Hanssaa Latteey

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5 Years

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Pune (Poona)

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Hindi, Marathi, English

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Hanssaa Latteey

Hanssaa Latteey is a gifted Numerologist who has helped to resolve many a client’s relationship-related, emotional, financial and professional issues. She has found great success with her bang-on predictions, by studying people’s birthdates and getting a good compound number for their names. 


Hanssaa has had a fascination with Numerology since her childhood and her natural gift came through when she used to solve number puzzles with joy. She used to follow and learn as much as possible from TV shows and read many books on Numerology, Palmistry and Astrology during her college years. Her successful predictions as a hobby in college motivated her to study Numerology from experienced Masters. She went on to make many more accurate predictions and spelling change for her family members which worked miraculously. Today, Hanssaa is a passionate professional Numerologist who looks to help her clients achieve their goals with the techniques of Numerology. 


Hanssaa’s Successful Name Spelling-Change Cases


• A job-seeker found a job after being at home for 6 years

• A homemaker started earning Rs 50k

• A child started focusing on studies and performed well in exams

• A confused seeker got clarity, became organised and is now working on the self

• An overweight person got clarity and is working on weight reduction by consciously following a nutritious diet and exercising

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01 Dec 20

Dr Nehaa Naiik

Hanssaa one of my very good friend really helped me to get my confidence back. She explained about numerology so clean n clearly. Was not believing in same, but Hanssaa helped me on my professional and personal front. It really worked for me on good terms. Yes, Hanssaa is so calm, down to earth with a generous heart and with very high patience level. She explained me each and every step so cleary and made my line so clear. It really helped me in increasing my confidence and lowered my stress levels. Thankyou so much Hanssaa for your  great support. I would recommend Hanssaa for numerology and Reiki. Her sessions really helped me a lot in my professional and emotional front.

29 Nov 20

Hemma Mishhrra

I liked most about Hansaji Numerology session was the way she explained me each and everything peacefully.

      When I first heard about numerology there were lots of questions in my mind like How can changing spellings of  name effects anyone's life? Does it really works?  How can doing work on different time ( mahurat) n facing different directions can affect our work? How I will change my name on official documents,it will not be that easy in India ? There were lots of doubts in my mind. 

Before taking session from Hansa I was very scattered, could not concentrate on one thing, Balance was missing, there was no much money inflow ,  Want to do lot of things in life but was just holding myself back,some how I was not able to take any action on my plans ,etc. 

   After taking Hansaji's session lot of things changed drastically in my life. I became more communicative, I stared earning more money, I have become more balanced  and focused  in my life.  She also changed my house vibration n explained me so beautifully how my house vibration was affecting my work. I started taking action on my plans which made my business more successful and took at different level. She gave me very simple  n easy remedies which were very powerful and I don't even needed to change my changesd spealing on official documents . She explained me How my car number , mobile number , flat number , bank account number etc were affecting my life and changed them in my favour. She also guided me to face different directions while doing different work which made lot of difference in my life. 

      I would strongly recommend Hansaji's numerology session to everyone who wants to transform their life . She has indeepth knowledge about Numerology. Thank you so much for being in my life.... You are my guiding angel Hansaji . 

27 Nov 20

Laavinaa Mahharshi

I had just heard about this numerology concept just in movies. And used to think how this numbers could change something in a person until I experienced it personally. It all started with my husband he took a session with Hansaji and we observed some changes in him. So even I thought of giving a try and to my surprise this works as miracle for me. Being a housewife for past 7 years , I never thought that I will ever work again. It's not as if I didn't wanted to but things didn't worked in my favour. After my session with Hansa ji, she explained me everything with lots of patience about how this numbers mark imprints on our life and also what things I am missing in my life due to missing of some numbers. She resolved my problem with the changing my name and even provided me solution which I followed with great dedication. To my surprise, within few days I got good job opportunity and that too work from home as an Teacher at reputed organization for which I don't have travel anywhere for work.  As I wasn't expecting much, but my just adding certain alphabets in my name brought me this opportunity and that too in much needed time of Covid-19. Just wanted to share that being number 5 means my birthdate fall on fifth of some month makes me little unsure about what I want, it's like want to have all flavours in single cake which next to impossible and above all it spoils everything. Same happened with me. Earlier I worked as Teacher, Research Analyst, wanted to be Baker, cafe owner, start making purse. It was kind of phase which would eventually fade out. Now after sessions I could feel my dedication in my work an my urge to continue this job. And upgrade my self in my work. Thank you Hansaji for playing with numbers to make my life beautiful. Even I would like to thank you for your patience for answering all my questions.God bless you.

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