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Anju Mehta

I started onto this life purpose journey of mine due to my mentor Priyanka Ghode and guide Kunjam Doshi.  
Both have played a major role in motivating me to teach what all i had learnt and make it applicable to the common man. 
I started in the year 2015. 
My experience in this timeframe has been tremendously fulfilling not only to the clients but also to me as my life purpose of serving mankind has been accomplished. 
The healing modality I recommend to people are switchwords,which resolves all the emotional issues where by rectifying the physical areas of a given disease. 
Attaching the case studies. 
Therapy or healing is a passion for me and gives me inmmence satisfaction when the client receives 100% happiness.

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26 Aug 19

Ssanket Jayant Popat

Anju Mehta a name synonym to Magic and Healing. You have a problem she has a solution. She is an Angel in the lives of so many, selflessly helping everybody who comes in her contact. She has transformed 1000's of lives and miraculously helped people with her tremendous knowledge of Switch Words. Her Magic is so easy and yet so profound that even a 5-year-old would believe in it and feel the healings. She is just a message away. My whole family is her fan and she has helped all of us extensively. My heartfelt gratitude to you and the universe that got her in my life. She is a go-to person for anything and any issue of her life.

May God Bless you always and may you keep on spreading your Magic to each and every soul on this and other planets. 

24 Aug 19


Anjana didi thank you for switch words  they work like magic.  Words are insufficient to express how selflessly you have guided  us and showed us the way to light and hope

12 Aug 19

Smita Halwasiya

I came to know about anjana Ji through a friend and was then fortunate enough to attend her workshop in Kolkata. Since then I’ve really come to believe in the magic of switch words. So I thank you anjana di for that and for making a difference in the lives of so many people. 

11 Aug 19

Bhawana Sancheti

We face many challenges in our daily lives . Financial worries, Khadoos boss, medical issues, tu tu mein mein between family members, stubborn kids... traffic name a few. And just when you  are begging the Lord Almighty for mercy , you come across Anjana Mehta... the Switch Word Angle ... a one stop solution to all your problems !! You post your query on WhatsApp or FB and receive a prompt reply . A soft spoken, humble soul , it was a pleasure to attend her workshop in Kolkata . 

Immense Gratitude ????

09 Aug 19

Hetal Bhatia

I am really very thankful to Anjanji from my heart, without knowing each other she has helped me selflessly like a elder sister, I have seen a huge difference in my life following her guidance 

Only thank you is never going to be enough ,still thanking you once again and wishing to stay connected with you further more????

08 Aug 19


Have known Anjana for over two years n it has been an awesome journey with her! Ever ready to help n resolve issues she has indeed been an angel in disguise! I wish her tremendous success in her onwards growth! Blessings!!

08 Aug 19


Anjana is the most loving and kind hearted soul and it is infectious. She inspires and encourages us towards positivity and the Switch magic is just the mantra to live your life by. If you araree ever in any situation there is help right away as Anju can give you the perfect switch word to overcome the situation.

08 Aug 19


I got introduce to Tai by a close friend of mine.till then had no idea about anything ... but slowly and gradually got to know the power of SW and EC..  and now like it's become a part of my life..can't thank you enough for your help in every aspect.... good wishes to you always ... your my angel ????

08 Aug 19

Priti Agarwal

Excellent job ma'am

08 Aug 19

Chandrani Matwankar

A selfless woman with a golden heart... has always been there to extend hope and remedies through her various forms of alternate healing. The switch word Queen as we call her... has changed lives of many... at whatever hour we have reached out for her help. 

God bless you Anjanaa  

08 Aug 19

Madan Behl

Anjana Ma'am has been very kind with her magical switchwords for everyone 24/7.I attended her Delhi workshop and she patiently explained every query about switchwords and how to use them.My gratitude to her for all her help.

08 Aug 19

Mita Surana

A cousin introduced me to switch words and I was lucky to attend a workshop hosted by Anjana ji soon therafter.An angel in today’s world,providing solutions to every query and so promptly.You are truly amazing.Can’t thank you enough for creating so much positivity all around.Hope to see you soon in Kolkata.

08 Aug 19

Radhika Seth

I have been looking up to Anjana for Switch Words and EC for more than a year now. She is intuitive, helpful and always willing to help. Simply put - she’s the magic we need in our lives. Immense gratitude ???????? 

08 Aug 19

krutika bhuta

I know Anjana frm many years and never knew tht she wud b my guiding Angel one day.I call her as my Angel..named Anjana d Angel as she is always ready to help,guide,console me ..with a soloution to help me and  people without any expectation or returns from them..She is a support system for me whenever i m stuck or i hv block about something..Really happy and thankful to be associated with her..Her Sw and Ec are the tools which is an add on and it really works wonders ..Heartfelt Gratitude and Gratitude .Tu Tu Tu :)

08 Aug 19


I heard of the group and anju di from a friend and requested to be made a part of it. It has opened up my vision and has made life easier in so many ways. The switch words and ECs are very effective . I have found that sometimes the results are instantaneous and sometimes delayed but mostly you do get a guidance about the situation. Thank you so much for all the help and compassion that you show. 

07 Aug 19


 Anjana ji, I accidentally found out about Switch words about 8 months back. You have been really encouraging and have always answered all my queries very promptly too. I recently had the pleasure of meeting you in Kolkata for your workshop and it was an amazing experience. 

May you touch many more lives with your beautiful service of Switch words. 

Wishing you all the very best! 

07 Aug 19

Dr.Sakshi Rohira

I wish to be simple,appreciate your simplicity in incessant selfless healing of many friends and their friends.I see your natural vibes and honesty is are a whirlpool that pulls all in and gives so much that all emerge joyous.I know for sure when I speak my experience,I feel PROTECTED.thank you

07 Aug 19

Jyoti Prasad

Ma'am you  an angel and I can't find enough words to express my gratitude. I had a number of experience with ur guidance. I also share the sw to my known circle if they are in need. Whenever I use the sw properly, I get the benefits. 


Thanks a lot!! 

07 Aug 19


For the last 1.5 years I have seen Anjana ma'am support and guide queries 24*7 selflessly and accurately. Her concern for fellow humans is incomparable. Am sure she gets asked for help through all her personal commitment. She ensures she guides within minutes of asking for help. In order to do this, ma'am must be reprioritising her personal life activities. Because her healing and guidance is so effective at any given point of time I have heard she was supporting more than 12 watsapp groups which were at full capacity with members. She has made a conscious decision to add additional channels such as fb and instagram only so that more people are benefitted. I have personally troubled ma'am at odd times and as a personal chat and she has respected my privacy outside of the group as well and provided immediate guidance with the most appropriate ec and sw. The ec and sw too are extremely effective if we follow the instructions ma'am provides. It is thanks to her sadhna and positive energy that when we get the healing guidance from ma'am we are automatically benefitted from them. The positivity and healing can be sensed immediately when we start using the remedies. Charan sparsh Anjana ma'am and many thanks to your family for sharing you with us and for adjusting when you are prioritizing our requests over family time. Namaskaram, Sudha

07 Aug 19

Tarun Pal

I would term my getting into contact with Anjana Ma’am as divine intervention. The SW suggested by Anjana Ma’am have worked magic and thus have now become second nature to me. Anjana Ma’am is extremely responsive and I would like to thank her for being there whenever I have reached out to her. Thank You, Ma’am, you are a Star. 

07 Aug 19

Veena ruparel

SW and EC

these are  really divine magic 

It works surely if it is applied without any doubt 

Thank you anjanaji for helping at any type of queries at any time 

Lots of Divine thanks for your support 

Generally DIVINE MAGIC BEGIN NOW DIVINE ORDER CLEAR this SW  is 24 x 7 on my tongue and in my heart 

Thanks again for  your blessings  forever 




07 Aug 19

Preeti Daga

It was indeed an enthralling experience. I am greatfull to God that I got a chance to do this workshop by Anjanaji. She was brilliant and I got to learn many things. I am sure this will change my life. Thank you so so much for everything.???? May you keep making a difference and touch  many more lives.

07 Aug 19

Vineeta Kejriwal

I feel extremely blessed that I got introduced to the magic of switchword by Anjana Ma'am. Thank you so much for all your selfless help and guidance. SW has now become a part of life. One should have utmost faith in it to experience the magic without having any doubt. 

Once again divine thanks Ma'am????????

07 Aug 19

Sonali Goenka

For me using Sw has become part of my life. I don’t go to Dr instantly. I first use these sw and it has done wonders to me. Getting solved so many issues. When I feel stuck and nothing doesn’t work I always call Anjana di for sw and she is always ready to help me. I guess it’s a miracle thing. One should always try these sw with the faith and I am sure it will work 100 percent.

07 Aug 19

Sue Teo

Thank you thank you thank you I have followed Maamji Anjana for the past 4 years and have benefitted much from her guidance, be it day or night each time I need urgent help I will post my urgency on her was apps group, and within minutes she is back with her reply irrespecive if I have asked for the same things  much earlier. She has helped us many in her groups and I really cant  thank her enough.  Maamji Anjana is in my daily prayers of much2 gratitude.  Thank you thank you thank you

06 Aug 19

Priyanka Ghode

You are in a problem and you need an intervention ... After god who to look for - Anjana Mehta .. I have seen people literally bowing down in reverence for all the selfless work this woman so unconditionally keeps doing without getting tired .. We call her the Queen of Switch Words but in Reality she is my 21st Century “Mother Teresa” .. Giver and a miraculous healer.. Anyone reading this I am not exaggerating .. Get in touch with her to feel and agree to my words .. 

Priyanka Ghode 

05 Aug 19

Pooja Kumar

Anjana has selflessly helped each&everyone whoever sought help over the last three years of knowing her. She’s compassionate & truly helped many sail through difficult situations in life.  The Switchwords gg numbers are magical.  It is of course the power of intention & thought (just like the chants and mantras), but to facilitate the intent with easy to understand and use Switchwords makes a world of difference. 

Wishing you all the best in your genuine work. 

Pooja Kumar 

05 Aug 19

Vidhi Mehta

Anjana is a helpful soul. She has been running 8-10 groups of SW and has been extremely patient and calm in addressing everyone's queries. No matter how silly /repeated the queries are, she is patient in answering all of them. She believes in spreading the knowledge possessed by her to the world and help mankind. God bless her for her good deeds!! 

05 Aug 19

Umit Singh

Anjana Mehta, what do i say.. someone who i consider nothing less than Angel. 

She has always helped me heard me and guided in best possible manner.. 

Her switchwords have helped me in a manner that i cant express and my faith in her as something after God.. 


i wish her all the success and prosperity in her life.. 


knowing anjana has been one of my lives greatest achievements!! 

Keep helping people just the way you have been and never change!! 


Good has to come to people who help others !!


GLORY all the way!! 

05 Aug 19

Parul Taneja

I got introduced to switchwords through a random contact and got added to the group created my Ma'am.. since then I can't thank my stars that I was so lucky to know about this. This has been a transforming event for me. I have been blessed so many times by the magic of switch words. My heart fills with gratitude whenever I think of Anjana Ma'am for so selflessly she is always there to help everybody. More power to her!

05 Aug 19

Geethu Rao

Anju Mehta is a blessing in my life!! She is a rare find. Her open heart, loving smile and finely tuned skills make her a healer par excellence! She is my 'go to' person for even the smallest of issues. Thank you so much Anju Mehta for always being there. Her Switchwords workshops are filled with positive energy and a deep understanding of the subject. I trust her and am grateful to her for all the magical Switchwords she has shared with me. Anju Mehta is astoundingly brilliant! I would hugely recommend Anju Mehta's workshops, it is a journey like no other! 



05 Aug 19

Pooja patel

Switch Magic is amazing. I never believed in all this until Anjana Mehta - the queen of Switch Magic explained what switch magic is and gave me a few switch words for some of the issues I was facing and it worked wonders!!!!! 

I am so proud and honored to be related to this wonderful lady who is selfless serving the humankind and helping people with their issues in a different manner. 

Love you Didi :)

05 Aug 19

Sanjay Menon

Anjana Maam is an enthusiastic and helpful personality  who has always been a great asset and contribution to all who approach her. 

Her switch words have helped me and they are effective.  God bless Her and Her work. 

Thank you,  Ma'am 


05 Aug 19

Sonal jain

Anjana di has helped in all the difficult  time just like an angel ....whether its health front ,emotional ups n down ,relations,....I can go on and on .Its not only that she helped to come out of stressful situations but also in building confidence memory and to believe that there r still  amazing people around us who r selflessly ready to help others .Its so strange that I never happen to meet her or talk over phone but  feel so much connected to her . Gratitide

05 Aug 19


We say that a friend who helps in time of need is a friend indeed. Well Anjana ji is that friend and guide who helps you, always. We have never met. But, Anjana ji guided us with all the goodness in her heart during our challenging times. Anjana ji's commitment and service above self is credit worthy. A very kind and good soul worthy of much respect. Thank you Anjana ji. 

05 Aug 19

Bhavna Mehta

I would call Anjana (Anju) Mehta, a Mother Teresa of Switch Words, coz she is always a selfless, loving, prompt giver .. Ever smiling, Anju is always ready to guide anyone & everyone for any physical, emotional, psychological issue with her switch word/EC's , and they work like magic potion. Her switch word workshops are highly recommended! And one has to experience it to believe it..!! 

04 Aug 19

Kavea d Guptaa

They say because God could not be everywhere hence he created a mother. Anjana, is no short of the same status. She selflessly stand by you when you need her. No questions asked. She has tremendous knowledge about SW and shares her knowledge through workshops. A must attend. It opens up a different world and all she will ask you is to have faith and practice. I have witnessed miracles with every SW that Anjana has shared with me. An excellent teacher and coach. A great human being above all. 

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