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Priya Kaul (34 Years)

Priya a Holistic Healer and a Spritual Guide 

Loves to work with Angels and connect with them for guidance and If she talks about her experience and knowledge she has been learning and working since 2011.

She is a Reiki Grandmaster, Angels channel, Nlp trainer, Hypnotherapist, Tarot card reader and spell caster. Besides this she has also completed her international certified course of MTHS and Dream Interpretation. ...


She is still learning and growing.


Priya is nothing if not a healer. And while others dabble in one or two streams of healing, she not just dabbles but excels in most, be it numerology, tarot reading, white magic, hypnosis, channelling (she becomes a medium to help people talk to their departed loved ones), reiki, clairvoyance, crystal healing and she also does NLP, past life regression, read Akashik records (a record of information about each soul that has taken birth on the earth, stored in the form of energy) and connecting to angles — angelic healing is something that is most dear to her heart. “My life changed for good since angels came into my life,” she says.


Her work is recognised not just by the people she has healed, the students she is imparting her knowledge to but also within the healing community, both by her seniors and juniors alike. Recently, Priya was awarded the Arch of Excellence Award.


“Miracles happen, angels always help, the only thing is people don’t realise this. Most often people are too busy and involved in the fast pace of life that they don’t have time to stand and stare. If only you pay attention, you will realise what your spirit guides and guardian angels are trying to communicate to you,” she says, adding, “each human being has a spirit







Dreams Interpretation by Mark A Karlsson,

A to Z Hypnosis,

Reiki 1,2 and Grandmastership, 

NLP Subconcious Reimprinting Master Practitioner Cum Coach Programme, Numerology,

Merlin Trinity Healing System,

MTHS Master, 

Many more...

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22 Aug 18

Vandana singh

Thank you for whatever you have doing for me. I am thankful to you for all your guidance and support. You aur so helpful and you understand every situation so well. 
I just want to say that May god bless you with all happiness in this world. Keep helping and keep supporting. It means a lot.????????????????????

21 Aug 18

Dimple Sahi

I have known Priya Kaul for almost a year now and all that I can say about her is that she is truly an angel in disguise.

I wouldn't say it id is a coincidence but rather say that there is some past connection which has got me to be in touch with her.

Her tips have near to 100% positive results. Her readings ate always spot on.

God bless her with abundance and prosperity always

21 Aug 18

Seema Ahuja

I am really blessed to be connected with Priyaji. She is down to earth and makes her best effort to help others.I am very fortunate to have her in my life.She did the healing for my father who was diagnosed with postrate cancer.With the help of Divine Grace he is fine now.My heart felt thanks to her.Wishing her the best.

Sincere regards

21 Aug 18


Priya di is an awesome mentor.I did my angels connection class with her,she guided me in a very simple way.I was able to connect with angels and I feel blessed to have Priya di as my guide.Whenever I face any problem she always helps me and gives proper solution to the problem.

Love you Priya di.

21 Aug 18

Rekha Ghosh

Very helpful moreover any time of the day she is available with solution. 

21 Aug 18

Ila Pachauri

Priya ! When I met you last year , little did I know that my thought process would be altered . I always knew that Angels existed , I always  knew that positivity and manifestation  are two key words for transforming lives , but you connected me to the Angels and their power . You have an amazing aura Priya . Keep doing the good work and transforming the lives of all those who need blessings in their lives .  My tag line for you is :

Why fear when Priya is here . 

Stay blessed Priya . Thank you for being there always .

21 Aug 18


Priya ???????? Lovely energy n awesome mentor 

Thank you Priya for introducing me to Angels ????‍??????‍?? .  Such a compassionate soul ,can always bank upon you. Love to be the part of your Angels family . 

Stay blessed n keep on guiding us ????????

21 Aug 18

Pallavi Sharma

Priya Di ur Angel in our life. Personally I have not met u but soon I will meet u and learn from you. Ur guidance gives me a lot of help and afcourse SW and EC shared by you is working like magic ??

21 Aug 18

Ritu Sharma

aap sub k liye shining stars,moon and sun ki trh ho 

21 Aug 18

Ritu sharma


ur a such a wonderful person.aap sy bat kr k I feel so relaxed.every time ur gave a wonderful advice all off us.aap sub k liye ek shining ??????????ho,I have no words for u Di ,aap bhot ache h  ,and I respect u lot ????this is for u...

21 Aug 18

Bharat Bhatia

Mentally, professionally and financially I'm in a better state now, after meeting Priya ji. Many would say that this could be a coincidence....... But those would be the non believers. I have seen enough in life to differentiate between coincidence. ..... And miracles 

Priya ji is the miracle that has happened to me........ Believe in her guys...... I do and I have surely benefitted...... So will you


21 Aug 18

Suman yemul

She guides everyone like an Angel. Blessed to connect with her . Listening her voice only feels relaxing and stress free. Thank you for everything priya ji. 

21 Aug 18

Neetu Koul

What to say. Infact i don't have words to express how thankful i am to universe that it gave me a golden apportunity to  be a student of Mrs.Priya  Koul.  Since one year i am connected with her. She is vry beautiful soul. A perfect mentor. A sparking light in the dark. So it is my personal advice do coonect with her once. Allof u wl  feel blessed and loved. Thanku Priya Di for everything.

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