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Pure Energy Academy

Hi, this is Shreevidhya here and this is my story. It is true that I am a special case, even in the psychic field.

There are very few pure psychics like me who can “see” without any external support. I do it by just focusing on psychic thoughts on someone like you or someplace and every time this is a deeply moving experience for me.

Whenever I feel a vision coming, my body and mind are one. I feel a connection with the great cosmic currents. I see astral pathways extending all around me, and people and things appear to me, real and tangible.

Mind you Shri Viral Manek started 30 businesses of his own, out of which at least 10 were extremely successful in their own rights. But in the year 2000 he suffered heavy losses in his multiple businesses, this loss was of 7.5 crore. Being an avid reader and student of human excellence he went hunting to turn around his situation with pennies in his pocket. It was at this point he came across a workshop which spoke about creation of money.

This led him to study the realm of creation, creation in all aspects of life – material as well as nonmaterial. Answers kept coming to Shri Viral Manek like they were always there but were hidden with some mystical powers. Shri Viral Manek came out of his debt in just 3 short years without keeping anything for mortgage or taking any loan. He didn’t stop there his thirst for knowledge was increasing day-by-day so he studied Mystical Powers, Energy Healing, Mediation, and Spirituality not to mention he got mastery in NLP. Yes Shri Viral Manek is a rare combination of spirituality and psychology mastery.

Enter Pure Energy Academy, Let’s Celebrate:

Sometime in 2001 people came to Shri Viral Manek for help after getting to know success story. It is unclear when and how he changed from a businessman into a Trainer of both spirituality and psychology. Slowly the word reached masses which Shri Viral Manek was not able cater by just one-to-one. It was at this point he felt compelled to teach these powers and he did that under the banner of Pure Energy Academy.

Shri Viral Manek is now on the seminar road teaching his spiritual and psychological solutions across India and has transformed more than 100,000 lives. Shri Viral Manek proved to be more visionary in his audio workshops as he explored religious experiences, western philosophy, and geeta interpretation, as well as assorted explorations into psychology, theology, and the sciences. People who have worked with him closely call him Mystical Guru for a reason.

1In fact, you will be surprised what you can accomplish IF you just take that first step forward — just like Shri Viral Manek did — starting today! Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. STARTING NOW!

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