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Geetanjali Saxena

Dr Geetanjali Saxena

(B. Sc., B.ED, M.A., PhD in Psychotherapy & Counselling)

Is a Wellness Coach with more than two decades of hands-on experience. She is trained in multiple modalities under various international trainers which give her a multi-cultural experience to understand people from all walks of life. Dr Geetanjali Saxena is a complete believer in the Free Will which we all have been gifted by the Creator.




I am blessed to be born into a family where spirituality was the virtue passed on to us from our DNA. My mother, Mrs Vijayalaxmi Saxena, has been my support system and my primary source of encouragement in undertaking spirituality as my field of operation. She too is an ace astrologer with an experience of more than four decades. Our family has been very liberal in accepting the general spiritual practices which definitely set us apart from the kids around. Even though as a child, it felt like being out of the society, but looking back today I feel, my parents gave me the best upbringing possible and definitely blessed me with the freedom to become a co-creator of my own life at an early age.



Even though astrology was my first point of contact with the spiritual realm, but it was learning Tarot that opened a bunch of modalities in front of me. But still, whenever a client approached me with their issue, I always thought why can’t I combine Tarot and Astrology together and offer the client a comprehensive robust solution. This is where my quest to combine the two began and with it began my journey to decode the deeper layer of the soul. My next step was to feel energies, which was completed with Reiki. Meanwhile, this was the time where the Institute of Holistic Sciences was born. And then came in Theta Healing where I was trained under Vianna Stibal, USA. Of course, training under an International Trainer gave me a multifaceted experience to understand the different psyche of human beings.



My expedition to understand the working of the soul continued further and hence I completed my training in Past Life Regression as a trainer under Dr Brian Weiss – New York and Dr Hans Tendam - TASSO International, Netherlands and a trainer with California Hypnosis Institute(USA). This book made me feel to dive deeper and hence I learnt Life Between Lives to understand what happens when we leave this body and what is the journey of the soul between two births. And now I am a trainer for Inner Child Integration by Trisha Cateno and certified by EaRTH.



As mentioned earlier about my working on creating a Deck of Cards merging Tarot and Astrology, this year 2017 I am glad to have completed my working with Divine assistance and glad to present “Nakshatra Cards” to everyone. Indeed, it is the blessings of my mother who encouraged me through the entire process right from sharing the deep core learning of astrology to understanding the different hidden aspects of it. All of this coupled with the wonderful guidance received from my spirit guides and angels for the images as well as it’s combining with Tarot.



In totality, my quest to understand the working of a SOUL has blessed with immense abilities and talents to help myself as well as others. Hence, today I feel we all can be co-creators of our own destiny and bring about a positive curve in our life, but the basic requirement for it is to have zeal and passion in our hearts. I welcome each one of you on this wonderful journey with me to enhance your co-creation process and taste the nectar of love, compassion and passion we all have within us.”



Past Life Regression therapy and Facilitator Course


Family constellations therapy and Facilitator Course

Astro – Tarot Predictions

Nakshatra Oracle Readings

Angel card reading and therapy

Coffee and Tea leaf readings


Chakra Healing and balancing


Magnified healing

Basic DNA, Advanced DNA,  Manifestation & Abundance Course

Akashic Records

Aura Reading



Switch words

Pranic Healing

Crystal Healing

Seichem Healing


Shadow Work

Dark Force Entity Release

Rainbow Children Intuitive Course

Weight Loss management

Cigarette Cessation



Dr Geetanjali Saxena is trained under some of the finest and leading therapists of the world.

Certified Trainer under Vianna Stibal, U.S.A, the founder of Theta healing for Basic and Advanced DNA

Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and a trainer with Dr. Brain Weiss, U.S.A, author of Many Lives Many Masters.

EARTh Certified Professional and Trainer for Inner child Integration by Trisha Caetano, EARTh

Certified Transpersonal Regression Therapist by TASSO

Trained under Spiritual and Medium ship healer Michaela Adam Horst, Germany

Trained under Mark Woolly, U.S.A, Family Constellation Therapy

International member  of TASSO Board, Holland

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09 Dec 20

Sushant Regha

I'm so happy to have found Thetahealing and through this my purpose, it has never felt so right... and in such gratitude! My heart radiates in this gratitude and love. Blessings to you guys!

09 Dec 20

Rishika Basu

"I was surprised about the light and knowledge of Geetanjali. But the best was find that she is just a women, full of love to everyone. Thanks Geetanjali for share that love with me."

05 Dec 20

Ritisha Kaur

My experience with Dr Geetanjali's Theta Healing workshops was an absolute mind blowing experience the teachings and understanding of this course with Dr Geetanjali is something out of this word, the concepts and relations and everything is interconnected with and Theta Healing has given me the clarity to see that

15 Oct 20

Mani Sundar

I enjoyed attending the Akashik Records workshop by Dr.Gitanjali Saxena.  She is very knowledgeable, very well experienced.  I am now able to read my own Akashik Record and I ,in two weeks time have read about 15 Akashik Records.  Everyone should learn to read the Akashik Records as it will guide them in life and they can guide others.  Thanks to Dr. Gitanjali for teaching this wonderful system.

15 Oct 20

Rimi Singh

I had all my questions answered. She is too good , quick and precise. I have received remedies as well for my issues plus therapy sessions were awesome so much was released i feel like a new person . I am able to let go of issues trobling me gor so many years in such less time . I recommend Dr Geetanjali saxena for Astro Tarot readings ,PLR , Theta and  Family constellations as she gave such amazing results with these therapies in short time . Thanks 

14 Oct 20

Akash Brahmkshatriya

I have had a Akashic Record reading course recently  with Dr Geetanjali Madam. Madam teaching style is brilliant and so simple to understand the content of this modality. Of course she spent extra time to explain the content. She will make sure everyone have understood and then move on to next. The material she provide is very clear. I would like to do many courses with Dr Geetanjali Madam. 
She replies also very quick if you have any question even after the training. The team is really helpful in all aspect. I would definetly recommends to  others learn many modalities from institute of Holistic Center.

I have had Past Life Regression course with Dr Geetanjali Madam too and was amazing. Look forward to learn many modalities with Madam. 

Gratitude ????????


30 Sep 20

Meenakshi S K

Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is an Amazing Teacher and Healer. I have learnt Past life Regression Therapist, Akashic records and Theta healing from her. She has immense knowledge on various Healing modalities and easily integrate them in her healing sessions . She is compassionate and honest in her opinions.  I recently did a Review of Akashic records workshop without any fees. Thank you very much Mam 

30 Sep 20

Niti Mittra

Geetanjali's classes are deeply knowledgeable, practical, and smooth. I have attended the Theta Healing and Family Constellation class. She teaches with a lot of ease, comfort, and passion that made me feel more receptive. I was glad to attend the course and grateful to Geetanjali for giving me the confidence to become a Theta healer and I look forward to practising Family Constellations. 

28 Sep 20

Mayur Oza

I had many session with Dr Geetanjali regarding my health issues, relationship issues, she was very accurate and determine in solving my issues.

28 Sep 20

Sharmila Bansal

I have consulted with Dr Geetanjali on several important issues, including my health.

It has been my repeated experience working with her that she is always committed to obtaining successful results for me.

In particular, in working on a health matter for me, Dr Geetanjali used a variety of methods in order to achieve the best outcome. She has always shown this type of determination in every consultation.

Apart from his exceptional abilities, she has a keen mind and a good sense of humour. Despite the seriousness of our discussions, it has always been a pleasure talking with her.

I would, without question, strongly recommend Dr Geetanjali for healing and any critical problem one might face.

28 Sep 20

Aashish Mehta

For any problems in your life be it financial emotional or relationship I would recommend people to go to Dr Geetanjali Saxena. Asked her about a question and the answer was spot on.

28 Sep 20

Monika Pandey

I was suffering from depression and anxiety from quite along time. After starting therapy I started feeling alot better just in a few sessions. I became more positive as a person. My concentration improved thus my academics improved. I am very thankful to Dr Geetanjali Saxena for helping me and getting me out of that dark phase.

28 Sep 20

Sneha Mehra

I was facing lot of Problems in my life so I visited DR Geetanjali saxena.She advised me certain Astrological Remedies & I also took Tarot consultation from her.I was very happy with the Consultation. ALL MY DOUBTS WERE CLEARED.SHE HELPED ME TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CAREER.

28 Sep 20

Sapna hemnani

It is so lovely to write this review and think back four months ago when I was with Dr Geetanjali. She is a very kind, wise, and talented practitioner, who gently makes you feel at ease and at peace

27 Sep 20

Namita Bhatia

It was a pleasure to receive guidance and direction from Geetanjali ma'am. Her responses to my queries and questions were accurate and succinct. She also suggested some easy and doable remedies. 
Many thanks again Ma'am. 

27 Sep 20

Gaurav uppal

Hi I took a Tarot session about a week back with Dr Geetanjali, her predictions were so precise , I had some health issues she identified them and asked me to see a doctor which i did and my reports showed the same issue . I am very thankful to her to give me a heads up and now i am taking care of my issue else it could has escalated .Thanks Dr Geetanjali for your honest and clear prediction. 
Warm Regards 

27 Sep 20

Ruchika Chabra

She is a  through professional, has in dept knowledge of the subject. She is outrightly honest about things which is amazing as you dont form any false or incorrect hopes . She is a fabulous teacher and a mentor . I have done Past life regression, Astro Tarot, Tarot, Vastu , Family constellation with Dr Geetanjali and highly recommend her . Thanks 

27 Sep 20

Parthvi Mehta

I had  a tarot card reading session with Dr Geetanjali Mam. It was so accurate. Now I have consulted regarding my health issues. I had repeated experiences with her. She is always committed for obtaining successful results for me. She is determined in every session. Great Experience with her and team... Thanks ????

27 Sep 20


If anyone wants to do tarot reading it must be her she gives very accurate and honest answers and is very understanding 

27 Sep 20

Mrs. Dev

I would like to share my experience about tarot reading. Geetanjali madam is very busy person , her assistant takes the fees and forgets to give you appointment. Than you yourself have to whts up them several time remind them about the appointment.. than you finally get the time. When the call start , madam behaves as if we are her servants .. very very rudely she will ask you what is your question, when we ask the question she , within 2 minutes she tells the answer, I wonder she as any magically power to read of quickly. Than she will call her son and give him some instructions on front of you. A very non professional lady with too much of air in her head. Than she will end the session saying tarot can't tell you about your life history.

27 Sep 20


I hope my review about this fault, arrogant, rude women helps you to choose her has your tarot card reader.. It is my humble request to any who is planning to take appointment with her, think hundred time before wasting your money.. She is extremely rude doesn't even give you time to explain the sutation , she will just start shouting at you... she charge for 25 minutes but ends her session in 10 mins.. In that 10 minutes also she will phone her family member and talk to you ... Very very lower class and cheap women

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