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9 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, English

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Monday to Friday 11am to 1pm and 4pm  to 6pm

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Naiynaa M Shah

Nayna Maheshkumar Shah is a Numero-Vastu consultant for the past 8 years. Numerology and Vastu being Nayna’s passion, she brings together the two powerful and distinct modalities to give complete solutions that take into account every facet of the situation her clients present.


Nayna bases her work on the principle that life becomes simple and easy if we understand ourselves through our number (Date of Birth) and the energy of our house (Vastu). She personally has experienced tremendous changes in her life such as better understanding in the family, knowing the direction/purpose of life, and enjoying good health.


Numerology with Nayna:

We all are born with a number (Date of Birth) which cannot be changed. With its help, Nayna helps her clients understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, career path, yearly vibration, favourable numbers, colours and even aromas! She also specialises in using one’s Name number to guide them to understand their family and the people around, thereby improving relationships and maintaining them with harmony.


Vastu with Nayna:

Nayna has successfully guided 100s of people with the placement of the right things and colours in the right directions leading to successful careers, good health, healthy relationships and support.

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30 Aug 20

Tirtankarr senn

Just Awsome.

It is my pleasure to be guided by Naina Mam.

I was going through  a tough situation since 2017 when finally I came across her.

She is a great human being I have ever came across. Very caring and have immense knowledge on the subject. Her remedies really helped shaping my life and I have no words to thank her. Really gretefull that I am in touch with mam.

I sincerly believe she will be touching more lives and bring happiness into  them.

Thanks a lot Naina Mam.

God Bless.

28 Aug 20


Had a great experience with Naina! Very accurate consultation. We were facing some monetary issues, our money had been blocked, and we weren't able to retrieve it. Naina suggested a simple remedy for the same and I believe it really did help me. My problem was cleared, and I got all my money back! Her suggestions helped me immensely. I would highly recommend her!

28 Aug 20


Most genuine and an amazing numerologist I've come across! It's been quite a few years that I have been looking for a guy for my daughter. But there always was a complication. I consulted Naina for it, she suggested a few changes in my house as per the Vastu. And just after few months, we found a perfect guy for my daughter for marriage. They are happily married! I'm grateful to Naina, her prediction and observations are very accurate, and I follow her consultation even today. 

28 Aug 20


Nayna is very good numerologist and vastu consultant.

I have got numerology consultation done by her for my children and things are going fine. Recently I called her to ask about some paper work that were stuck due to covid. She suggested some minor changes in certain corner of my house and my papers were processed in two weeks time. Thankyou Nayna for your advise and guidance.

27 Aug 20

Rama Shivshankar

Naiynaa is a brilliant numerologist and vashi consultant my association with her dates back to  college times she has always been great with numbers a through professional with humble nature willing to help and support anytime.

Her predictions and  suggestions are very accurate .Remedies give 100%result .

I have been consulting her since 8 years and she has helped me out everytime with a smile 

Have also implemented all the remedies suggested by her time to time and benefited from it immensly 

Would like to say she is the person whom one to should consult at times of trouble.You will see a remarkable change in your situation 

26 Aug 20


Great experience talking to Naynaa, couldn't believe whatever she told me was so accurate to what I am. Felt positive, and motivated  Hoping for much improvement in my life. Thankyou very much????

26 Aug 20

Kishore Chanpura

I have been sick for long time & now I'm fine & looking for a job & have been advised by Naiynaa to do small simple remedies by taking care of directions of specific things in the house & I'm getting positive energy & feel confident that soon I will be able to get a job & be back on my feet ????

26 Aug 20

B Shah

Naiynaa Shah's Numerogy skills helped me to choose my career. She guided me do something in field of creativity and beautification.Its working very well for me.

Her Vastu solutions worked well for us..They are simple and easy to follow.Thanks Naiynaa Shah.

26 Aug 20

Sejal shah

Naynaa shah is very good in numerology. I had consulted her 5 yrs back for my girl name and it help. Thanks 

26 Aug 20

Jayshree Haria

It's now 7 years when I went to Nayna for numerology and am happy after some work out.

I had a problem of geopathical stress on my health.After minor rectification the problem of it has been solved 

She works with a lot of patience.I am happy to have her consultation. 

26 Aug 20

Charmi shah

Nayna Shah is very good at numerology and things. Her consultancy has definitely helped me to lower my unwanted expenses which used to come up On and Off. Lucky found her and took her guidance and m very happy with the result. But the key to get the results is patience, as this things don't change life's overnight but definitely makes an impact when it happens. Thank you

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