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Raju Jariwala

Raju Jariwala(Surat)
Reiki Grand Master, Astro Vastu Expert, Diploma in Naturotheraphy (N.D.)

He is reputed name in the field at Reiki Healing, Karuna Reiki, Angel Healing, Enegy Vastu, Astrology, Numerology,
He is also an astablised in Pendilulam dowser.

He has successfully completed “Hypnotheraphy, Karuna Reiki, Angel healing From Delhi.

He has a Unique Method of Relation Between Human Body And House, Office, Factories, Shops, Educational Premises and other Commercial Structures. His cosmic Energy Solution can cure almost of your problems. his remedial solution can bring joy, peace, human growth, good health, harmony.

Raju Jariwala is the creator of healing & Energy Science. He is educated with graduation in naturotheraphyHis last job was the Branch Head for a large multinational Company in Surat. He quit his high-flying career once he realised his purpose and mission in his life. Coming from a middle class family, he realised early in life the importance of health. A family loss health. it was the wakeup call for health. From that moment life was never the same. He went deep into himself and did research on the topic of healing because he had to rescue his own family from the health issues.

Since very early he was gifted with a powerful communication and spiritual grounding. He says that “I have not created healing; healing has created me. It just fell into my life and some unseen energy even today guides me on this huge task. I have just been chosen to deliver a message and I thank the Universe for choosing me to spread the healing."

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06 Mar 19

Ashok Patel

Suffering from financial problems but can’t find the root of it. Sometimes it lies in your home.Raju jariwala took the Scientific  Vaastu Review and realised that the Vastu for Financial Problems was something he should have tried earlier
If someone tells you that your Home has a direct impact on your career, would you believe them? Vastu for Career is as essential as air is for life. Mr.Raju jariwala took a Scienific  Vaastu Review and tells his experience that he’s going to cherish for life.

06 Mar 19

Parimal Shah

I had been following vaastu from a long time but didn’t get much satisfaction. Thereafter I got in touch with rajubhai  through a friend's recommendation and got the geopathic stress  yantras installed in my house, offices. The yantras started working from day one at my coal mining sites and I then got them installed in the heavy machines in my office in Bharuch where the productivity of the machines increased remarkably and the fuel consumption and labour efficiency increased manyfolds. I have recommended rajubhai to consult my sister in Ahmedabad also and she and her husband have been thanking me ever since

06 Mar 19

Pradip Panchal

I feel surprised! I feel amazing! I can feel the energy! After couple of months of changing my Visiting Card Design as per numerology and taking affirmation for health and prosperity. 

I increased my business considerably and now I am getting almost one new order finalized everyday. 

Now I feel the new happiness and prosperity. 

I am the person who believe prosperity comes only by hardwork, but this numerology and pyra cards have made so much of changes that I have started believing that such energies are required to be more success full in business and life.

06 Mar 19

Sweta Patel

I really appreciate to Mr. Rajubhai Jariwala. It was very good experience and    I am very great full that I have attend his counseling, meditation and healing for me.after done this course my life would be more easier. Now I can see my solutions very clearly and now there are no more complication in my mind. Thank you sir for giving me spiritual treat which I need.

06 Mar 19

Piyush Puthawala

Raju jariwala has helped me in many ways. The biggest help he has given me is to gain confidence and to be calm in situations which are out of control.
“How to gain happiness in your life” is what major learning I have gained and the result is my HAPPY MARRIED LIFE. I have undergone many meditation camps held by him at various places which has every time brought a new prospective to see life and change in my self. I still practice and will keep practicing his teachings. At last all I can say to him is “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” from core of my heart..

06 Mar 19

Laxmi Agrawal

A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for othe. With a glad heart, I say Thank You Raju jariwala for You are an excellent teacher and role model of unconditional love.I am also grateful for your meditation teaching and for your willingness to serve for people.Thank you for being here, and for being you.You are a real blessing in my life, and for other people.

I am feeling so much better, as each day passes I feel more full and calm and peaceful, able to make decisions more easily and be less overwhelmed.My energy is way better already and even when I rest it is not due to the same total exhaustion on all levels.My mind is so much more clear, my heart so much more calm and my belly chakra area both more filled out and less tense that it has felt before.My intuition is so much more open and clear.

You have helped me find the courage to see my own power, my own beauty, and my own strength.I have discovered my own authentic power, love, and joy…

06 Mar 19

Nimesh Desai

One of my offices’ entrance was facing South-West. According to Vastu we lose magnetic and solar energy through South-West area. And I could not close that area because it faced the main road. But when jariwalaji installed two heavy duty capsule yantra facing each other there, in such a manner that the outflow of solar and magnetic energy was stopped. I began to see positive results. It helped me in achieving both popularity and sales. It really changed the face of my office.
Thank u .

06 Mar 19

Bharat Changawala

I was facing some problems in my factory and even my health was also affected by the same. My factory was running on losses and I never used to believe in  Energy vastu.I heard about Rajubhai from a prestigious newspaper in surat and contacted him.I specifically told him I don’t want anything should be demolished in my factory Rajubhai.after seeing my situation advised me to use the swastik  at various places.After he finished installing the shank yantras we got some unpredictable results from the factory.Overnight we got some major orders and eventually all our losses were converted into profits. It started working from the day one and till now it is working magically.

06 Mar 19

Nikhuj Cyclewala

Earlier I was not aware of vastu and many of my projects were on a hold. I also had to face many financial and personal problems in my life during this period. But, when I consulted  raju jariwala they advised me to use these remedy and it really helped me a lot. Now since past 6 years I have been using these geopathik rod in all my building projects and miraculously all my projects were completed on time. All my apartments are now selling like hot cakes in the market. I have started consulting them for my home and offices too and I now believe that this gepathik rod  actually energises the atmosphere and the people who are living in the building. jariwalaji has even used vastu rods yantras to rectify the vastu defects in many factories of my clients, who have now started trusting  unconditionally.

06 Mar 19

Dr Rajsh Trivedi

I want to relate to you what happened recently when I took your adhvice to create a scientific report. I realised that l  have grow my business after doing what you had recommended, I started getting results immediately! Although I tend to be skeptical about these sorts of things, I have to say that with evidence like this, you may have something here! I look forward to more intriguing and fulfilling results.

06 Mar 19

Swagat Patel

Raju Jariwala is a renowned  healing master & Vastu Expert Practitioner on base of knowledge from Reiki science. He has mastered it by Conducting dozens of  successful group and Individual Motivational &  healing Meditation Seminar.
Rajubhai is straight-from-the-heart, passion and high-energy. Over some past years,  Rajubhai has expanded his role from just Motivational Speaker to Master astrovastu and Personal Healer, creating the kind of workshop learning experience that got him committed
to personal-and-professional development many years earlier.

His charisma, warmth and humour have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary achievers by using his own life, and his in-depth study of others’ challenges, to build an understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and why.

06 Mar 19

Chintan Parmar

I am really thankful n grateful to Mr. Raju jariwala for changing my life.  He has taught me the meaning of living a life by giving unconditional love. I had issues with my wife which has been sorted out 85% by grace of God through Kaushik Ji…I was really not knowing the meaning of loving self..I used to question him how this can happen .I mean how can I love myself n how it would bring change in other person. Now I have understood with daily meditation have got peace of mind.I would remain indebted to Mr raju n to supreme power above all for bringing change in my life and I am so confident that remaining 15% would also be achieved. No material thing is greater than true love. Thanks a lot raju jariwala. I would make an effort to meet u in near future by god’s will

06 Mar 19

Rakesh Dhariya

I had been following vastu for many years and tried each and every way of vastu corrections at my office and house but none of the ways really proved any beneficial to me. After reading about geopathik stress rod in  Gujarat Samachar a year back, I got in touch with Rajubhai  and I thought for the last time I am going to try out another technique of vastu corrections. I started with showing one flat and one office of mine in surat and miraculously I saw good results overnight. I then invited rajubhai to my bungalow and since then there has been a marked improvement in both health and business aspects. I have started using the  aroma theraphy  in all my projects in India and abroad.

06 Mar 19

Madhu Soni

I owned a fairly decent sized office space in an industrial estate in Rajasthan India. Due to some change in my future plans, I had decided to sell the property and invest in other ideas. The property was in the market for almost two years and I did not receive any offers. There were many visits but nothing converted to a deal. The buyers were keen on getting their Vaastu consultants to check out the property and give a green to buy to their clients. It was very frustrating to know some of the Vaastu Dosha's that they came out with. I hardly believed in any of them. I had no idea my own real brother has trained himself in the Vaastu area and was providing consulting. He just looked at the maps, layout of my office space. He suggested some remedies to bring a positive vibe with the property. And turn the situation, within a few months of this I received a great offer from a customer who closed the deal on the same afternoon of the day they saw the property. Although I did all the remedies with a slight hesitation in my mind as a non believer. Today Rajendra has converted me into a believer. I strongly believe now that the energies around us influence our daily activities as well as influence our relationships and create an "aura" or an atmosphere which helps us keep ourselves in balance and harmony with the universe.

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