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Abhay U Thakkar

Abhay Thakkar, an Internationally certified NLP trainer, is the first one in India to provide NLP as well as New Code NLP workshops which are internationally recognized and certified by - Co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP – John Grinder as well as the co-developers of New Code NLP – Bostic and Caroll.


Being an Internationally certified NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Programming) trainer, he has assisted over thousands of people from all walks of life to overcome physical, emotional, mental and psychological issues with the power of the mind in his private practice and group workshops.

He has been working in rehabilitation centres – Sunshine Wellness Rehabiliation Centre and Dr Goel Hospital for over 5 years.

He has conducted workshops for Mumbai Police, corporates such as Varmora, NGOs such as Khulla Asmaan, pediatric dentists at DY Patil college, teachers at SNDT college, students at VJTI college, and Thakur college.

Besides being an NLP trainer and NLP Coach, Abhay Thakkar has also learnt and applied many healing modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, EFT, Family Constellation, Graphology, Chakra Healing, Transpersonal Regression therapy which gives everyone a unique understanding of NLP.

He has his own training centre and clinic at Kandivli (e), Mumbai where he conducts individual and group sessions.


Internationally Certified NLP & New Code NLP Trainer


*Abhay Thakkar provides participants of his NLP and New Code NLP course, certificates which carry the signature of co -creator of NLP and New Code NLP - John Grinder as well as co-developers of New Code NLP - Bostic and Carroll.

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27 Sep 18


Hi, I thank all of you for those amazing five days of our togetherness during New Code NLP course.

My special thanks to Abhay. No words to thank u for the wonderful learning you put us through. To be very precise I unlearnt lot of concepts n learnt them right again.

Yesterday, I worked on Healer within with my mother whose knees are to be replaced. She cannot walk fast neither can sleep in AC as her knees will become stiff.

Yesterday post the session, she slept in AC due to Chennai heat and to our surprise she didn’t find any discomfort in walking today. She said she pain has reduced to a great extent.

All credit goes to NLP & Abhay Thakkar

27 Sep 18

Anush Mohan

Thank you for everything Abhay. Without a doubt, this was one of the most satisfying programs I have been a part of. I have learned a lot from you and the group while having a ton of fun!

27 Sep 18

Rajeshwari L M

Hi Abhay, This is one of the best and most enriching workshops I have attended. Thank you for being a great trainer. I take back many insights apart from the subject. I am so glad I could make it. Wishing you many many more workshops like this so many more people can benefit. I really enjoyed new code NLP. Best Wishes.

27 Sep 18

Sweta Pandey

Abhay is a wonderful New code NLP trainer. His training has helped me immensely in gaining more confidence in myself as a Therapist. He has in-depth knowledge of the subject and simplifies it to make it easy for grasping and understanding.

27 Sep 18

Snehal Subramanian

A beautifully conducted workshop full of techniques you could use in therapy and in life! New code NLP takes it even higher. I've had such wonderful results whenever I've used them! Thank you so much Abhay!

09 Mar 18

Namita Pasbola

Abhay Thakkar's USP is that not only empowers your with NLP / New Code NLP to heal oneself and your loved ones but also provides an international certificate for the same :) 

His technique of teaching and style is very encouraging and he always pushes you to do explore your potential to the fullest. Positive attitude and generosity are one of the many qualities he possesses. 

A must go/attend his workshop and courses if someone wants to meet the new equipped self. 


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