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Jeshad X. Markerr

JXM Numerology Consultation & Education

A practising numerologist by profession, my journey began in late 2019. Against the backdrop of certain personal challenging years, I resorted to numerology as a tool for guidance. My idea was to learn this science and apply it to find answers for myself, and from there on, I was not at all disappointed. This entire process had made me a more empathetic human being who would be capable of understanding people's different life challenges. Having seen positive results, I decided to begin numerology consulting and teaching, and from there on, my experience has been very satisfying. The main objective of all this, was and is, to derive true satisfaction by simply helping clients view life through a new perspective, and I must say, I couldn't be happier.

So come and explore the power of numerology, enrich your life and decode the digits of your birth and destiny numbers. Know your life's purpose, your heart's desire and the intricacies of your personality. If you are aged between 30 to 40, understand the mid-life power number which will provide you with the required boost while you also gain an insight and overcome your karmic burdens. Get a thorough hold of your key phases in life through the peak of numerology pinnacles and challenges.

Assess your number compatibility while you also get to know what a particular year or month in a year would mean to you. Align your personal and business names to get the best of their vibes while you also understand whether and what role master numbers play in your life. Career aspects in your numerology chart will help you select your best-suited profession and vocation. Understand the behaviour of numbers as parents, your lucky days, dates, periods and the meaning attached to individual number for property selection/car registration. Know the interpretation of your first name initials, relationship compatibility and overall health and financial matters in your numerology profile.   

Previous Experience

Current numerology consulting experience of 1 year and 3 months with 20 happy and satisfied clients.


Basic Level Numerology - World School of Numerology (2020)

Advanced Level Numerology - World School of Numerology (2020) 

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13 May 21



I think I have had the most thorough and detailed numerology analysis. It wasn't just about givng the date and time of birth. Jeshad took me through it very systematically right from the day we started until the report was ready. Every detail was explained and all my doubts were cleared. It just gave me so much clarity about numerology and my analysis. I think I have never been so crystal clear.

Jeshad thank you very much for all the hard work you put in to give my detailed analysis and guide me. I am definitely going to implement the name change you suggested for my career growth and prosperity. Thank you and all the best.

13 May 21

Harshada Kulkarni

Jeshad, I am very happy with the accurate numerology report I have received from you. I really appreciate the kind of detailing you have done. I will definitely implement suggestions given by you. Most important thing is suggestions are really simple to implement. I am convinced that this will help me in 2021 as well as in long run to bring positive change. Thank you so much for being patient and answering all my questions. I wish you all the best for your future and look forward to interact with you again.

13 May 21

Debanjali Ghosh

My experience with Jeshad's numerology analysis was extremely satisfying. He has well understood my concerns during the sessions and accordingly prepared the report. Majority of the aspects were absolutely accurate. In the second session, he not only explained the entire report in length, but also answered all my questions with extreme patience. I wish you all the very best for your further work.

13 May 21

Udit Verma

Jeshad's numerology reading is turning out to be a great help to me. I received it at a very crucial time in my life and I found much needed empathy and careful guidance. His reading of the numbers helped me arrive at a deeper level of self-awarenes. The consultation guided me through the majority of the problems I have been struggling with. It helped me realise my life's purpose better, while making me aware of the pitfalls that I might encounter and how to solve them, all in alignment with the individual qualities I possess and the abilities I can hone. This has helped me appreciate myself and my situation much better and has provided me with much needed clarity. His reading is proving to be a wellspring of guidance and encouragement in my life. My hearty thanks to Jeshad and his insightful report.

13 May 21

Rajesh Pillai

It was a really good session Jeshad. Some of the things which you said appear to have matched my existing thoughts. Your session has given me the direction to take and the focus. I am sure things will get better. I wish you all the best and I am sure you will keep helping more and more people lead a more fruitful life. Thank you.

13 May 21


My experience with Jeshad's personality assessment and analysis service as part of his numerology consultation was extremely helpful and positive. The holistic approach he adopted towards looking at different aspects of my personality and looking beyond the obvious was very insightful for me. In addition, his recommendations on how I can work on certain aspects of my personality were also of great help.

13 May 21

Firoz Master

Hi Jeshad,

Firstly I would like to thank you for a wonderful consultation and providing me with a lot of insights and suggestions to get the best out of myself. 

I must tell you that I am amazed by the level of accuracy of the report and the discussion we had.

Your evaluation and interpretation was shocking in a good way and the accuracy truly awed me and my wife.

I dint know numerology can be so accurate and you are very good at it.

Would definitely recommend you to family and friends. Keep up with this good work.

All the best, Cheers!!

Thanks & Regards

Firoz Master

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