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14 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, English

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Komal Chhatbbar

Komal Chhatbbar
grew up in South Mumbai, in a culture rich environment. A degree in economics and fashion forged her into a thriving retail career. Then, a personal loss brought her life to a standstill. This stillness led to a deep inner quest, more learning and transformed her into a butterfly. 

Today  Komal is a spiritual entrepreneur, Consciousness Coach, Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Clinical Sound Therapist, Counselor, Time2Lose Weight Loss Program  Practitioner Certification  By Hypnotherapy Training College Australia & CLA and A Yoga Teacher. With her free spirited mind and a dynamic corporate experience, combined with the gentle acceptance often lead to an “aha” moment for Soul Route’s clients. 

Favorite with kids, couples and professionals alike she exudes expertise and versatility in every interaction. Having facilitated many a life transformations in last 10 years, She still gets a child like zest when asked about her purpose in life. She has launched and facilitated the popular programs like Success Consciousness, Marriage Makeover, Nesting Instincts and Parentitude.


BA S/M Economics 

Diploma in Fashion Designing

Citification in Visual Merchandising 

Practitioners certificate from GOI in Digital Marketing

Certified in Humanistic Counselling 

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Trained Past Life Regression therapist from Life University, 

Certified Chakra Healer

Certified Angel Card Reader

Diploma in Ashtanga Yoga 

Internationally certified  in Clinical Tibetan Sound Healing 

Time2Lose Weight Loss Program Practitioner Certification  By 
Hypnotherapy Training College Australia & CLA selor from Australia.

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15 Oct 18

Mehul B

Its great to attend workshop as it really changes yourself from who you are and what you want to be, it really make us find out "You withing you" and I also learnt from the experience and knowledge shared Soul Route team they are really great and they make it very easy to understand and its a fun to be sharing a thughts with them so I really enjoyed the experience and had a great food in the best hotel. Thank you Soul Route and their team members.

15 Oct 18

Gaurav Seth

Its been a week since I attended your seminar at HELP library. My life has seen changes after the seminar. I have started to pause before pouring my angst on somebody. I have been more relaxed and sleep well at nights. I have taken it upon myself to be jovial with people around me and behave decently with most of the people I meet.

Iam happy that I attended your seminar.

15 Oct 18


I really liked the way meditation happened with Tibetian bowl sounds it reverberated within deep down somewhere as Komal explained how these bowl sounds are connected to each body parts. Of course the real change and feel occurs by mastering the meditation and doing it regularly. Thank you Sanjay ji, Anjli Ji, Komal Ji and Mehul Ji for arranging the meet up. My best wishes to the team and heartiest congratulations. 

15 Oct 18

Ketna E

Thank you very much for all activities. It really brought positive change in my life.

15 Oct 18

Pooja C

Thank you for your effort of making difference in our life. I was able to do few exercise only but really loved the process. From today have started fresh round of 21 days gain and will definitely complete without breaks.

15 Oct 18

Sheetal Kale

Thanks a lot. That was a life changing experience. I couldn't share my experience everyday but believe me really enjoyed every activity and given all together new perspective to life. Feeling calm, relaxed, happy, blessed, gratitute and just flowing with the flow of life. Loved it

15 Oct 18


Yesterday was a great session. Really enjoyed meeting beautiful souls. Thanks Anjli, Komal, Sanjay and Mehul

15 Oct 18

Niharika G

The ambience was soothing and conducive to reflection. The workshop was well structured and conducted with a real desire to help others see the world from a different, more positive and reassuring perspective. I'm sure others will find as much to take back from this workshop as I did. 

15 Oct 18

Naina D

To all 3 of you. Komal and Anjali and Sanjay. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL EXERCISE. Suddenly realised lots to explore within.. To segregate Myth and Reality about what I think and feel..About myself. Feeling overwhelmed... THHHAAAANKS!Cord Cutting is so effective. Maybe the result could be gradual but the initiative itself is making me feel so light & kind of free. Thaaaanx a lot.

15 Oct 18

Neeta K

I'm thankful to Komal and Soul Route as I'm getting to know myself better and feel my innerself after the angerwise workshop.

15 Oct 18

Ranjaboti S

I attended this workshop and had approached it with absolutely no preconceptions or assumptions of what may happen in that one Sunday. What eventually did happen was an enriching, uplifting and positive-vibe filled process that just unfolded over the next few hours, facilitated by a group of people who not only had an uncanny knack of making the most complicated things sounds simple as well as showed such an unerring belief and enthusiasm in their teaching that it was impossible not to get excited along with them and take a lot of that conviction away from the workshop. It has left me with some changed ideas, some positive expectations from life and above all a sense of unbelievable amazement at the amount of magic that always surrounds us and that we do not realize exsist.

15 Oct 18


Hi komal, thank you for the treatment, this really helped. My shoulders were paining bad, after the treatment I felt very light and free. But in the evening my shoulders started hurting again and slowly at night it was really bad. And then in the morning I had to take pain killer because it was unbearable. It was still the same. the pain was for 5-6 days. On the 7 th morning, my shoulders and back pain was gone. I felt light again. and the pain never returned.
Thank you komal.

15 Oct 18

Shweta Manish

Dear Komal, after having taken sound theraphy and space clearance we have seen a drastic change in positive thinking and peace and tranquility in our home. Thank you for all.

15 Oct 18

Mitten Udeshi

I'm feeling free in connecting with my mother, all the resistance has gone and i feel happy to give her attention. Super work. There has been a lot of turbulance in solar (chakra). Iam going easy and doing the grounding. Thanks a ton.

15 Oct 18

Madhuri Menon

They are the most wonderful and amazing team who have helped me thru difficult times with their sound and caring advice. I think they are completely genuine and treasure their inputs. I admire their suppotive nature, graceful approach and sound knowledge.

15 Oct 18

Vinita V

Excellent. It was wonderful feeling when we left. Felt a release. Stll remember it. Its been sometime but the memory is still fresh.

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