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Satvakirani is a decade old healing firm located in Mumbai specializing in core cause elimination issues through deep-rooted alternative healing modalities therapies and workshops. Satvakirani is managed by Kavita Israni and her son Veejay Israani.

KAVITA is a Master channeler, a Merkaba healer an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute of India, , an Angel therapist, Dark energies remover , a Reiki Grand Master, a Theta Healer, Aroma Therapist, a Past Life Regressor, a Crystal Therapist, Shamanic practitioner, an Angel / Tarot Card and a Merkaba coin reader . She is a healer, a counselor, and a teacher. Initially, she started with Reiki healings. When she started getting experiences with Reiki, she started with her workshops. She is now doing workshops for the last 22 years. A very deep inner calling and curiosity of past life regression made her enter the field of hypnosis. Her deep desire to learn about life, got her in touch with angels, who guided her to her Divine Life Plan.
          Having understood her divine life plan and under divine guidance, she understood life and entirely took charge of it, relinquishing her well-established beauty business of 27 years. She plunged into it, never to look back.
        She felt the plight of scores of people who were suffering and not knowing how to get out of it. If one problem goes, another comes. Life is full of uncertainties. Either there is constant struggle or worry and tension or an unresolved problem.
          In this quest, people search for answers/solutions externally. It is like standing in front of the mirror and changing the mirror image. It is sad, people are not prepared to take life into their hands, to come out of it, which is necessary.


VEEJAY is a Breakthrough Life Coach, Buddha healer, Bachflower therapist, Ancestral healer, Motivational & Self Development trainer a blogger and writer specializing in changing individuals He is a Computer Engineer by profession and just shut down his International Award Winning firm The Crystal Infotech which he ran from 22 years to follow his Divine life purpose. The initial years of his computer business were full of obstacles and big learnings. With this arose a quest to understand the root cause and he thus reached Oneness University.
It was here that he discovered his life purpose and expertise. He has conducted many programs for the Oneness University from as little as ten people to a massive crowd of over a thousand. Spiritual learning arose out of passion and he started trainings in his free time. Today he is a Breakthrough Life Coach, Certified Corporate Trainer from American Tesol Institute and Peak Performance trainings. He is also trained in Nlp, Silva, Reiki, Dream Interpretation, Bachflower remedies, Matrushakti healings apart from being a Yoga Master. He has undergone deep internal processes, is a Healer and undertakes Healing contracts of individuals and businesses (small scale & corporate). His most exclusive and specialized healing is Ancestral healing where he heals doshas and patterns coming from ancestors.


Previous Experience

Its been a pumge into the spiritual domain purely by life purpose and the quest to change by both Kavita and her son Veejay. She left her well established beauty parlour business and Veejay left his computer IT company called The Crystal Infotech for around 18 years and shut it down in 2016 to pursue their Divine life plans. Both have been spiritual seekers since around 15 years and were associated with the Oneness university as a volunteer. Deep spiritual experiences and life connections have helped them discover life and they feel the process is never ending.  


Ishmaa- Best Motivational speaker East zone 2013

Research society of Alternative therapies - Best Personality development coach 2014

Ishmaa- Best space clearing


Certified Reiki grandmaster

Certified Clinical hypnotherapist

Certified Angel Communication

Certified Bachflower therapist

Certified Yoga instructor

Certified Silva graduate

Certified Sound healer  and more...

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12 Aug 18










11 Aug 18

Kanan Jhaveri

Veejay explained the Merkaba very well in his series . Unfortunately missed the healing but was blessed to have a reading done by him .The reading was bang on and highly intuitive . Would recommend that you enrol in the workshop . Thank you Veejay for your time and knowledge .

11 Aug 18


Veejay hi led a very comprehensive and informative 4 sessions on Merkaba healing modality. He took time and patiently answered all questions that the group had. In order to give clarity, he did some readings for the group as well. The readings were beautiful, insightful and resonated. With the readings he was able to show us the possibilities with this modality and how if we explore this we can detect issues and then work on them. I thank him and Kavitaji for their time and efforts always

11 Aug 18

Manisha handa

Thank you so very much for the merkaba coin reading on Facebook and I could somehow resonate with it to some extent...thanks for introducing the new concept of  merkaba and it's wonderful and multiple advantages..the healing with the music on the second day of your workshop was too awesome as I was completely relaxed and it felt as if I have slept for hours was so relaxing and I was fully energised and it also helped me to release my emotions out which were there hidden in me for quite some time and it had a positive impact on my personal relationships..I am full of gratitude for that to veejayji and his God mother..thanks again for given me the opportunity to call u and share my problems personally to which I was very well advised though I was quite interested in coming foe the Sunday workshop for light language healing but due to some commitments , I couldn't do it at this point of time..looking forward to meeting you anxiously atleast once in my lifetime...I am already feeling that I am healed after having a conversation with u ...Bang on ur healing powers and ur inner desire to reach as many ppl as u can who really need ur help...thanks once again ????

11 Aug 18


I did a healing session with veejay sir on wht app and it made me feel a lot better . Thank you.  Gratitude????

11 Aug 18

Malini Ab chopra

Constantly helping and educating us about ourselves and our surroundings. Thank you so much!

11 Aug 18

Minoti Banthia

I am grateful to Veejay ji for sharing such interesting and insightful  Information on Merkaba...A totally new information for me but at the same time very intriguing...

The healing meditation was awesome and very therapeutic...

Surprisingly Veejay ji answered my very general question with a  very precise answer  just on what's app by only knowing my name which completely resonated with me....some validation I was looking for ...

No doubt the he has in-depth knowledge on the subject and spirituality...

Would surely attend workshops in future...

Divine Thanks!


11 Aug 18

Sweta Misra

Thank you so much for your reading, i could relate n know the cause of the problem . Knowing where it is coming from  made me realise certain areas of concern.. Thankful n grateful

09 Aug 18


Thanks Veejay for your insightful reading and the personal call. Definately learned a lot from you and your genorisity to share is par excellence.

09 Aug 18

Mala Nair

I had the fortunate experience of talking to Veejayji on a personal basis.

What he told me was quite surprising because he told me the root of my problem as if he knew me personally . Plus he gave me concrete methods to deal with my issues. A very warm person who reaches out to you effortlessly. Thank you for talking to me Veejayji. 

07 Aug 18

Meher P. Pavri

Just had an impromptu reading with Veejay.  Thank u very much. The reading Sounds very fascinating. Dont know much about ancestral karma. Hope I can resolve it some day

23 May 18

Neeraj Gwalani

Just had a Merkaba coin reading now and I find it resonates with my situation  Thank you Mr  Veejay Israni. 

23 May 18


Veejay is bang on in his readings. So thank ful for the lovely reading

19 Jan 18


Divine thanks to Kavitaji for sharing such a beautiful experience and alternate healing technique of Merkaba with us. God always bless you and may u succeed in ur life desires

19 Jan 18

Venu Kothari

It was a great opportunity to experience this different form of alternative healing. Kudos to Kavita jee for introducing me to merkaba healing. 

Thanks again


18 Jan 18


Thank you Kavitaji and Mystic team for a session full of knowledge. knowing and experiencing Merkaba energies was a wonderful gift.  looking forward to.experiencing them in a much bigger way


18 Jan 18


A merkaba coin reading received from Kavita ji was uncannily bang on! A must get done for all!!

21 Dec 17


A very well put together problems and solutions modality . The channelled message was deeply impactful. Many thanks 

21 Dec 17

Dr Radha Raghavan

Simply awesome was what i felt about the depth of Veejayji's understanding and explanation about  why we get problems in life and how to face them instead of running away .Hope to see you in live session very soon.

All the best!!


08 Nov 17

Anil Manke

Thank you Veejayji for an awesome session. I felt that whatever you were saying is like opening and reading my life book. Looking forward to meeting you soon for the healing maybe at the ML Festival on 11 & 12 OR at your Mulund office. One more coincidence is that your The Celebration Day is my Birthday (18/11/1965). I take this as the healing year of my life. 

Thanks a ton for the awesome enlightenment again on the ML White Light.

I would also like to thank the entire ML Team for such an excellent session.


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