Saraswathi Bhasin

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Experience :

9 Years

Location :

Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Languages :

Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, English

Available :

Monday to Friday:10 a.m to 4 p.m

Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Saraswathi Bhasin

Saraswathi Bhasin

Saraswathi Bhasin is an internationally certified Tarot reader, Numerologist, Angel therapist, Mokshapat reader and Switchwords expert. She has an experience of over 5 years and is popular for her loving and caring healing practice.

Saraswathi comes with 20+ years of medical management expertise with thorough knowledge of medical conditions, treatment involved, expenses and the outcome. Over time, she realised her passion to heal people and has been continuously learning and imparting various spiritual practices. 

Saraswathi has had spectacular successes during the 2020 pandemic lockdown period with her predictions, readings and remedies. For instance, her reading helped a client find balance in life and successfully set up a physiotherapy clinic. Another one gained back his enthusiasm and was able to crack a tough exam. And Saraswathi successfully predicted complications in a restaurant setup plan. 

With many more success stories to her credit, Saraswathi continues to guide and inspire people as her motto is to heal and treat everyone around her. She wishes to establish a centre for the welfare of elderly people and children.


Certified International Tarot Card Reading through AIOBP (American Institute of Business Psychology]

Certified in Switchwords Level 1 and Level 2

Certified in Professional Tarot Card Reading

Certified in Numerology

Certified in Angel Therapy

Certified in Mokshapat

Certified in Crystal Therapy

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08 Dec 21


I have been consulting Saraswathi for a some time now and she is the one person who is always there during stressful times and guides so lovingly on how to overcome the situation. She is excellent in her reading and remedies are on point. And she is a True Friend who genuinely cares and guides whole heartedly. Very rare to find such divine Souls like infinite gratitude to her?. God bless you always dear Saraswathi

15 Dec 20


Hi, This is Glory friend of Saraswathi. I have some beautiful things to share and the moments of happiness. I would like to express from the start. It so began that we started working after the lockdown in our office, nothing was safe but still we were the women who would risk our life for anything. Meanwhile as we were gossiping, Saraswati said that she has a Tarot training. It got my attention and wanted to know more. At that time I was struggling to balance between home, office, my kiddo, and my studies. I asked Saraswati and she did the magic of picking 3 cards. She got back and we had one to one talk. She explained what the card means, my nature and the solution for my problems even that I will pass my exams. There was a perfect positive energy that she passed on. My mind stood still and just followed to work towards my goal. I came back again saying my memory is poor I'm not able to remember or concentrate on my studies. This time, she told me about the crystals and also helped me to fetch the right Crystal. I was always scared to wear any gem stones cause I mostly saw the effect negatively, but saraswathi assured me, explained evidently and everything worked well. She always followed up with my activities, not just me all my other colleagues also enjoyed Saraswathi's talk. To my surprise everything went well and I completed my final year BPT with 73%. Kudos???????? ????????to Saraswathi.

13 Dec 20


This is a review for Saraswathi... I was under severe stress due to work related issues... it was becoming more difficult to handle things..

I consulted Saraswathi and she did a tarot reading for me... she explained very clearly that there were clashes at work, mostly related to ego.. she suggested how to go about with my problem and gave some remedies ... I started working on that and also trying to control my anger and ego.. there has been a tremendous shift in me and positive vibes all around..I would like to Thank you so much

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