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Satvakirani is a decade old healing firm located in Mumbai specializing in core cause elimination issues through deep-rooted alternative healing modalities therapies and workshops. Satvakirani is managed by Kavita Israni and her son Veejay Israani.

KAVITA is a Master channeler, a Merkaba healer an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute of India, , an Angel therapist, Dark energies remover , a Reiki Grand Master, a Theta Healer, Aroma Therapist, a Past Life Regressor, a Crystal Therapist, Shamanic practitioner, an Angel / Tarot Card and a Merkaba coin reader . She is a healer, a counselor, and a teacher. Initially, she started with Reiki healings. When she started getting experiences with Reiki, she started with her workshops. She is now doing workshops for the last 22 years. A very deep inner calling and curiosity of past life regression made her enter the field of hypnosis. Her deep desire to learn about life, got her in touch with angels, who guided her to her Divine Life Plan.
          Having understood her divine life plan and under divine guidance, she understood life and entirely took charge of it, relinquishing her well-established beauty business of 27 years. She plunged into it, never to look back.
        She felt the plight of scores of people who were suffering and not knowing how to get out of it. If one problem goes, another comes. Life is full of uncertainties. Either there is constant struggle or worry and tension or an unresolved problem.
          In this quest, people search for answers/solutions externally. It is like standing in front of the mirror and changing the mirror image. It is sad, people are not prepared to take life into their hands, to come out of it, which is necessary.


VEEJAY is a Breakthrough Life Coach, Buddha healer, Bachflower therapist, Ancestral healer, Motivational & Self Development trainer a blogger and writer specializing in changing individuals He is a Computer Engineer by profession and just shut down his International Award Winning firm The Crystal Infotech which he ran from 22 years to follow his Divine life purpose. The initial years of his computer business were full of obstacles and big learnings. With this arose a quest to understand the root cause and he thus reached Oneness University.
It was here that he discovered his life purpose and expertise. He has conducted many programs for the Oneness University from as little as ten people to a massive crowd of over a thousand. Spiritual learning arose out of passion and he started trainings in his free time. Today he is a Breakthrough Life Coach, Certified Corporate Trainer from American Tesol Institute and Peak Performance trainings. He is also trained in Nlp, Silva, Reiki, Dream Interpretation, Bachflower remedies, Matrushakti healings apart from being a Yoga Master. He has undergone deep internal processes, is a Healer and undertakes Healing contracts of individuals and businesses (small scale & corporate). His most exclusive and specialized healing is Ancestral healing where he heals doshas and patterns coming from ancestors.


Previous Experience

Its been a pumge into the spiritual domain purely by life purpose and the quest to change by both Kavita and her son Veejay. She left her well established beauty parlour business and Veejay left his computer IT company called The Crystal Infotech for around 18 years and shut it down in 2016 to pursue their Divine life plans. Both have been spiritual seekers since around 15 years and were associated with the Oneness university as a volunteer. Deep spiritual experiences and life connections have helped them discover life and they feel the process is never ending.  


Ishmaa- Best Motivational speaker East zone 2013

Research society of Alternative therapies - Best Personality development coach 2014

Ishmaa- Best space clearing


Certified Reiki grandmaster

Certified Clinical hypnotherapist

Certified Angel Communication

Certified Bachflower therapist

Certified Yoga instructor

Certified Silva graduate

Certified Sound healer  and more...

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18 Feb 21


want to share my incredible experience. Suddenly last thurday I was notified that I would be transferred to other team at my work place. However situation became stressful when my senior boss was not ready to release me with the budge I was aligned for. And cutting short the story - it came to losing my job if he does not release me. There seemed to be no other option. Since then I have been doing Merkaba Healing. Yday, situation got really tighten and did cha mo te sha 1008 times for the senior boss. To my surprise my immediate boss who was not really so supportive to me, started supporting with great zeal and he actually stood for me and the top leadership agreed for me to continue considering my good performance and disregarding other team changes internally. The moment I finished Money Capsule last night, I got a call from my boss at 11:30 that I am going to continue as it is and my job is completely safe and protected. The great thing was experiencing the calm during such stressful times. I was hopeful, highly positive and had sense of acceptance that whatever would happen, would be for my highest good and I surrender this situation to Divine. And the solution came out faster and in a way none expected.

Thank you so much Kavita Mam and Veejay Sir

Extremely grateful

13 Feb 21


Lovely course that was beautifully explained. It's not just a healing course but also one that inspires one to live a more positive life. 

09 Feb 21

Bella Saavla

Got acquainted to veejayji through mysticlotus,and joined the life transformation,course,and merkaba part 1 and 2 vth kavitaji.Both the courses are,a  transforming,life,into a better awakening,and higher ascension,in the understanding of money as an energy.merkaba is a,connection to fast healing,and gives immediate results.Thankyou veejay,and kabitaji

08 Feb 21

Nehal gada

My gratitude to kavita mam .. m blessed that mer ka ba part 1/2 workshop are  in my life journey . It feels like everything is possible.  Started healing wid mer ka ba it gvs miraculous results.  Everything is covered in class . From root it works .. happy client happy me. For self family its just ????.  Thank u mer ka ba 

Thank mam 

07 Feb 21

Ranjaliee Siingh

I knew Satvakirani since a very long time through Mystic Lotous butt never got the chance to do their workshops. I was using a few of their products though. 
I am a cancer patient for the third time and so did Merkaba healing , it has really helped me in easing out my pain , increasing my immunity , helping me mentally to overcome the issue etc. I have also been using it on others and it has given very good results . Black magic ritual and others like chakra balancing etc all are very simple and helpful. I would recommend all to take up this workshop and change your life as well as others. 

05 Feb 21


I am not a healer by profession and hence my testimonial about Magic Merkaba is very important . I did not attend the intro call of Kavita ma’am but joined level 1 and 2 of Merkaba healing being drawn towards it.

As an individual I am fostering 147 stray dogs who are sick old and handicapped  and my interest was to find some healing so that I am able to mitigate their sufferings and pain .

Merkaba for tho who trust is magic and it heals wounds relationships and even saves life’s in emergency . I have experienced this magic and diligently follow the rules which is mandatory . This medium is only for those who can follow the rituals and rules and I do not recommend d for those who are not serious . 

I feel immense satisfaction in being able to help animals and seriously ill humans .
About Kavita ma’am  I will bot be doing justice if I attempt to describe her in words .  Down to earth person, an embodiment of live and affection, a disciplined parent, a concerned teacher and of all sweetest personality . 
God bless her immensely for bringing light o to many more lives . 
I am a light body!!! I am a light body!!!
I love you !!! I love you!!!
Love you Kavita ma’am ????????????????????

05 Feb 21

V Srinivasa Murthy

I am Srinivasa Murthy from Bengaluru. This is my first spiritual awareness program. Initially I was not able to understand what healing is, LT, Samrudhi & Merkaba. Since I was very much interested in learning, I hooked myself in practicing whatever was thought. Feedback of Merkabha healing with my spouce & children encouraged me to continue. The best part during this journey is both Veejay & Kavithaji's handholdig & mentoring is to be mentioned here. There personalised attention & guidance is encouraging me to be in the system. After all it is for me I have joined.


Thank you Kavathiji & Veejay!!! 


05 Feb 21

Gurmohinder kaur

Merkaba is a wonderful program. It has instilled a lot of positivity in me . A must do program for all

05 Feb 21


My immense gratitude to Kavita maam and Veejay sir for sharing their valuable knowledge about Life transformation and Merkaba. I am glad that I enrolled and learnt the importance of forgiveness and gratitude in everyday life.Thank you for the easiest and fastest rituals chanelled by you to bring ease in our life's.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

05 Feb 21

Rohini Gautam

Sharing my experience with Kavita Maam & Veejay ji:

I enrolled for Merkaba workshop & got to do the Life Transformation (commonly referred to as LT with Veejay ji) as a free but invaluable gift. So i want to talk about it first.
1. LT gave me an boader view of the Life we live on earth & the laws governing our life & the factors responsible for various situations in our life on the planet. 
I always respected my elders but because of LT i got to appease my ancestors too,the connection that was not made as a family as i come from a family of non believers. 
2. I also learnt to worship our parents energetically which is much more powerful that any words I could have thought of, to tell them how much they mean to me. 
3. Merkaba Level 1 gave me all the tools & techniques to heal myself,my relationships, my health,finances to assist in my growth in the physical world & as a soul. I am using the techniques & have used the healings for my family.

4. Level 2 focussed on healing major ailments & raising our awareness,our consciousness to another level. 
The vision of this compassionate mother-son duo is to elevate our soul & Ascend(in the physical world we often forget that it is our broader soul purpose to learn our lessons & keep rising above as a soul)

my experience as soon as i enrolled for the program was validated by the darshan of Durga Maa in my dream.

Now, i don't need to go to another person for my healings & for my family's. 
5. I believe the first step to change is realisation. Merkaba workshops got me to do that, atleast right now i've moved two steps ahead than being stuck.
6. The blessings ceremony & Rebirth with Merkaba was a blissful experience for me(i have an experience that i would not like to share public but the value add in my life is so precious) a lot of gratitude & love comes from my heart for these beautiful souls.

7. I truly appreciate what Veejay ji & Kavita Maam are doing for this world. Making us a 'one man army' in the true sense.

i would love to do my bit & join Kavita maam in her service to mankind.

For anybody contemplating on whether to do this course or not, i would recommend to take action & do it. You will unlock so many blessings & awareness to move ahead in life. I feel a person cannot climb up the ladder just in one area. There is a balance always maintained & spiritual growth contributes a lot in personal or professional growth. 
And fulfilment is what we all need,isn't it. :)

05 Feb 21

Tejasvini Subhadra dd

Big gratitude to The Mystic Lotus in first place for introductory event where I got opportunity to meet Kavitaji and Satvakirani for the first time.

I'm into healing modalities for almost a decade nnandow and Merkaba healing came to my life as a resultant of my prayers. I truly have big desire to improve, upgrade my healing abilities first to help and heal myself properly and to help others, which I believe is my true life purpose. The Doctrine of Merkaba is showing me and teaching me how to see and live life from different perspectives which is extremely practical in this world we live in. Same time healing with blessings of Merkaba is so unique, mystical and amazingly powerful. I am just in love with my Merkaba. The desire of dear Kavitaji to teach her students as best as possible makes this course so very special and will definitely be marked as one of most beautiful and most transformational life experiences for me. I decided to be under Kavitaji's guidance also in the future and I'm taking the opportunity to join other Satvakirani workshops.

My gratitude to dear Kavitaji, dear Vijayji and The Mystic Lotus. And of course all my gratitude to the Almighty who made all the necessary arrangements for me to become a member of Merkaba family.

02 Feb 21

Bindu Shah

I want to thnx Mistic lotus for introfucing me with Satvakirni for Markaba healing. My journey started with Vijay sir n with his guidence I got my path towords to uplifting my soul. So thnq Vijay sir n gratitude. Then my 2nd journey started with blessings of maa Durga n Kavitamaam. She is an ???? angel to me. With the love n guidence Kavita maam teach us Markaba healing n really it works wonders. Vijay sir n Kavita maam gave us word Cha MoTe Sha it helps me as well as my friends also. Gratitude for everything. 

02 Feb 21

Prity Vichhivora

 My Merkaba healing testimonial :

I have joined merkaba healing part 1 in jan 2021...Merkaba healing is very effective and quick... In 10 minutes u can heal a person whatever the issue.... Sharing my testimonials

1) I could heal my mom's 20 years sciatica pain in just 21 days

2) I healed my brothers sinus and nose block issue to 80%

3) I healed my husbands shoulder pain in few sittings

4) I did healing of my knees and pain reduced to 70%

5) I am also healing my fathers heart issue and getting good results 


Thanku Kavita mam and vijay sir for teaching us effective and easy method of healing

Thanku Merkaba ???????????????????????

02 Feb 21

Archana m

Immense Gratitude  to kavitaji n vejayji for the wonderful  workshop empowering us in making us confident which gives us faster results in manfiestion.AN easy powerful way of expansion.Am grateful in connecting  with  mystic lotus who guided me to kavitaji to learn such a beautiful  healing modality.

01 Feb 21

Sangita Mistry

I have felt amazing after doing the Merkaba program with Kavita ji .. great learning which is empowering and makes us confident that anything is possible for us to manifest .. it gave us the practical experience of healing. Gently being led towards healing the past, through forgiveness and creating a great future through gratitude.. leading to ascension. Thank you for a beautiful experience. Kavitaji ..!! 

01 Feb 21


Thank you Kavitaji and Mystic Lotus for Makeba part 1 & 2. It is a simple yet powerful,  comprehensive tool for expansion. Though intense it was balanced by Kavitaji's wisdom and patience. 

The ancestral aspect was a plus. The wise use of partnering kept each committed to their practice 

I fully recommend both levels of this course to all.

01 Feb 21

Vandanaa Chopraa

Awesome healing experience. I was not getting any relief during lockdown time and was feeling extremely depressed, but the moment mam gave the healing for 24 hour within the trial workshop, I felt heavenly. That moment I got my answer. Merkabba .

I love Merkabba. 
My Gratitude ???? 



01 Feb 21


After searching for a healing workshop which would give me faster results and Merkaba level 1 & 2 did just that. Moreover Kavitaji's mode of teaching so full of love and encouragement. She answered all our queries patiently. She never let any question go unanswered. I'm finding these workshops very useful right from the day one. Thank you Universe for for such a wonderful gift.

01 Feb 21

Barbara Schruttke

I would like to write on the second part of Kavitaji's Merkaba healing course here, that I continued my journey with merkaba by. Rendering some profound information on healing specific illnesses and initiating us wonderfully into it, Kavitaji saw to it that we all developed and became aware of the love needed to connect to this divine tool. This was what I personally found to be most enriching and I did feel it grow while working with merkaba. Moreover, of great help I found to be the extensive notes given along with the teachings. Like in Merkaba I, which I have already written about before, the beautiful attunements and Kavitaji's patience of explaining everything in detail added on to the great learnings offered here, that I consider to be a treasure. I will honor this furthermore and look forward to all the wonderful results that will be achieved during the practical work following from it. To me, it is the first and so far only healing 'tool' I am using now and with it being so sacred, I feel it blends in superbly with my other naturally and divinely given healing abilities. Thank you again, Kavitaji, for your generosity in passing on this treasure to your students. May you be blessed. Barbara

01 Feb 21

Sandhya Thiagarajan

I absolutely loved the Merkaba level 1 and 2 conducted by Kavita ji, ma'am is a divine soul, she is 100% genuine and she is extremely patient, no questions go unanswered. She is active on the whatsapp group and her response is prompt. The Merkaba 1 and 2 was a  life changing experience for me personally. I had to shed my old beliefs, let go of things that no longer helped me and it just changed my interior. Had one of the most soulful experiences of my life. I recommend this course to everyone. Thank you Kavita ji for the wonderful and divine program and Mystic Lotus I thank you for connecting me to this beautiful soul. 

31 Jan 21

Archanaa Janvekar

Kavitaji is a very patient but a strict teacher.  She is like a coconut. Hard from outside n soft on the inside. If you are looking for spoon feeding this is not the place. Both Kavitaji n Veejayji  are always there to guide you. But you hv to form your own path on this journey on self realisation and life transformation. Thank you Mystic lotus team for this platform through which I came in contact with Kavitaji and Merkaba healing

31 Jan 21


This course has changed my thinking and my life. It has helped me grow in leaps and bounds as a therapist and healer, and also as a person. It's a must do course for every individual interested in spiritual growth. The teachers are very practical, straightforward and honest.  Eternal gratitude to them!

31 Jan 21

Rani Virdee

Love the simplicity yet powerful impact of this course.

Kavita instills the "confidence to succeed" in the novice.

31 Jan 21


Deepening wisdom, explaning the real meaning of energy and relationships as an exchange of energy. Raising the vibration of relationships to Self, God, Others creates change in our outer world for the very best outcome and how to do this...Thank you Kavita and Veejay!  A transformed being! Ann

31 Jan 21


I loved Merkaba healing sessions its really a soul connection.The journey was amazing and intense.This is first healing modality I learnt, the energies and experiences are quite appreciative.Looking forward to explore more.I am really blessed that I got opportunity to learn from kavitha mam.Gratitude from my heart to Mam...Lots of love..????


31 Jan 21


I am so happy that I signed up for the Merkaba workshop. It was a wonderful experience. Kavita ma’am did an amazing job of teaching us all. During our time spent together and the group interaction, I couldn’t help but develop a sense of closeness with the others in the group. It felt much like a family. I am grateful to Satvakirani and Kavita ma’am for all the knowledge gained. I not only learned about the importance of forgiveness and gratitude, but I learned an amazing new healing modality that can help in all aspects of one’s life, be it health, financial, relationships, karma, etc. I am feeling blessed in learning Merkaba healing, and it is only going to continue. I look forward to seeing what miracles unfold.

31 Jan 21


My experience with Satvakirani has been super amazing since the very first day and such encounter in life is possible only because of Divine grace hence I feel extremely grateful all the time for this life transforming experience. The mentors are too generous, kind and heart warming. Immense gratitude!!!




28 Jan 21


Dear Veejaji and Kavitaji, thank you so much for the beautiful Journey. I feel more and more alignment with the Divine , the Source of all Love and Abundance. I can recommend it to everyone full harted.

28 Jan 21

Nehal gada

Its amazing workshop.  I learnt super dast healing. 

It covers all area of our life. It Enhance my vibration.more aware. Money Relationship opportunities r growing. Light code for forgiveness & thank u work wonder not only for me but 100s of ppl my frnd their clients. Like light is spreading with the speed of light .thank u so much satvikarni.. kavitamam ... vijaysir.. great thanks to u may god bless u all wid more & more & more

11 Jan 21

Sai Sudrik


I was stuck up in life though I was working hard and doing all possible things to succeed, but somehow things were not working for me and I was not knowing why. I came across Satvakirani through Veejay Sir's webinar and I was drawn to their workshops as I found something very profound and sensible in the webinar. I knew I would find something tangible in their workshops so I registered.

In the workshops I got the answers to my questions and also simple and interesting solutions to them, the effects of which I am already experiencing. I have taken 5 courses so far and have registered for 2 more. 

The Life Transformation workshop has transformed my life to become a better person along with finding a way to clear the paths ahead.

The Samruddhi workshop has opened the doors to abundance and freed me from the fear of lack of money. It has also shown me my life purpose. 

Evolve workshop has given me unthinkable gifts and has guided me towards enlightenment.

I had learnt some healing modalities in the past but I found Merkaba healing  very simple, quick and effective. Kavita mam explained each and every thing in detail all the things which we can do with Merkaba. She taught with patience paying attention to everyone of us in the batch and solving our queries. There was also a blessing session wherein each of us was blessed with the fulfillment of a desire.

I am looking forward and waiting eagerly for the next workshops and also wish they come up with more workshops.

Immense gratitude to Veejay Sir and Kavita mam. More and more power to you!!

Thank you very much,
Sai Sudrik.

11 Jan 21

Sujit Uchil

Hi My name is Sujit Uchil. I stay in Mumbai and have my own Business. My life had been a dream and most hardship used to just pass away without affecting me. But since 2014 my life started changing. I lost good employees.  Order’s were difficult to come by and even if it would come it would get stuck in the final stages. By the start of the pandemic my financial position had turned from bad to worse. In July my wife requested me to join a Workshop where seven speakers were to speak on seven days. One of them was Veejayji and he spoke about his Samruddhi Workshop. I still do not know what the connect was but I had just enough in my account to pay for the workshop. Without thinking for a second I just paid it. Post Samruddhi two things happened. I was peaceful from inside and I could suddenly see things happening. My bank balance started getting Better. It was one of the best decisions I had taken in Life.

Then I joined Kavitaji’s Merkaba class. It was a two day Workshop Saturday and Sunday. I have no idea what Kavitaji did but on Monday Morning when I spoke to my back office team, I could see a reaction which I had not seen in them from many years. Post Merkaba I started getting positive feedbacks with everyone I spoke.  Since then, I have not only recovered most of my money that was stuck since years. My order flow has also increased. There was an Outstanding that was three years old and had mentally written it off but from December he started paying me in small instalments.

If you feel you are not able to connect with your customer or your cash flow getting badly affected, I would strongly recommend you to do all the workshop by Kavitaji and Veejayji. You can always contact me for verification. I can show all my accounts and the benefits that I have got by doing Samruddhi, Life Transformation, Merkaba. I have just completed Karma, Shaktipat and Evolve. My Haripatt is in Feb 21. I am sure I will be reaping more benefits post this.

My sincere Gratitude to Kavitaji and Veejaji for Transforming my life and bringing it back on Track. Words are not enough to express my Gratitude to both Kavita Madam and Veejay Sir.

09 Jan 21

Rimpy Goyal

I came in contact with Satvkirni 5 months back.I have done a lot of workshops with different facilitators in different modalities but i was never that much satisfied.In September 2020 i enrolled for life transformation workshop with Veejay Sir.That workshop totally changed my mind about spirituality, forgiveness and gratitude.Till then i have attended 6-7 workshops with Veejay Sir and kavita ma'am.All the workshops are totally different in every aspect.They give very different aspect about life and life lessons.I have learnt a lot from Veejay Sir and kavita ma'am.I feel so calm and take my life so Samruddhi has totally changed my vision about money.Merkaba,karma release,Evolve,LT all are must do workshops.All the sessions are much interactive and Veejay Sir and kavita ma'am are fabulous facilitators.My heartfelt thanks to both of them????????

09 Jan 21


It's my luck that I could connect with sathvakirani.iam abke to understand what is my life lesson n what are my herripath.i use to get upset for many things after LIFE TRANSFORMATION  n EVOLVE iam observing a lot of positive attitude in me towards relations n situations.This transformation made me found my happiness in life again.i was in emotionally turmoil just before the LT which made to change my perception towards life.Evolve is such a program the name itself has the meaning.I prefer merkaba for everyone. Thank you kavitha ma'am n vijay sir from the bottom of my heart for what you have given me through these workshops.Me n my husband both did the workshops n now my daughter who is 15 years old she also have done Merkaba.i want her to do all the courses.Iam feeling like this would be the best gift to my daughter I can give.After she has done merkaba her health is improv9ng n her studies are improved.she became more responsible towards her studies.thank you sathvakirani

09 Jan 21

Rekha Mittal

EVOLVE..not just a workshop but a beautiful journey to connect with the DIVINE. removing all the negativity, traumas,...MY HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO VEEJAY SIR AND KAVITA MAM 

09 Jan 21

Kiran Sawant


Was searching for peace of mind since long..... But walking not on a proper path.... One day one of my friend and really a well wisher asked me to just join a zoom link and go through the information..... I was totally not aware what i was going to listen in the session..... It was Veejay Sir's Life Transfermation Program Introduction......during the session I was just like..... Yehhh I found what I want..... The reasons behind my life pattern the reasons behind my behavior/ anxiety etc.... The door already opened in the introductory session itself......

After personal talk with Veejay Sir I registered myself in LT Program and new transformation Journey Started in my life...... Its a journey which everyone on earth has to experience and know that what are we.... ( sorry cant express in words )..... 

And then come Merkaba....... The Divine Tool.... The Divine Doctor of my life now......

Many thanks to Kavita Mam for guiding Us and attuning us with this....

Evolve is also an another step ahead to your journey which helps you find Your God....your ancestors.....


ThankYou so much Kavita Mam and VeejaySir for holding my hand and teaching to walk through every difficult as well as unknown paths....

God Bless You ♥?♥?♥?

04 Jan 21

Barbara Schruttke

Having taken part in Veejay's LifeTransformation course recently has opened up new focusses for me. Despite having worked a lot on myself for evolvement and also helping others transform by receiving healing througj me and insights into causes for their issues, especially learning more about hereditary patterns and the enormous influence of our ancestors on our lives has given me new approaches I can now integrate. 

Having been a teacher myself, I can say, that Veejay's way of making students understand is wonderfully guided, both by his own knowledge and experience of walking the path, and by the Divine, shining through e.g. all the answers to students's questions during the course, that he tiredlessly and patiently, as well as wisely put, passed on to all. I do feel much enriched by a lot of ' forgotten' or neglected aspects that I now will integrate further. Finally, I want to say that it was a great experience for me ,being European, yet Indian Vedic and Yogic philosophy and teachings prone, to see things bridge and mirror so nicely in that respect, that I found yet another way of feeling the truth of Oneness. 

With much gratitude and many blessings, 

Thank you, dear Veejayji, 

Barbara from Hamburg, Germany


04 Jan 21


Veejay ji's Life Transformation really transformed me inside out. The course is pure divine. Verjay sir explains everything so simply yet so beautifully. My perspective about life changed. I needed this. I already saw miracles happening within 2 days of starting the course. Highly recommend this course. Gratitude to Veejay ji.

05 Dec 20

Bhupesh Patil

My name is Bhupesh Patil, I have a partnership business , based in interiors, in Dubai and a different field of health , wellness and cosmetics in India .


Recent Pandemic times saw us going through tough times money became sparse and flow had receded and came to us with a lot of  difficulty, and then  I did the Life Transformation and Samruddhi workshop.

It was a life changing experience, I was working with teams in India for Pandemic supplies , The many many large deals used to get stuck up when buyer used to refuse sharing Their Financial status to seller for  masks or gloves deal ,


As  I did the workshop one of client from earlier deals came back  out of the blue and offered to share all his documents which paved way to finalise a 5 cr deal ,  the humongous experience did not stop here .!!

When I shared this info in our workshop , one Participant introduced me to her husband who had a similar Gloves deal requirement stuck for some reason, Our team on the Gloves project could provide a solution which was 4 times bigger than the one I had finalised , and it has a promise of becoming 3 times bigger in next 3 year !

This was truly an amazing experience , thankyou Veejay ji for the life changing workshop.


Lots of Gratitude 


Bhupesh Patil.



05 Dec 20

Anuja Mane

I have no words to express I hve got so much of emotional moment as it was a door opening for all our questions.

I hve done lot of modalities mystic lotus must be very well aware 

Veejayji n Kavita mam hve been angels in my life .

My husband's partner had his money blocked in India for a deal partnership had a business relation from almost 40 years has it was from my father in law's time .

We are in to mfg of medical equipments n things.

So again bac to story money which was blocked was 23 cr yes 23 ,Cr imagine the night mare it was for us .

It was the trust the faith of 40 years of partnership which was at stake.

As the person with whom investment s were made came to be a total fake and also not at traceable to refund. It was very scary for us as we wud hve lost of our most crucial things.

As I started my merkabah wkshop I had lot of calmness entering into me n I had some intuition helping my husband about how to trace this guy .

And we located him by the tym I had already signed for samrudhi wkshop 

And trust me by the starting of the wkshop I cud see my husband had all good proofs for  the traitor to bring him bac to pay the amt of 23cr n we had around the last day. Had all money related clearings done by veejay sir 

And my husband comes a tells me that he received a swift msg about the money transferred .it was a shocking unexpected news to us and yes there were lot of good happenings in the calmness faith fear around money were released.

I wud  request all who want a 360degree change n a confirmed change my whole group had amazing breakthroughs.                   It is the most recommended life changing wkshop.

Love n light.

Anuja Mane.

Child psychologist .






05 Dec 20

Rajeshwari Mudaliar

I am writing to express my deep gratitude towards you and this wonderful course "Samruddhi"


I began exploring healings paths by doing a lot of courses in healing and transformation and am grateful, I learnt something from all of them . 


A lot of the courses spoke about manifesting your dreams. I learnt many manifestation techniques but the question was what to manifest?? What did I actually need , to feel contented. ??


Samruddhi gave me the answer!!.


 Through Samruddhi, I recognized my true potential. You have helped me learn something about myself, which can lead me to a life, where not only my mind and body but my soul can thrive and rejoice in this journey called life. 


Now I understand what you meant, when you said Samruddhi is not just about money but something much greater.???? 


I also got a new perspective on money, the way I see money has changed forever. 


The money capsule is an all-rounder tool, A sure shot way to abundance, not just for money, but its regular practice can help in expanding our conciousness and raise vibrations.


I am also grateful to all the fellow participants, as they made these 5 days of learning fun and I got a sense of being with family and friends.


Thankyou so much Veejayji for this wonderful course

12 Aug 18










11 Aug 18

Kanan Jhaveri

Veejay explained the Merkaba very well in his series . Unfortunately missed the healing but was blessed to have a reading done by him .The reading was bang on and highly intuitive . Would recommend that you enrol in the workshop . Thank you Veejay for your time and knowledge .

11 Aug 18


Veejay hi led a very comprehensive and informative 4 sessions on Merkaba healing modality. He took time and patiently answered all questions that the group had. In order to give clarity, he did some readings for the group as well. The readings were beautiful, insightful and resonated. With the readings he was able to show us the possibilities with this modality and how if we explore this we can detect issues and then work on them. I thank him and Kavitaji for their time and efforts always

11 Aug 18

Manisha handa

Thank you so very much for the merkaba coin reading on Facebook and I could somehow resonate with it to some extent...thanks for introducing the new concept of  merkaba and it's wonderful and multiple advantages..the healing with the music on the second day of your workshop was too awesome as I was completely relaxed and it felt as if I have slept for hours was so relaxing and I was fully energised and it also helped me to release my emotions out which were there hidden in me for quite some time and it had a positive impact on my personal relationships..I am full of gratitude for that to veejayji and his God mother..thanks again for given me the opportunity to call u and share my problems personally to which I was very well advised though I was quite interested in coming foe the Sunday workshop for light language healing but due to some commitments , I couldn't do it at this point of time..looking forward to meeting you anxiously atleast once in my lifetime...I am already feeling that I am healed after having a conversation with u ...Bang on ur healing powers and ur inner desire to reach as many ppl as u can who really need ur help...thanks once again ????

11 Aug 18


I did a healing session with veejay sir on wht app and it made me feel a lot better . Thank you.  Gratitude????

11 Aug 18

Malini Ab chopra

Constantly helping and educating us about ourselves and our surroundings. Thank you so much!

11 Aug 18

Minoti Banthia

I am grateful to Veejay ji for sharing such interesting and insightful  Information on Merkaba...A totally new information for me but at the same time very intriguing...

The healing meditation was awesome and very therapeutic...

Surprisingly Veejay ji answered my very general question with a  very precise answer  just on what's app by only knowing my name which completely resonated with me....some validation I was looking for ...

No doubt the he has in-depth knowledge on the subject and spirituality...

Would surely attend workshops in future...

Divine Thanks!


11 Aug 18

Sweta Misra

Thank you so much for your reading, i could relate n know the cause of the problem . Knowing where it is coming from  made me realise certain areas of concern.. Thankful n grateful

09 Aug 18


Thanks Veejay for your insightful reading and the personal call. Definately learned a lot from you and your genorisity to share is par excellence.

09 Aug 18

Mala Nair

I had the fortunate experience of talking to Veejayji on a personal basis.

What he told me was quite surprising because he told me the root of my problem as if he knew me personally . Plus he gave me concrete methods to deal with my issues. A very warm person who reaches out to you effortlessly. Thank you for talking to me Veejayji. 

07 Aug 18

Meher P. Pavri

Just had an impromptu reading with Veejay.  Thank u very much. The reading Sounds very fascinating. Dont know much about ancestral karma. Hope I can resolve it some day

23 May 18

Neeraj Gwalani

Just had a Merkaba coin reading now and I find it resonates with my situation  Thank you Mr  Veejay Israni. 

23 May 18


Veejay is bang on in his readings. So thank ful for the lovely reading

19 Jan 18


Divine thanks to Kavitaji for sharing such a beautiful experience and alternate healing technique of Merkaba with us. God always bless you and may u succeed in ur life desires

19 Jan 18

Venu Kothari

It was a great opportunity to experience this different form of alternative healing. Kudos to Kavita jee for introducing me to merkaba healing. 

Thanks again


19 Jan 18


Thank you Kavitaji and Mystic team for a session full of knowledge. knowing and experiencing Merkaba energies was a wonderful gift.  looking forward to.experiencing them in a much bigger way


18 Jan 18


A merkaba coin reading received from Kavita ji was uncannily bang on! A must get done for all!!

21 Dec 17


A very well put together problems and solutions modality . The channelled message was deeply impactful. Many thanks 

21 Dec 17

Dr Radha Raghavan

Simply awesome was what i felt about the depth of Veejayji's understanding and explanation about  why we get problems in life and how to face them instead of running away .Hope to see you in live session very soon.

All the best!!


08 Nov 17

Anil Manke

Thank you Veejayji for an awesome session. I felt that whatever you were saying is like opening and reading my life book. Looking forward to meeting you soon for the healing maybe at the ML Festival on 11 & 12 OR at your Mulund office. One more coincidence is that your The Celebration Day is my Birthday (18/11/1965). I take this as the healing year of my life. 

Thanks a ton for the awesome enlightenment again on the ML White Light.

I would also like to thank the entire ML Team for such an excellent session.


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