Bhagyalakshmi Murali

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Experience :

25 Years

Location :

Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Languages :

Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, English

Available :

Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm unless otherwise specified (in case of workshops, classes or travel etc)

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Bhagyalakshmi Murali

With a Master’s degree in English Literature and another degree in Education, Bhagyalakshmi has been facilitating classes since she was 21. Always the one to choose the untrodden path she was never able to fit into any mould. 
Her search for something she knew existed led her to get a certification as a Life Coach and learn several modalities of alternative healing, all of which worked beautifully in their own way. However, when she chanced upon Access Consciousness it felt like she had found what she was looking for because they are so simple, very pragmatic yet dynamically potent and extremely empowering. Using the Access tools, she has experienced a greater sense of fulfillment with her facilitation and healing work in the last seven years than ever before.

As a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator,Bhagyalakshmi loves facilitating classes and workshops. She also loves working with individuals who desire a one on one session,both personally and online, as much as she enjoys connecting with numerous people on telecalls and telesummits. 

Her quest for what she knows is possible keeps her going regardless of the prevailing reality. Her deepest desire is to restore the planet to what it was always meant to be and ensure a happier, healthier and more abundant life for all. 

The people who know her are always touched by her levels of kindness, caring, commitment and generosity of spirit such as is rarely seen in the world today. 

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23 Aug 19


I have never met Bhagyaji in person. I have attended her call at the mystic lotus love and health telesummit. Oh I fell in love with her. Just listening to her was so soothing. She is so intuitive and brilliant. She is benevolence and love personified. And her voice sounds like a wise angel herself. Her knowledge speaks of her rich experience. Be it relationships, depression or even money, she has something life-changing to say about every aspect of life. 

You have to talk to her to believe what im saying.

Looking forward to more from her. Lots of love and happiness to you Bhagyaji.

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