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Monesha Chaudhary Aversare

I am a Past Life Regression Therapist, a Mind Stylist Coach & an Image Consultant, specialising in overcoming mind blocks, life patterns, fears etc. I help in decluttering minds & designing HOPE in people's lives. 

I am the founder of MindEnergy Transformational Therapy-METT an integration of modalities. A quick & effective mind conditioning therapy to overcome life challenges. 

I started my career in the Fashion Industry as a model, moved into designing & manufacturing, then worked for over a decade into High Fashion Garment Exports. From there on got into Corporate Skills Training & worked with some of the best known brands in the Retail & Hospitality industries, training & coaching more than 5000+ people.                                                                           

My interest in the Mind, the way we think & function etc. brought me on this journey that I am on today as a Mind Stylist Coach, where I integrated my knowledge & experience of more than 28+ years. 

Almost every modality that I experienced & learnt lead me to one understanding i.e. The Subconscious Mind. We have an ocean of wealth that is stored into our subconscious that is waiting to be explored & allowed to help heal ourselves.                                                                       

Whenever we come to a point in life when we realise that there is a pattern of experiences repeating in our lives & we wonder "Why me all the time or what have I done to get this" or if there are fears we have that are not allowing us to lead a normal life & there is no rational reason behind it, then it is a past memory that is causing it. Past Life Regression Therapy helps in identifying the root cause of many of these issues & also helps in learning to cope with them. I have been practising PLR since 15+ years & it has help thousands of people...

Over the years many people being benefitted have experienced so phenomenal shifts in them & their lives. The modalities that I have been practicing for 15+ years now are MindEnergy Transformational Therapy-METT, Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching, Hypnotherapy specializing in Past Life Regression(PLR), Quantum MindEnergy Healing, NLP & Counselling, Graphology, Metaphor & Art Therapy, Skills Training, Theta Healing & Oracle Cards. 

Previous Experience

Have been conducting individual sessions & MindEnergy Transformational Therapy-METT  Wellness Workshops (Public & Corporate) where various techniques learnt over the years have been integrated to help the subconscious mind conditioning, for effective enhancement of Life Performance-Soul, Mind, Body...


Certification of Counsellor from Sinara Education

Career Consultants Clinical Hypnotherapy from CHII,

Graphology from Institute of Graphology

Personal Success, Inner Most Shift Best Life Coach & NLP from Alpha Stars Academy Of Excellence/Richard Bandler

Theta Healing from Vianna Stibhal...

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01 Jul 19

charu shah

excellent reading and guidance given by monesha

thank you very much .it  really changed my way of thinking .

thank you once again for your guidance

30 Jun 19

Meher P. Pavri

Thank u Monesha for d readings on ML group. 

Thy definitely are a good guide to me


30 Jun 19

Manisha handa

Thank you so much Monesha for the career reading. I am wondering how did u come to know that dance is my passion out of various options that I have asked for the most appropriate for me..I am sure this is going to help me in choosing a correct path for me. I must say that you are doing a fabulous work by your valuable guidance and support. Bless you for your sincere effort and time ???????? ????

Thanks and Regards

30 Jun 19

Prashant Wadkar

Thank you very much for the readings.

Your guidance is definitely helping me a lot.


30 Jun 19

Nadir Baji Karbhari

Thank you very much for your readings

They have helped me a lot

30 Jun 19

Jyoti Ramakrishnan

Thank you for the readings on Golden White Light group. They have surely helped me to give a direction to solve some of the issues I am facing currently

30 Jun 19

Divya Dayal

Had a very good experience with her readings during her online session at mystic lotus..readings were to the point and we're resonating very well.

30 Oct 18

Jyoti kadam

The past life regression session with Monesha was indeed very fulfilling and enriching in terms of knowledge and guidance. I was amazed by her intuitiveness and wisdom and can't help feeling  that the Divine has guided me to the right person for seeking solutions for my problems. I feel truly blessed.and grateful  .May you continue to guide us all in our earthly  journey. Stay blessed  always .

29 Sep 18

Binaifer Mogal

Hi. I had got a free reading done by Monesha and the guidance she gave me was spot on. It made me realise where I was going wrong. And I am already feeling the differnce in the way I see myself and others and the situation around me in a positive perspective. Thank you so much.????????????

28 Sep 18


Thank you Monesha for free reading .

Watever the guidance you have given will follow it . Divine Gratitude .

28 Sep 18

Babita Narayan

I was fortunate enough to get a free reading from Monesha.

Would like to tell that whatever she said in the reading was 100 percent correct.Gratitude.

Thank you 

28 Sep 18

Manisha handa

Thanks Monisha for the your wonderful guidance of forgetting about my past and move on and start enjoying absolutely goes out for me although I can't find any answers on how to actually live upto my dreams..thank you so much

28 Sep 18

Sanobar G

Thank you very much Monesha  for the wonderful and absolutely accurate reading. Bless you. 

28 Sep 18

Anita Sachdev

Thanks Monesha foe the excellent reading on soul purpose. Beautiful.  Read the readings u did for others and they seemed to resonate with them.  Thank you again 

28 Sep 18

Mahesh Mohan

Thank You Monesha for the wonderful reading u have given.

its true in my situation....

thank u so much

27 Sep 18

Pooja Mendon

I had my reading with Monesha..which was accurate as per my current situation. The guidance provided by her reminds me to be aware whenever I get into the not so positive patterns of life.. I would like to thank Monesha for being so kind and taking time out to guide us in our journey. Lots of Love to you !!

27 Sep 18

Prerana Kotak

Thank you mam.

Perfect reading. Gratitude for the guidance. Looking forward for many sessions from you on ML platform.


Blessed be

27 Sep 18

Nilu Agarwal

Very precise and accurate waiting for the changes and guidance shared thank you so much gratitude ????

27 Sep 18


Satisfied and very well understood

27 Sep 18

Meher P. Pavri

Monesha thank u very much for your guidance. Yr reading of d Oracle Cards completely resonated with me. Found yr analysis very accurate. God bless

24 Sep 18


I am really grateful to Monesha for her reading.  Her reading was bang on. She could actually tell what I needed to work on the most at this time. Thank you !!!!

26 Jun 17

Mithun Ganguly

Monesha mams Past life regression sessions has helped me a lot. It made me understand why things were not happening, why I was facing last minutes failure in my ventures. She worked and cleared the blocks I had created within me and things have started working. She is a very intuitive card reader and very good listener and speaker also. I felt very relaxed and comfortable during the sessions. Thank you Monesha mam.

22 Jun 17

Prasenjit Sinha

Superb and perfect card reader,very intuitive and very good guidance. I recommend her. It is helping me a lot Thanks.(Don't want to discuss my issue in public)

21 Jun 17


Since few years I was having a bad temper issue. I use to argue and fight with people on very petty issues because of which I lost lot of precious supporting people around me. Lot of anger,frustration and hatred towards people and myself had built within me. I had become a very violent lady. I had started to feel that everyone was against me and were my enemy. I just could not keep control on my anger, even physciatrist medicines did no good to control my anger. My elder sister Deepali then through her friend came to know of mystic lotus and without my knowledge she went through the site and felt Monesha could be a therapist who might be able to help me. She had a telephonic conversation with Monesha and after discussion with her she fixed an appointment. Deepali told me about Monesha again my anger shot up but she somehow convinced me. I met Monesha and after hearing me out, she recommended that I will have to go for past life regression sessions & NLP sessions. In my 1st session I saw myself to be a very beautiful farmers daughter from Germany . The landlord was after me to get married to him I denied his proposal so he raped me. To seek justice I approached the king of the land but instead of the landlord being punished I was portrayed as a bad character and punished to be sold to a prostitution house. So the anger had started manifesting from that life and in other sessions also I came to know the cause of my anger. Time over the anger I had been carrying in my births. Then Monesha started with nlp sessions to remove the blocks. I also did some meditatation sessions and today I am a very jovial and calm person. I am enjoying life to the fullest. Everyone says I have totally changed. Thanks to my lovely sister Deepali and thanks to Monesha also.

14 May 17

Mihir Kotwal

Hello I had a very nice past life regression sessions, a eye opener for me. Lots of changes have happened in life after that. Money, marriage, anger resolved. Moneshaji is a very nice lady. She is very caring and lot of patience in her. Today I am a very different person. I request to go consult her for a wonderful life. Now I am back with my wife and son money has started coming to me. I am again appreciated in my office. Thank you moneshaji. Bhagwan aapko sub khushiya de.

25 Apr 17

Subhadra Sashidharan

Hi friends i am very satisfied with the past life regression and nlp therapies  I had from monesha. She is blessed with divine blessings. She pays full attention to what you are saying. I was a little scared in the beginning of the 1st session but with her soft and soothing way of speaking boosted my confidence. I have been divorced, ( Kicked out of his life )  as my ex husband got involved in another lady. He looted me of all my belongings including my house I was not left with anything. The only thought that came to me was to end my life and put an end to each and everything once and for all. I was into depression, as per the phyciatrist I consulted. I started skipping work, started consuming alcohol on daily basis I felt that also did not help to  control my emotion and anger so moved to drugs, because of all this I was deserted by my family lost my job. They broke all ties with me. My own siblings turned their back on me. I was all alone. My work colleague suggested that I should go for alternate therapies. She got in touch with monesha through mystic lotus website and fixed an appointment for me. Monesha is a miracle lady, she is a very good listener and she heard all my issue without running after the clock. In my 1st session I was with her for approx 7 hours. She asked me to tell her each and everything I had gone through. She requested me not to hold anything in my heart. " I am here to help you and not judge you" so let all your emotions come out, saying this she gave me a soft pillow and told me to take all my anger,frustration, loneliness on it by tearing kicking hiting the pillow. Oh man then the volcano within me started erupting and Monesha was there patiently listening. I started feeling better once the feelings that I suppressed for all this while started flowing out. Finally when it ended Monesha just hugged me and that in that hug I could feel the warmth love and support. Then she put me the past life therapy and I saw few lives and understood in which way it effected my present life. My life is totally changed now I am at a very  good post in a multi national company have my own house a wonderful husband and a darling daughter. My relation with my family is back to normal. I sincerely thank Monesha for it. Her guidance, therapies helped me a lot. May god give you all the good things you deserve. HEY MONESHA I AM MISSING YOUR MOM'S laddoos. I will come soon to have them. Keep them ready. Thanks thanks thanks once again for everything you done for me. 

17 Apr 17


My life and mind was filled with turmoil, lack of love and security. And I wanted to get to the root of it all. I needed to know why was I a certain way? Why did I react in certain ways? Why was I around certain people and why were they like that? 


Monesha put me at ease and her technique of visualising protection around me and a beautiful garden with different doorways etc helped me achieve a calm mental state. All I had to do was to be honest about the thoughts that came, the visuals I saw and not neglect them thinking that the mind was playing a game. 


The first visuals that I saw were of someone riding a horse, wearing a robe. A small village in a green countryside like Ireland. People gathered around a campfire and a leader addressing them. 

The second visual I saw was of feet. An old man's feet. A dark room. With a small window near the ceiling. Noise of a  fight ensuing outside. And I could sense fear.


The third visual was that of sky and clouds and nothing around. Wings of a dragon flapping. 


The fourth visual I saw was of an aghori baba making love to the dead body of a woman in Bridal attire. 


Another visual I saw but do not remember as clearly was of me being a nun, serving a tyrannical king. And later on dying in the lap of someone who i love dearly and see her just like a mother. 


Finally, I saw a character that ShahRukh Khan Played in the first half of the movie 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan'


I don't know whether these visuals are from past lives, but they definitely held a lesson or a learning for me in some form or the other. Monesha, very simply yet subtly explained the significance and symbolism of each of the visuals. 


Visual 1 and 2: 

Showed to me that i wanted to live in my own small fictionally happy world. A village. I was fearful of confrontation. And felt like an old helpless man shut in a room incapable of handling life and its difficult stages. 


Visual 3:

Showed me how i longed to be free and fly fearlessly like a dragon. A loving dragon. And monesha added to my Visual that I was a dragon who breathed love and not fire.


Visual 4:

The fourth visual symbolised how i was seeking love from the outside, even a lifeless body but was not loving myself. 


Visual 5: 

I saw this particular character because of solemn nature, brooding with sadness of losing a loved one. I resonated with it.


Session No. 2

The initial visualisation excercise was a little rushed as compared to the first time. But the excercise that came in later was very interesting, that required a conscious thought shifting from my side.


I do not remember the second session as clearly, but I had to visualise things that i feared, and then imagine how a Happy and secure Shahrukh Khan characted like 'Rahul' from Dil toh Pagal hai, would react to it. Thanks 

13 Apr 17


Hello friends! I had a very disturbed and violent married life, husband was into extensive drinking we both could not stand each other,because of his drinking he had become a total good for nothing. I was severely physically abused by him. I even tried ending my life on many occasions but somehow survived maybe my karma was still left to be repaid. Our is a love marriage, we know each other since more than 18 years now. My husband lost his job and then his drinking started. I was advised by my friends and relatives to go for divorce. I even consulted a lawyer for filing a divorce but the only thing that stopped me was our 3 lovely kids. I had to think for them too. I had started going into depression, sleepless nights had become a part of my life. I started losing lot of weight and my health also started worsening. Lot of issues started arising at my workplace too. I was adviced by the lawyer to consult Monesha, who happened to be a friend of monesha. I decided to go and consult monesha.I went to her and we just started talking. She listened to my issues with patience and after hearing me, she advised that I should go through sessions of past life regression. I agreed to do so. I could understand from where and why my relation was failing. I had seen my husband as noble man in one of the lives I saw. He had 6 wives and I was one of them. I had killed him for his wealth and that anger he has in him towards me in this birth. In the second session Monesha made me go through a forgiveness and chord cutting therapy then 3rd session she gave me some affirmations which I had to write twice daily. In the fourth session she did quantum progressive session. 5th session was a counselling session. After every session I got a feeling of new understanding and started feeling good. My approach towards my husband also started changing and because of the shift in my behaviour the fights had reduced. I felt I should make my husband go through the sessions but did not have the guts to suggest him. So I thought of taking help of his friend in convincing him to go for the sessions. My husband agreed. He went through sessions of past life regression and nlp. Today we are having healthy and happy couple. We are thankful to  monesha and her family. May god give you all the happiness throughout your life. I recommend to consult MONESHA to each and every couple in a disturbed relationship. Save your relationship, you have put a lot of efforts to build it, so don't give up easily. Lots of love to all ????

12 Apr 17


It was a wonderful experience in the sessions, need to understand where the family & financial issues originated were resolved. I strongly recommend Monesha ...Regards

03 Apr 17

Shailey Bhagtani

Hi I had a very good experience with moneshaji. Her technique of doing past life regression is very nice. She made me understand my issue of not manifesting abundance of money with much simplicity. Through the past life regression sessions I had I went through lot of different experiences and visualised many past lives. I feel lot of changes in my life and the works that were either getting postponed are back on track. Feeling very nice and light with all the burdens I was carrying with me are thrown out through the past and progression therapy. Thank you Moneshaji for all your guidance, support and teachings

10 Mar 17

Navin Nair

Hi Monesha mam is a very accurate tarot card reader she does not have limitations on the questions asked by me Answered all my questions with perfect solution. Feeling satisfied Thank you

08 Mar 17

Gautami Jikadra

Gratitude!.... I had done PLR therapy sessions with Monesha over Skype, as I live in US. I was not sure how a session over Skype would go through, however after reassurance from her and trusting her long experience I agreed. I could comfortably connect to my past and understand the root of origin of my issue which stayed with me unresolved over years. She is a good listener and makes you feel comfortable, positive and makes you understand things with lot of simplicity. Ya but she gives you homework to do and she is strict in getting the homework done.....😂. Through the sessions I have been able to resolve my issue . I sincerely recommend her to others. Mwah 😘

05 Mar 17

Rishabh Naik

Hello I took sessions from monesha for my backache health issue which she recommended to go through. She took me in a wonderful experience of past life then in the last session she put me in quantum progressive life. My backache is almost gone since days which was a continuous affair in my life. It was difficult for me to walk without back belt. I have stopped using the belt now. My backache was not cured by doctors and what they could not do she did it. She is the miracle lady in my life. I owe you a lot and recommend to each and everyone in need. Thank you so much monesha and if there is anything I can do for this cause of helping others please do let me know...

03 Mar 17

Ameena shaikh

Thank you Monesha madam, the one on one abundance manifesting coaching has helping me a lot on with my finance issues and also lots of gratitude for relieving me of my prolonged health issue through your therapy. You are an angel. 

01 Mar 17

Paramjit lodiya

Hi folks, Past life regression sessions I took with Monesha mam has helped me in understanding the mind blocks I created over the years, understood how I myself was the culprit in stopping abundance of money. She took me through a very simple and safe mode of regression sessions and also prescribed some things to practice in my day to day life, which I did with sincerity. I am feeling lot of difference in my work and lot of my issues have got sorted. I strongly recommend her to everyone. She listens to your queries with patience and answers them with ease and comfort. I had quiet long sessions with her but not a trace of tiredness I could see in her. YA and even my scare about animals have gone. Every single fee has been of worth God bless you Monesha mam

28 Feb 17


Dear friends I have done sessions from Moneshaji and I feel good now. She is very good and nice lady and talks and listen nicely to my problem. Tension and dipresion have gone. Thank you moneshaji for help. God bless

27 Feb 17

Pratima Chaugule

I have been going through a tremendous setback financially. Things were not favouring me. All that I was facing was failure in my work. Debts started to over flow. Only I could think was of ending my life to get rid of the humiliations, anything left for me to do was to pray pray and pray to my Saibaba. It was few days back I had gone to babas temple and was just sitting gazing at him blankly. I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was a very old and dear friend of mine I was really happy to see her. We started talking and during that I could not hold my emotions and  I just broke down in front of her. She told me to contact Monesha and go through a session with her. I never had earlier heard of alternate therapies so just said yes told I would surely contact Monesha which I did not do. Then one day as I was cleaning my purse I stumbled upon moneshas number which my friend had given me but that day my intuitions very strongly recommending to contact Monesha. Then also I was very sceptical whether I should contact her or not but somehow I don't know why I contacted Monesha. She was very sweet to talk to which got me convincing and so I fixed an appointment with her and went for the session. Initially she we started chatting casually and then she suggested I should go through some sessions of NLP and Past life regression. I was convinced by then. I went through the sessions, in the 1st session itself I had lot of clarity where I was going wrong. She gave me some homework to do during the sessions, which I did and I could feel the shift in the pattern of my thinking had started helping me. I did 2 sessions of PLR and 3 sessions of NLP and now I have in a much better state financially and mentally. I strongly recommend Monesha. Thanks a lot to my friend and you Monesha for all you have done for me. 

20 Jan 17


One of the most genuine healers; Monesha is a very easy to connect with person. Her non-judgemental attitude and friendly demeanour made feel at ease instantly. Her NLP session helped me a lot with my sleep issues. She has this psychic ability passing on the right messages to you at the right time. She has become my goto person in Mumbai. Thank you Monesha:) 

29 Nov 16


How would it feel when a reading immediately resonates with you? Well that is exactly how I felt with Monesha. I hope and pray she becomes an instrument and light worker for many more souls. God bless. 

26 Sep 16

Charishma Navneet Gupta

I feel joyful on connecting with Monesha ji this fine morning. She has shown the torch on the path I wish to soon embark upon in a big way. I would honestly say that it is truly a Divine will that I could touch base and connect with her today. I will for sure follow her advise and take up Spiritual Counselling as a career which has been my wish since a few months and for which I have constantly been taking the effort and learning as well as practicing several healing modalities. Now is the time for action and Monesha ji has made my heart leap with joy by confirming the same. Many heartfelt thank you's to her!

26 Sep 16


Superb Analysis.Its 100 percent true Thank you.

26 Sep 16

Sangeet babani

short session

but to my question -

'what is my life purpose' ?

could resonate to the answer to quite an extent 


looking forward to knowing more of you.

thank you 😊

14 Dec 15

resshmi mamtora

Monesha, I m grateful for the session n precious time u gave to me. Ur tremendous patience in taking me thru the  journey was amazing. Added to that, counselling + many useful n practical tips was like icing on the cake. U r a very blessed healer with a pure soul. Lots of abundance, joy & success your way darling... God bless!!

27 Sep 15


I found Monesha to be an experienced therapist who goes through her sessions with an empathetic and non judgemental attitude, a much needed trait in this field. She was skillful in guiding me subtly to bring out answers hidden within my subconscious. She was also intuitive and gave me her full attention. Her heartfelt suggestions are made for the benefit of her clients and even though I had wanted a progression, I found her advice to concentrate  on a particular past period, accurate. I recommend her to anyone who has courage to delve deep within themselves and experience a past life regression. 

15 Sep 15


Monesha I do not want my name to appear however I would like to share my experience as it may help others as well. My thinking perspective changed and I started to begin to look at things differently after my PLR. I came to understand that life has a bigger meaning than just the relationship we have in this life... I was very upset about my relationship with my husband. Time came where we lived as husband and wife to the world than the reality was different. We were just two people living in the same house for our convenience. Could not understand how to change the situation, I never wanted such a relationship in my life. We were not happy and we reached to an extent we could not figure out what is right and wrong. The negative thoughts and deeds made us feel it's right as there was logic but consciously felt something was wrong and began search for the answer of which I thought I will never get. I happen to meet Monesha and I got to know about PLR. It had the answers and I thought let me take the step and crack the relationship once and for all. As I learnt that I have met my husband in many of my past lives. He was the closest person in my all lives as a brother, husband, father, lover and this birth as a husband. We have been caring for each other in all these lives. All the feelings come from past life and are very deep rooted. I reached to a stage where I felt our relationship should end that is justice but then I realised the deeper meaning to it. We are meant to go through what we had as all these are part of my last birth was which was carrying forward, so let me change this life with him and make it better, that's the answer. I started to work in different ways and left the rest to God. With God's and Vispi's grace my life changed. Thank you Monesha.                                                                             

15 Sep 15


It was a complete life changing experience with Monesha and PLR. While talking to Monesha, I could reflect upon many things and the way she posed questions made me reflect more and develop insights. I appreciate her patience to listen of every single detail and helping me further get into regression and work upon the issues. Her inputs in terms of solving issues has made my life easy. I have gained confidence and am able to face challenges with increased strengths. Thank you for being such a wonderful guide. Thank you.

15 Sep 15

Ashok Nawany

Many thanks Monesha. You did give me a lot to ponder staying awake last night. Somehow I did not expect you to be so warm. I am glad I put effort to meet you inspire of all the reservations I had. I had a nice laugh recalling... "Uparwala bhi jugaad karta hai" 

15 Sep 15

Faredoon Desai

Thank you for the excellent session of PLR at your place. I felt the deep connection with my subconscious mind and a long standing negative issue could be identified and rectified. I feel rejuvenated and confident once again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

02 Sep 15


Monesha's session was packed with surprises with loads and loads of insight. The session helped me join lots of dots in my life and changed my perspective to why I am attracting the situation in my life. Thank you for the insightful session! 

19 Aug 15

Jayashree Menon

I was in a agressive state of mind when I went to meet Monesha. With the mind in turmoil , she did not want to do PLR with me. Rage over a personal situation I was into , made me reject the the suggestions she was offering and I was even begining to think if anything worthwhile  is gonna happen. But Monesha !!! Here was a Lady whose life mission seems to be to sort things for the better, to those that approach her. Simple but profound words and techniques that she used unlocked my heart. She not only quelled my Rage but brought a deep calmness . Helping me seeing the situation I was in , with a newer understanding. Showing me how the Universe in its wonderful ways plans and plots to bring you into awareness for the reason you are here.I recommend her amazing healing energies for all turbulent souls wishing to experience peace and calmness. 

19 Aug 15

Minisha Mendonza

Hi I have known Monesha since almost 5 years now, I was introduced to her by an common friend. She had been consulting Monesha for her issues. I went to her for Past Life Regression as I had phobia for heights and also because I had been going through a rough time in relationships and because of the issues I was going through I could not concentrate on my business. It had started running in losses. At the very first session I got the feeling I was at the right place . We had 4 sessions on Past Life Regression and in those sessions I came to know the blocks I had manifested in myself over years. She guided me in clearing those blocks . I have been visiting her regularly after that, Today I am all what I am Bcoz of you Mona. Your 1 on 1 coaching also helped me to build my self esteem which has helped me building my business tremendously. I owe everything to you. Thanks a ton for changing my life and building a new person in me. Mwah . Love you lots. God bless you always.

18 Aug 15

Utsavi N Mahimkar

It was a nice 'Feel Good' session with Monesha C Aversare. The guided meditation gave me relief from my headaches.Thanks

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Monesha Chaudhary Aversare 26 Oct 2016 02:58 PM

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