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Vanee D Jaising

A graduate from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, Vanee Jaising started out as a copywriter in an ad agency after completing her diploma in advertising and mass communications. At that point numerology was just a hobby, a subject she had been enjoying from the tender age of 9. Triton Communications and later Mckann Erickson, served to provide fertile ground for her case studies. As it was here that she got a chance to meet all kinds of zany people and fine tune her theoretical knowledge by carefully observing, analysing and studying the various hues and nuances of the colourful personalities that were all around her.
You see she has this innate ability to instantly recall all sorts of numbers and birthdates at the drop of a hat. So even though she did not realise it then, she was picking up on the vibrations and life patterns of her bosses, colleagues and juniors, slowly and surely perfecting her art and preparing herself for her ' profession to be.' 
Even then she was the agony aunt of the agency, counselling and consoling most of her colleagues. Their life was like an open book...and her study of numerology had finally gone beyond mere book knowledge. 
Next stop was a website called, where she was hired as a content writer. She got the opportunity to start a numerology column from scratch and she helped new mothers to pick a lucky name for their babies. This column picked up so well that in the third year she had to stop writing articles on pregnancy and parenting and just concentrate on the column. By then she was doing more than baby names. 
The next logical step was starting her own consultancy and turning her passion into her profession. Today she is a private consultant to a number of big industrial houses where they churn out new brands and companies each week.  She is a freelance writer and does numerological counselling by appointment from her office at Santacruz for the past 18 years.
2 years ago she ventured into various modalities of healing and has achieved amazing results. She also holds meditation classes for children and adults. 

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28 Aug 20

Kamalika Basak

Thank you Vanee for a fabulous reconnective session. While receiving I went into deep, refreshing sleep. What is even more beautiful is that, thereafter thru the next few days a lot of old stuff are coming up for clearing & getting cleared easily which is leaving me lighter, happier and more grounded rooted within myself. Excellent. More power to you! Keep shining!

07 Jul 20

Sadaf Chaudhary

Vani did Aura cleaning for me. This was my first ever experience of any such technique. 

A couple of things were not working out for me and I was unable to take certain decisions due to my resistance and emotional reasons. However after just about 3 sessions,  things started moving at a real fast pace. I was surprised while introspecting. A couple if days passed by and then I realised that it is these sessions with Vani that have helped me to the core.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart and recommend her sessions strongly to everyone.

Regards always!

11 May 20


I got the aura cleaning done...and have to say it was an amazing experience...felt soo refreshed and lighter after it .. would highly recommend it to everyone. thanks  Vani.

09 May 20

Priya Sharma

Got an aura cleansing done with Vanee.. It was an overwhelming feeling .. felt so much lighter and inspite of the physical distance could actually feel the connect with her ..after the session sat in solitude and revelled in the good feeling .

Thank You so much Vanee.

08 May 20


Should give Vanee an opportunity to help you. Useful personalised  tips aimed at making you feel better lighter and safer. 
Go for it??

28 Apr 20

Priya Parikh

Thank you so much vanee for the wonderful experience......the aura cleansing has really helped me feel rejuvenated. Would love to have more of these ????

17 Jan 20

Prathima Prabhu

Tq so much mam for ur reading and healing. I experienced ur healing session. God bless u. And god give u more strength in serving needy.

12 Jan 20

Sarabjitt Kaur

Well thank you seems to be a little less for such enormous effort..

Very patient, loving and kind handling has been the bench mark, with which Vanee Ma'am associates herself with..

There are certain vibes that can olny be f e l t 

She is a very sincere, involved and empathetic person..

God Bless..


10 Jan 20


Thanks Vanee for the readings and group healing...really appreciate your effort .

02 Oct 19

Mitali and Rohit

We had been trying to sell/rent our house and a chance meeting with Vanee, where she suggested an addition to our flat number. On doing so we were able to rent it to the first client that walked in! After that we booked a session with Vanee which turned out to be very interesting and accurate. She was bang on with her reading and has provided us with simple solutions. I would definitely recommend a session with her. 

10 Aug 19


In 2003, a close friend gifted me my spelling change done by Vaneejee. 

I wrote new spelling on a peace of tissue paper in a restaurant, for a few times, as that was the only available accessory. And guess what. Eureka !

Started getting phone calls in half n hour that changed direction of my life to what i deserved. The rest is a history.

I strongly recommend Vanee D Jaising's numerology consultation, for it can blow the wind of positive change :)

I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

09 Aug 19


Vanee aunty is one of the best numerologist I have come across! Her guidance is very precise and to the point. She takes her time to listen to her clients and makes them feel comfortable with her knowledge. I have been working with her for years and highly recommend her for the services she provides. 

09 Aug 19

Jyoti Ramakrishnan

Got an opportunity to get a name analysis, and it was very appropriate.  Also the affirmation received was bang on for the circumstances I am facing in my life right now.  Thank you for the readings



09 Aug 19


I had a free name analysis from Vanee and it was bang on .By just a name if she could read so much it speaks volumes about her work even though I didn’t know her personally.Glad to recommend her for a reading .

08 Aug 19


It was a very interesting session with u mam. Just based on my first name you told  about my nature. It's so correct. I was really amazed n surprised. Thank you mam for giving affirmation for the year. Really enjoyed the session with you mam. Thank you again

08 Aug 19

Sujatha Kotian

I was stunned when Vanee wrote about my nature and childhood just based on my name.I am thrilled to know that I am charismatic,caring charming warm and devoted .I have always been loved by people but one person revealing to me so much about my nature so accurately came as a shock to me.Hats off to her talent.Really mindblowing

08 Aug 19

Sujatha Kotian

I was stunned when Vanee wrote about my nature and childhood just based on my name.I am thrilled to know that I am charismatic,caring charming warm and devoted .I have always been loved by people but one person revealing to me so much about my nature so accurately came as a shock to me.Hats off to her talent.Really mindblowing

08 Aug 19

Ranjaliee Siingh

Vanee has given a reading for me on Mystic Lotous which is absolutely correct. It was short but said everything. I would definitely connect with her whenever I get the opportunity.Please do consult her I am sure you will get all your questions answered and will be satisfied. Lots of gratitude Vanee and will stay in touch.



06 Aug 19

Aayussh S Makharia

I was suffering from severe ulcerative colitis for the past one year. I had been hospitalized twice and was on medication. However the vomitting episodes were not stopping. Vanee gave me some remedies and within a month, I started to see the difference. My vomitting episodes stopped and I was also able to eat without getting afraid of thrwing up. 


Later I also got a full scaled reading done from her and this helped me understand myslef better and the steps I need to take to make my life more positive in the way I want it. 


I would recommend everyone gong to her and getting healing remedies. 

06 Aug 19

Ketana engineer

She is best her reading is perfect...thank you

26 Jul 19

Heena S.

Vanee as I have known or experienced , I met her at time when I was absolute entangled or lost in a maze where couldnt find a way out .

In everyone's life there are certain phases where you are just cannot find solutions to certain things happening around you.

Vanee the way shes helped me got out of it or I can say , with the help of her healing process she creates an armour to protect us from negative things happening around us .

Vanee thanks a lot my dear 

Would certainly recommend vanee jansing she is excellent 


12 Jul 19

Kammlesh Jethwani

I Am Very Greatful To Vanee M’am For All Her Guidence Always. Her Approach & Knowledge In Numerolgy Is Very Simple & 100% Perfect. She Has Always Been Very Helpul & Patient In Answering All My Doubts & Queries In Numerology From Which I Have Benefitted A Lot Time & Again. I Take This Oppurtunity To Thank Her From The Bottom Of My Heart

12 Jul 19

Neyhaa kapadia

Vanee has a great way of connecting with people and showing them how to apply Numerology to get down to business! We discussed my current hesitations in life and how to over come them, along with guidance on topics she discovered. Vanee is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about sharing her insights. Her bubbly personality is similar to chatting with a trusted friend.  She decodes numbers and knows Numerology very well. She is a fantastic asset to improve your life.

You are Amazing Vanee, love what you do!! 

09 Jul 19

Aayesha N Dhuldhoya

Vanee practices from a place of infinite kindness and compassion.  Not only did her words of wisdom give me insight into my own self and my situation but her warmth gave me the strength to accept myself while her positivity and faith enabled me to change my responses of anger, frustration and helplessness that had long aggravated my problems.  I am deeply grateful to Vanee for having reached out and held my hand as a friend and guide.  

03 Jul 19

Yashhraj Regge

Vanee, has that uncanny ability to go to the details of any problem and provides a definitive solution. A very reliable, trustworthy person who is always so helpful and relates to your problems, thus giving a doable solution to any situation.

28 Jun 19


Vanee has an inner power very few can match.She is gifted to help and has a very positive Aura which is highly contagious.(love that)

God bless her to continue the good work as not only I but my family has been witness to her magic of miracles...

Cheers !!

25 Jun 19


Totally trust vanee ..... she suggested a change in my sons spelling n there was a very positive impact - consulted her for my younger ones name too - her numerology has helped us ...

N the best part about vanee is .. she will suggest changes only that are possible to be made -

 thank u vanee 

25 Jun 19


Vanee, along with having a heart of gold, is very professional and well-versed with her profession. I consulted her for numerology and she was bang-on with her readings about us especially my son. After adopting her recommended changes I have seen a vast difference in his personality. Overall we experienced alot of positive changes in our lives. 

Thank you Vanee for everything! Love You! God bless!

25 Jun 19


Vanee is an extremely positive  and helpful person. She has helped me in many ways.she has taught me meditation which has given me so much of peace and positivity.whenever I need an answer I just need to tap you loads Vanee. Thank you fro being a part of my lifes journey.

25 Jun 19


Vanee is a great person filled with love and affection, her intuitions always worked for me and I changed the spelling of my name and have seen more success since then. She is passionate about her work and puts her best into it to help her cleints.

25 Jun 19


Hello Everyone,

So my names Dimple.I and Vanee are very good friends,thanks to our kids. My problem is that i find it extremely difficult to communicate with others and extremely low in confidence . So Vanee very sweetly offered me help. She made do Chakra Healing of the throat,we meditated for sometime and she made me read some paragraph from a book which ofcourse when i read the first time,not even one line I could read confidently,but after the therapy,dunno what magic she did,I could read with much more confidence and very minimal mistakes. Since then one thing is for sure my confidence has increased and I can communicate with ppl better.

Thanks Vanee,love u lots,GBU

25 Jun 19

Saba Saudagar

Fab place to be at..there was certainly a difference in my life..also mam gives u a lot of time to listen n share ur issues unlike other big names who charge a bomb n den u r warned by a secretary to not eat up more than ten minutes after paying 20k ..also u r Warned to not repeat questions more than once..this was a big turn off n hence I connected to someone I could share details with n someone who could hear me out n was willing to give me enough time n dats how I connected to Vani ..also she does her job wholeheartedly without being too business minded..blessed to meet her..feel very positive after meeting her

25 Jun 19

Vaishali Trivedi

About 2 months ago I did the merkaba healing with vanee .. i was going through some stress and had low energy levels. But after completing the healing i experienced a change. I felt much lighter, clearer in the head. My energy levels were better. I felt good in short in just one session. Due to travel i couldn't go for second session but plan to go for another wonderful healing. I do highly recommend a merkaba healing session for everyone. 

25 Jun 19

Ritu Changrani

It's been very fulfilling and rewarding to have enjoyed the benefits from the art that Vanee Jaising has in Numerology and Healing.
I say art, as I experienced, that besides being a trained professional, she has an inner instinct and is intuitive, soft and caring in her practice, the combination of which is her biggest trump card. 
At first I went to her for a session in  NUMEROLOGY. She was on point with everything from our personalities and life patterns, only by working on our numbers. She recommended a small change -  the positive results of which we saw within a month - a big block had moved and could never thank her enough ! 

Encouraged by this I went to Vanee for a session in Access Bars and Energy cleaning, as was going through a phase low in energy. This was a transforming experience too. She ran my bars and gave me an energy cleanse on two seperate occassions. Felt rejuvenated and positive with every cell in the body feeling revived. I did feel like mental blocks had cleared too. My thought process was more focused. I will certainly  repeat my cleansing sessions with her periodically. 
Vanee certainly excels in her craft and will definately recommend her at any stage. 

25 Jun 19

Divya Ahuja

Vanee has  always been my lucky charm in my life..Whenever I’ve had an issue she has intuitively given me solutions which have produced miraculous results.

Thank u my lucky charm. Keep going .....

24 Jun 19

Dr Anita K Mohan

I know Vanee since ages. She is a multitalented optimist . She emits positive energy always. She is also a great host and a warm friend ?? She is an old soul and knows it all !

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