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Smile A Mile

Astrology is my passion, and it began as a hobby seeking guidance from varied Fortune Tellers, till I found my Guru in Pandit Khandekar, whose Ancestors, including Him have been the Raj Gurus of Scindias of Gwalior.

Panditji used to make me sit in a corner and observe how He read the horoscope of each client. After the client left, he would ask me to analyse His reading in the Chart. I would then explain to Him the plantery calculations of His readings. After a year-and-a-half, He told me its time for His Guru Dakshina and gave me a Horoscope to read. I meditated upon it and gave him the Reading. He had tears in His eyes and He embraced me, and said, "Go and Spread Light!" He revealed that, that was His Horoscope and I would be the only one ever to read it in his entire lifetime!

This is where my journey began as an Astrologer. It was what I pursued on the side, helping people who approached me, as well as learning through the lessons that life brought me, immersing in the Supreme Knowledge of The Gita.

Then post retirement, on taking blessings from my Guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar, I took it up as a profession.

There has been no looking back, and I have been blesssed to change many many lives from living in darkness to coming into Light through Astro Readings, Motivational Coaching Sessions in Corporates, Energy Work and other forms of Healing and Guidance! 

I pray that each life I touch Smiles a Mile :)

Previous Experience

Investment Advisor for Indian Corporate Bodies and High Network Individuals (HNIs).


Masters in Business Studies - Warwick University - England

ACA, England and Wales


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22 Mar 17


There are astrologers and there is Mr. Bajaj, his predictions are accurate. You dont even have to tell him what you are going through, he just knows it. He is an excellent clairvoyant with a warm personality. He immediately puts you at ease and guides you towards the right path in your life. Thank you Mr. Bajaj for an insightful session:) 

14 Sep 15


Mr.Bajaj is a very knowledgeable person with deep understanding of the subject. Our first experience itself starts from the Special Agarbattis he had advised us to use. Secondly Crystal Therapy is a very powerful tool. Mr.Bajaj can precisely guide , how and which crystal should be used to resolve the problem. Thanks a lot Sir.

14 Sep 15

Pragati Kaushal

Hello Everyone,

Wanted to share my experience todays witha all of you.I feel so blessed and happy today.and being Guru war (Thursday),I was gifited by the divine

almighty with a Guru "Ranjeet Uncle".  Afte I & my husband "Anurag" met him ,we were so calm & at peace,could relive all my pain in tears,thanks almighty today for gifting me Santa and blessing us,with his love and guidance,sees all my troubles came to an end.Thankyou uncle for taking away all our pains and showing us the path of divinity.Always wish you hold our handand walk along and shower all your blessings on us always.we love you so much.

11 Sep 15

Pradeep -USA

"Your reading was deep, to the point; honest, powerful, helpful, insightful.... more than anything it gives me a feeling of 'safety' that I have good coming to me. Your interpretation of the chart I find to be written and presented in a positive way which I appreciate. Overall, I think you're awesome. Best of luck to you!"

11 Sep 15


Dear Mr. Bajaj, What an awesome, excellent reading you do. Everything is exactly right! Your reading has renewed my faith and interest in astrology.

I will be returning to you in the future for my family and for questions. I Stay in California,USA. You made so easy for me to get answer of my question on a phone call. Thank you so much.

“I’m telling all my friends to come & see you”

11 Sep 15


My experience with Rranjit uncle has been a very positive and uplifting one. I look forward to receiving his guidance kit and take a step forward in life. Best wishes always Ranjit uncle!

11 Sep 15


Gud morning everyone . jay gurudev  i would like to share with you my experience with mr   Ranjit bajaj . I always had an urge to meet a devine guru who will  guide me to the right path of devine energy . Who would take me higher unconditionally . and after years now i found my real guru of life thats mr ranjit bajaj whom i call my God father . i met him just yesterday and  felt so blessed that i cant express it in words .the moment i entered the room n saw him my heart said  YES i found my guru . i felt so much in peace . and happy . i felt so much peace that i never felt before . i felt i m in safe hands now n i m protected .I thanku God to gift me a Godfather who will  raise me to meet the excellance  . jay gurudev


09 Sep 15


A Santa in its true form whenever I meet him he has a goodie for me from his big bag. An enlightened soul and a super master. Learning astrology from him, the way he has made this learning so interesting it's mind blowing . He is a clairvoyant and can really tell what you going through by just looking at you. His astro predictions are out of this world . I am so blessed to be a part of him . My gratitude for you always.  Love you Santa.

09 Sep 15



At a crossroads in life, the divine energy  guided me to reach out to Ranjiit Bajaj & there started this wonderful journey into the spiritual world of healing & spreading smiles.

Fondly  known as Santa, Uncle & Angel, Ranjiit Bajaj is a wonderful Astrologer who compassionately counsels & guides all those who approach him.  His astro-guidance session is not the usual session one would have experienced. He is truly blessed with amazing psychic & clairvoyant abilities by the grace of Shivashakti.

I've had the incredible privilege of Shivashakti's presence, divine energies & blessings in one of the sessions. This experience is to be felt and cannot be expressed in words. 

Crystals, abundance boxes customized as per the individual's astro chart, pyramids, money box are the other modalities he uses to heal his clients & spread more smiles.

He makes these wonderful agarbattis for healing, cleansing out negative energies & bringing positive energies & abundance. These are loved & used even by His Highness The Dalai Lama & his revered Guru Sri Sri Sri.

He runs 3 old age  homes in Bengaluru & also conducts transformational sessions for  corporates.

He is truly a blessed soul. May his tribe increase.



05 Sep 15

Lil sis

Bro ur are outstanding.  Your confidence and convictions are unbeatable.  Your knowledge is vast and your astro reading is bang on. Talking to you is like getting a vitamin boost. You have changed so many lives......literally from simply surviving to wanting more of life.

Your kalpvraksh is magic and miracle in real life. You are so passionate about bringing smiles to everyone and ensuring a super life . Facing challenges and being a champion winner is what I've learnt from you. 

Abundant blessings of the almighty and miles of success in your work.

Unflinching faith your sis has in you. Stay blessed.

03 Sep 15


Ranjit uncle u are really a true soul. Without knowing me u helped me with just a phone call to u. I really have lot of respect for you.your prediction is soo correct that I am amazed. Blessed to have u as angel  who helped me when I needed the most


02 Sep 15

Shivi Krishna

Ranjit Sir is a gem of a person. All words fall short for him. I took a small session as a part of the Mystic Lotus festival, but honestly felt it was not enough. To hear more and more from him is so welcoming, soothing and relaxing. Would definitely refer him to my friends and family.

Thankyou Sir for the wonderful guidance, simply loved it all !!!


31 Aug 15


Ranjit uncle is amazing teacher, motivater, learning astrology with him is soo much of fun and with ease. As his name given Santa he brings lots of gifts of knowledge, wisdom, kindness, generosity for people around him. Guidance  through astrology by him is very precise, and bring smile on persons face. Thank you for being such a divine soul. 

29 Aug 15


Uncle I have always told u this - I don't know if I was a good student but u were a stupendous teacher. I have found my bestie in you- as a guide, as a friend and as a protector. Thank u for coming in n spreading ur love. I love u loads n u know it. Would always want you by my side and I know despite u being busy u have been and will always be there for me. Thank u from the bottom of my heart for just being there :)

29 Aug 15


Santa, angel, protector,healer, a complete selfless soul is how I would describe Ranjit.  I am not saying this because he is my father I am saying this because this is wht people tell me about him. Astrology through the kundali always give accurate answers. And the Lord above has gifted him with a fore sight of being one of the best healer and astrologers we have ever had. 

28 Aug 15

Rupa Lakhani

Ranjit uncle delivers astro reading with such accuracy and truth in very loving and authority manner...I was in awe to listen him. .his profound experience comes with such loving guiding communication ....he has an art to deliver the 'to be facts of futire' in very precise and effective way...I really loved his guidance. ...thank you so much for your precious time effort and energy

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