Sumita Y Gooyal

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19 Years

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Hindi, English

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10:00am to 7:00 pm

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Sumita Y Gooyal

Sumita Y Gooyal

I have been a designer who created a palette of aesthetics to bring happiness in people’s lives yet my heart yearned for a deeper sense of happiness. A deep realisation within opened new pathways for me in 2001, a time when I was ready and receptive to heal myself and free my soul from all entanglements to walk on a path which was unknown and different to many but was my soul calling. 

Reiki was the first healing modality I experienced, a state of bliss engulfed me and my blistered soul felt calm. After that the quest began.. new modalities came my way, as if, everyday new doors were opening giving me a gateway for self realisation and my potential as a healer guide and friend. Learning and Mastering various healing modalities like Reiki, Lama Fera, Tarot, Magnified, Theta healing, Past Life Regression, Chakra & Aura Cleaning, Numerology, Switch Words and Sigils, paved a path of unlearning to learn to know the unknown.

I firmly believe that each soul is beautiful and perfect in its imperfections. My effort to connect to my clients is to listen to them with an unconditional heart by choosing to work with one or more modalities to solve absolve and resolve those issues be it Emotional ( Self Esteem, Anger, jealousy, Fears ) Relationship either with self or with people, Physical ( Self Image, Projections) and Financial which are like unopened knots in their beings.

I feel that I am still a designer who has now evolved to design consciousness to awaken your soul to find happiness in finding your life purpose.

Certified Workshops conducted by Sumita Y Gooyal

- Reiki Level 1-2 &3

- Tarot -Basic and Advance

- Chakra - Basic knowledge, scanning, Balancing and healing physical and personal issues.

- Aura - Scanning and cleansing

- Pythogorean Numerology - Basic Advance and relationship, wealth and health in aspects to Numerology

- Switch words and Numbers - Basic & Advance 

- Sigils

- Learn to Connect with Angels

- Relationships - Understanding and Maintaining 



REIKI :- Heal your Body Mind & Soul.

         Heal your past Present & Future.


TAROT & ANGEL CARD READING:- Prediction and Guidance.


CHAKRA AND AURA:- Scanning Cleansing Balancing and Energising.


NUMEROLOGY:- Analysis, Prediction, Cosmetic alternation in Names, Business Guidance and much more.


HYPNOSIS:- Past Life Regression, Therapy, Phobias and more.


COUNSELLING:- Relationship, Self Esteem, Anger Management and Motivational.





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27 Jun 19

Seema Chawdhary

Sumita is a patient listener and a wonderful healer. I have known her for some years now. A very good tarot reader with a very compassionate approach to people. She goes out of her way to help.

Wishing you all the best Sumita. Lots of love, 

May you shine!

Seema Chawdhary 

15 Jun 19

Varsha jain

Sumita is excellent in her field and always ready to help everyone. I am connecting with her watsup group .always ready to help . 

14 Jun 19

Deepali Gupta

Known Sumita for a long time. She is an excellent Tarot reader, Reiki Master, Switch words n so on. She is very patient, thorough & excellent teacher. 

Love her What’s App group where she keep giving tips & solving problems

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