Maybe a lot less, maybe a lot more. It felt like it went on and on; until i woke up out of it into phase 3...

Phase 3 - i wake up with a smile. And i kept smiling for the rest of the session (about 20 minutes i think). Ami was talking to me explaining how Access Bars works and what it does. I was listening, but had this constant happy, smiling expression. The session was at the Mystic Lotus Healing Festival and a lot of people there noticed me smile and wanted to know what happened. This is what i think happened - the session cleared out a lot of unwanted stuff, got me to experience a song and dance of colours and made me happy. Who wouldn't smile when you are in that state? Wouldn't you? Go, try her Access Bars session out if you wanna smile :-)

PS: the smile didnt go away after the session... The effect stays for a few hours at least.... 

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