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Kkinetiic Transforming Lives Welcomes you on our Page.Vision of our organization is to


Our Mission is not only to Heal people, but also to Empower people to be the change and create everything that they ever imagined or more than that in their lives with Ease Joy And Glory.

Dr Vandana R Ashar Founder of Kkinetiic Transforming Lives is a  Access Bars Practitioner & Facilitator, Access Body Process Practioner and Facilitator, Facilitates Bars, & Body Processes and Short classes on Money, Relationship, Health and diseases etc in Mumbai and Rajasthan, Besides being a Doctor, she is trained in multiple healing modalities like Crystal Healing, Crystal Grids, Reiki, Radikkal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Tarot Guidance, Angel Card Healing she specializes in psychosomatic diseases like Cancer Healing, Psoriasis, Asthma, Schizophrenia, Bi Polar and has successfully worked with Children, Autism, Dyslexia, Alzheimer’s

A Qualified doctor by profession being in Homeopathic practice and integrating other modalities since last 16 yrs considering holistic treatment and being highly energy sensitive, could perceive that apart from mind and body, there is much more to healing, in quest seeking more."What can I do more to help them?" Knowing that 99% of all illness are psychosomatic and that it was more important to work on the person rather than working on the disease to cure it. This awareness led to another and she started working on her clients in holistic way treating mind body spirit aspect. Healing with Crystals is like creating magic in people's lives.

When she came across Access Consciousness and was introduced to Bars, she immediately connected with the philosophies of Access. The Bars created phenomenal shifts in her personal life and her patient’s lives giving superfast results. She has started using Access in her practice and with every session we witness excellent shifts in them it has worked wonderfully with medical problems, relationship issues, and financial issues and with children. There has been no looking back since then! Truly believing in Empowerment and having found the philosophies and tools of Access the most empowering, through Bars and other classes of Access she enjoys sowing seeds of Choice, Awareness and Possibilities in her class participants lives so that theyare personally empowered to make conscious changes in their lives.

Today, for Dr Vandana, Awareness, Allowance, Transformation and Being Herself are the greatest keys to Joy, Happiness and she is an Empowered Facilitator for those around her.


Previous Experience

Dr Vandana R Ashar

She has been always guided by her instincts by Divine, in healing ,since 16 years, Being intuitive chosen the path to create different possibilities in healing has been working by integrating knowledge of various modalities and create the change, being a catalyst in many peoples' lives in respect to many areas of their lives. Through her therapies and guidance with Tarot, Dowsing and Angel Cards, She specializes in successfully worked on clients Cancer, Schizophrenia ,Autism, Relationship, Finance many more clients, and to add on to her Therapies and Facilitation, guidance with Angel and Tarot cards have given amazing possibilities for clients.

Also specializes in Crystal Grids, Crystals have amazing ability to transmit the energy, Grids are based on wonderful scared geometry, Crystal Grids function as Transformers, Amplifiers of various Energies that rebalance and Reenergize ,when crystals are programmed with intention and set in grids following rules of sacred geometry and activating the scared codes are realeased which helps to actualize, manifestation to occur from fifth dimension and Beyond.

Prosperity Grid for financial gains

Study Grids

Relationship or Family Grids

Flower of Life Grids


Invited by Rotary Club of Mumbai and Woman Organisation






B.H.M.S, { Bachelor Of Homeopathic Medical Science}







CRYSTAL GRIDS { Serinity Crystal, Tarminder }



Reviews & Testimonials

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13 Apr 18

Sunita Agarwal

Many many thanks vandana di

I feel jaise so many entities r there

Nd yr strong healing removes 

Nd I feel very calm and light

Thank u di thank u

13 Apr 18

Sunita Agarwal

Many many thanks vandana di

I feel jaise so many entities r there

Nd yr strong healing removes 

Nd I feel very calm and light

Thank u di thank u

13 Apr 18


Dear Dr. Vandana, I am so grateful to you for the healing , for transforming my energy from the lower vibrations to the higher vibrations, which opened my consciousness from fear to faith . Whic helped me to change my perspective towards choices I make .

Thank you so much 

12 Apr 18

Komal Chhabria

Dear Vandana I have no words to express my gratitude. I feel very light and confident. I have found the possibility. As I told you I get irritated n angry when anything is not done or done incorrectly.The possibility is either leave the thing as it is  or do it quitly without grumbling. In this way I do not hurt myself or any other member of my family. ThankyoTh very much for yesterday's healing session.

12 Apr 18

Komal Chhabria

Dear Vandana I have no words to express my gratitude. I feel very light and confident. I have found the possibility. As I told you I get irritated n angry when anything is not done or done correctly.The possibility is either leave the thing as it is  or do it quitly without grumbling. In this way I do not hurt myself or any other member of my family. ThankyoTh very much for yesterday's healing session.

11 Apr 18

Sunita Agarwal

Di many many many many thanks to u

I received yr healing yr healing is awesome

Very strong vibration felt in my whole body 

I feel circulation improved in whole body especially

In legs  

Me 6yrs SE bed se uth nahi pati nd chal nahi pati

Suddenly I feel like me uth ke chal rahi hu nd I'm very happy 

Kash di ye jaldi ho jaye  thanx to u


11 Apr 18

Sunita Agarwal

Today I miss yr beautiful session 

Me phone per hi thi per kaise time garbar hua I don't know

I really needed yr healing because me uth kar chal nahi pati hu 

And yr healing is very powerful 2 din se I feel much much better

7.40 se hi dekh rahi thi  kher 

Thank u

11 Apr 18

Sunita Agarwal

Many many thanks di

Very nice session 

I'm feel very energetic and feel light


10 Apr 18

Mahesh Chandra Seth Bhopal

Thank you Dr Vandana Ji,

I am feeling more aware more relaxed and BLISSFUL after receiving a Healing Session by you.

Thank you

18 Mar 18


Thank you vandana during the healing while i was  standing had a lot of pain in my lower back but after the healing session the pain just disappeared ???? thank you thank you

17 Mar 18

Reena Solanki



Hi everyone,

Gratitude to Dr. Vandana, Neelu and her team for adding me to this group of wonderful beings.

I shall never enough thank Dr Vandana for the gift SHE is to me. She made me BE and LIVE the magic I always was. Just was not aware of. She believes in EMPOWERING people to CREATE everything they choose and UNCREATE everything that's stopping them from creating it. I think this should be taught to each one of us right in our school. 


I have learnt Access consciousness bars and body processes from her. Since then I M UNSTOPPABLE. Here are a few of my experiences of magic, healing and creation.

1. It all started with my daughter's skin infection that I understood the connection between relationship and disease... Our mother daughter relationship was going through tough times. Too much of irritation, fights, back answers, etc. At the same time her skin irritation was reoccurring every now and then. All medications tried and tested but it always re-occurred. Dr Vandana gifted her body processes which cured her infection forever. With that, even our relationship beautified. It was actually her irritation with me that she was venting out through her body. It was after this, I learnt ACCESS.

2. There was a pattern between my husband and my mother in law. Everytime my mil falls ill, my husband too had the same illness. This went to an extent that twice they both were admitted in the hospital for the same illness @ same time. I ran a body process for my husband and gave him an awareness that he is bio mimicking his mother's pain and pathways and making it his reality. That's it... Things shifted. Its just a small awareness that starts the required SHIFT in people.

3. Similar to above, my son always had cough, congestion and breathing issues. It was never treated completely. Dr. Vandana facilitated me in a session and gave me an awareness that it's my extra concern or protection towards my son that's causing him to suffocate. It was all that was required. I SHIFTED and so did he. Now you tell me, how do I stop loving Dr Vandana.

4. I am a teacher too and use access tools with my students. "What fun can we have with studies today?"

5. Before I get angry at my kids over something, I ask myself, " what is right about them that I m not getting?" Or " what else is possible that I have not considered yet?" Instead of getting angry or hitting them, I get so many possibilities to work with. And believe me, kids learn this from me naturally. Even they practice this in their life.

6. Just if I m allowed to be a little naughty, I would share that every day I ask, "what fun can I have with my husband tonight?" And I can say, we live happily ever after.

I think it's getting longer, let's trim it. These are the following individual topics on which I have participated and learnt from her WhatsApp facilitation. They have contributed enormously to me and shifted people around me







and many more. 

Be blessed and remember EVERYTHING IS TAKEN CARE OF.

15 Dec 17

Urvashi Soni

Thank u vandana for the healing... I feel very fresh, no tiredness and no irritability too... Great feeling in just a single sitting... Thank u so much...

15 Dec 17

Neeta Gupta

it was a wonderful healing session Vandanaji . I could feel the vibrations flowing through my body. I felt like all my blocks and negative feelings had Vanished. I was feeling more energetic and lively. I felt like my phobias had vanished and I could dare to do things I was scared to do . All the anger and resentment seems to have vanished . Feeling calm and happy. Thank you very much.????????

15 Dec 17

Alok Nagpal

Dr. Vandana is a very good healer with awesome energies. Her session on self realisation was very helpful. Her clearing statements helps one to shift awareness, create more space and freedom. Thanks Dr. Vandana for your guidance on ML platform.

15 Dec 17

Sunaina Kaul

I am in complete awe of the modality and its thanks to Vandana that i found my inner peace. She has been amazing and great to say the least. its been a complete delight to be in her sessions. May god bless her with all the amazing work she does. How does it get better than this. how did i get so lucky to cross my path with her. Win always!

14 Dec 17


Felt very light after Vandana ji sent healings to me. Greatful to her, she is a nice human being and a great healer. God bless! Thank you!

14 Dec 17

Dhanveet Kaur

I felt a beautiful light during the energy work ...cleansing me intensely ...and also . felt a deep healing of all chakras and loads of white light filling me... a beautiful strong green light surrounded my HEART and kept expanding around it...thank you so much for being one of the most effective...most beautiful healer...lots of love 

13 Dec 17

Sanjay Menon

It was a good experience. 

Clearing statements create a shift in awareness and Vandana's proficiency in this sphere is worth appreciation.

 Thank u

13 Dec 17

Dhanveet Kaur

I have the experience of having created more space and more freedom... thanks to your intense guided meditation ...thank you so much 


13 Dec 17


Yesterday’s session on self realisation was extremely helpful it shown a complete new in me i appreciate the knowledge of Dr Vaandana as well the concern shown 

01 Nov 17


It was so so nice to receive such an encouraging answer from you...thank you..????

01 Nov 17

Radha Narayanan

Vandana is an excellent healer.Her energies are very awesome.I had a chance to receive her energies in the money telesummit and have been a hugefan of hers from then on.

The ease of responding to request for healing coupled with her deep understanding is terrific.

Thank you Dr Vandana &Mystic Lotus!!


20 Jul 17

swati manke

Awesome Experience. Feeling Immediate shift with My Money conscious. Thank you so much Dr.ranjana ji for such a wonderful gift of money clearance. Looking for more sessions in future with you! Keep It Up.

19 Jul 17

sujatha kotian

Thank u Dr.Vandana for patiently handling me today in the money clearing session . Actually, I thank you for introducing me to the concept od access bars

Hope to see major breakthroigh in my life.Will surely update you on the progress made.Feeling positive after the session.God bkess you and the team on mysticlotus

19 Jul 17

Preeti Sharma

Attending the mystic lotus session today on wealth attraction, during the session I found a distinct change in my behaviour towards wealth attraction and felt much more comfortable with money matters. Thank u Dr Vandana and a special thanks to Nilu, Nidhu and all the team of Mystic Lotus for doing such a wonderful job. 

19 Jul 17

Hiteksha Tulsiani

Had a great session today.Thank u very much.

19 Jul 17

Deepali Pandya

Did a clearing for money on ML grouo- the beauty is that my awareness could exactly locate those things which were hindering my steady flow of money and when Vandana asked scertain questions mind had no option but to locate accurate answers. 

I am feeling very light and as if an ocean of vast possibilities has suddenly opened up for me.


Thank you so much.


19 Jul 17

Preeti Sharma

Attending the mystic lotus session today on wealth attraction, during the session I found a distinct change in my behaviour towards wealth attraction and felt much more comfortable with money matters. Thank u Dr Vandana and a special thanks to Nilu, Nidhu and all the team of Mystic Lotus for doing such a wonderful job ????

19 Jul 17

Chhaya Bheda

I was amazed by her intuition. Also she is really selfless. Love her. God bless her 


19 Jul 17

Poonam Tinani

Her guidance helps me achieve peace.

I feel very relaxed

Thank you

19 Jul 17


Thank-you Vandanaji for introducing us to a new prospective about our problems...it is really interesting and powerful



19 Jul 17

Babita Bhansali

Thank you very much for a wonderful and insightful session.

19 Jul 17

Venu Kothari

Vandana is a dedicated healer ready to give her all to all who come to her. 

I was really interested in today's WhatsApp talk.


19 Jul 17

Babita Bhansali

Thank you very much for a wonderful and insightful session.

18 Jul 17

Neeta Gupta

It's a wonderful session by Dr. Vandana on Access Bars. Already feeling connected with her. Feel like all negative blocks  disappearing and a new vigoured  positive energy vibrating around me.  Thank you so much . Appreciate. 

18 Jul 17

Sanjay Menon

Had a good experience today with Vandana,s  healing. 

  Feeling light. 

Thank u Maam

18 Jul 17

Dr Kanan mehta

It was a lovely and insightful workshop dr vandana 

18 Jul 17

Hiteksha Tulsiani

Thank you very much for the information. Very insightful.

17 Jul 17

pankita shah


Thank you very much for the lovely n insightful session

17 Jul 17

Dilip R Chavan

Dr Vandana Thankyou for todays session all information given was very valuable and informative looking forward for more info. 

17 Jul 17


Very well explained. Thanks a lot Vandana ji

17 Jul 17


Very well explained Vandana ji

Thank you.

17 Jul 17

Pravin Lalka


Spending so much time and patiently answering all...

Hats off to you. 

Be blessed always. 

17 Jul 17


The session with Dr bandana was an enriching experience.  It has helped rejuvenate myself and has also made look at myself and my problems differently. 

Thanks a lot

17 Jul 17

Prerana Kotak

Vandanaji has been a fabulous healer. She brings unique healing techniques. She makes you think and leads towards the answers gracefully.

We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful team

Thank you

Blessed be

17 Jul 17

Urmila Lovelekar

Guidance from Vandana ji, has always helped me to be in better state of mind n body. Her healing technique is unique and accurate. Thanks a lot for the guidance.

08 Sep 16

Prashant Mishra

It was gr8 experience, as Ma'm provided solutions and dealt money and health issue and provided solutions. Thank you once again for your help. 

08 Sep 16

Archana Mehra

Hi took a healing from Dr Vandana through the phone and it was unbelieveable. Her patience and through knowledge comes across. The healing instantly worked and I am grateful to her for her time and healing. 

15 Jun 16

Prutha Soman

I took a session with Alpa Momaya. It brought about some good shifts in my life on both personal and professional levels. Moreover I've found a great friend in her. Love you Alpa :)

11 May 16

Ushajee Peri

Vandana is fantastic. She has great perception and zeroes in on the issue easily and correctly. Every session has  created such major breakthroughs that it simply feels like magic! Thank You very much Vandana. Its been wonderful working with you :) 

19 Sep 15

Sheetal Thakkar

Dear Vandana Ashar, 

I m glad to find Tarot guide and friend like you in my life who supports, guide, helps and more of builds confindence in me.

Its through your tarot card reading, angel card reading I have gained super confidence and started knowing the potentials in me.My gifts shop name based on your Tarot Guidance is running amazingly

Through the crystal you suggested for me to wear, I have gained lot of positivity and good luck in lots aspects of my life.

I had lot of uncntrollable situations in my life last month, and all of a sudden my crystal fell somewhere and the situation was under control later on , this seems that the crystal had taken away all the negativity, such a beauty of crystal healing I was amazed thankfull for that crystal for its amazing healing.

Thank you  thank you  thank you!!!!!!


01 Sep 15



The finest. That's all I have to say. The absolute best this is what my heart saying. “After my reading with you, I realized that the beauty of tarot & angel reading for me was not about making any predictions but it was the ideal blend of beautiful “woo” AND practicality , therapeutic, and real feedback about how to best deal with situations in my life.

Same I felt with the crystal which you share with me there is no doubt that the changes can be attributed to the focused energy the crystal shares. It is a joy to wear whatever you give. I feel reassured about my own instincts. I feel comforted that if conflicts arise, I will have someone that I trust to consult. After a reading with you Dr Vandana, I believe I have a better outlook on some events that are coming. You clearly have an affinity, not only for Tarot, Angel, Crystal or Access Bars but also for interacting with people.”I have personally experienced wonderful growth in me the way I look at any situation that comes in my life.

Cherish your gifts because you have the ability to explain complex things in such an accurate and to the point. In other words, you always express things as they truly are. I feel and see the word ‘professionalism’ for you and I think it represents you very well.” I would recommend you to anyone that has a question in their life they need some help with." 

29 Aug 15

Deepaa nawany

Sorry for d delay thanks a lot for d sesiion of the access face life something verynew not heard of & a different experience!!

26 Aug 15

Jasmin Thakkar

This is the first time that I experienced Access Bars. It was a very relaxing and soothing experience for both me and my husband. First benefit was of course relaxed mind but alongwith that I got rid of a fear which haunted me since childhood, fear of snakes. I get goosebumps thinking of them. If I see snakes on TV I immediately change the channel or if I'm reading the newspaper, I throw it. But the very next day I saw an article with image in Mumbai Mirror about snakes and I read it. Another benefit was my periods which were going on since 10 days stopped immediately. I just can't thank Dr. Vandana and Alpa enough for that.  Thank you so much. 

24 Aug 15


I did Crystal layout healing for 40 mins, It was a very calming and a soothing experience.The mind was at a stand still and felt completely serene inside out.I went for crystal healing but got angel healing too thanks to thedivine guidance recieved by Vandana ! A lovely double treat! Just thinking about it I am feeling calm n soothing. It was an awesome feeling which no words can do justice!

24 Aug 15

Seema Haridas Nanda

My Testimony

We all are living, but very few of us get guidance towards the art of living life with ease. 
The Access bars & Body process sessions was one such eye opener for me to be in awareness & showed me the way to choose things than complaining, to be in allowance than being non judgemental, to know how to give & receive things in life. 
It was a wonderful awareness to know that I can destroy and uncreate energies that does not belong to me.i can choose freedom to chose better life with ease

Today I'm free from so many thoughts & views points that had caged my life stopping my happiness & growth.

Today I choose, design & program things for my life the way I want.my relationship with money,people,my work shifted with grt ease 
Vandana has always been an Angel & great facilitator.

Seema Haridas Nanda
Behavioural skills trainer & NLP practitioner


24 Aug 15

Mrs R N Solanki

Crystals are friends.

Hi, my daughter was suffering from a skin disease called chronic impetigo which was reccurring and spreading all over her body. It all started when she was 4 yr old and kept on re appearing every 10-12 months till she was 7. It use to get healed with homeopathy medicines or at times alopathy. But this re occurance was the cause of worry. Dr. Vandana suggested me crystal therapy for healing her completely. We went ahead with the treatment. And yes it worked. Post that, she has never had skin issues.

During the same period, she also had lot of emotional issues with me in particular. She always wanted me to be around and at the same time also kept on fighting, back answering, behaving wierd, etc, all this for no reason at all.lots of emotional imbalances with me in particular. I made her wear a crystal, which is for parent child relationship, did afew layouts with Dr Vandana. And in some time things started sorting out. She started opening up by expressing what exactly was hurting her from my side. Things began to get clearer day by day. Crystal combining with Homeopathy not only healed her body but al;so her emotions also healed and so was her relationship with me.

I believe it was her irritation with me which she was not able to express that came out as the recurring skin infection. Both the things got sorted by crystals. I truly believe crystals are friends that help us bring out all the  hidden crap and makes us feel lighter. Lots of gratitude to Dr. Vandana for her divine guidance.

24 Aug 15


he Magic of Access Conscious Bars

My experience with bars: "DO NOT TRY....Its very very DANGEROUS. Working with it will shift your life completely". I heard this from my facilitator in the bars class Dr Vandana and Ithought its just that she is playing with words to grab our attention. However after a year of practising bars.... I am driving my own life the way I choose to. Its superfun to be incharge of the events happening around. To be surprised at the magic it brings. Bars is the language that helps u communicate with the universe...who stores abundance of love, health, money, power, luck, etc. Bars helps you to receive all this with ease. Bars have shifted my life completely. It has also brought a shift in people around me too. I am very happy with it, my finances, relationship and body all is at ease.


17 Aug 15


Dr Vandana

THANK YOU for reading for me from expertise , you we're amazing  and answered by query very patiently by listening  to me,  her guidance  we're accurate and spot on which really gave me insightbehat should be done 

Divine thanks 

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