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Experience :

9 Years

Location :

Faridabad (New Township)

Languages :

Hindi, Punjabi, English

Available :

monday to friday : 11 to 6 pm

saturday sunday in case of emergency only

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Akash Kamboj


Akash Kamboj is an established certified healer in Past Life Regression, Akashic Records, and is a Channlist, Automatic Writer, and Hypnotherapist.  She has had over 5 years of experience in transforming people’s lives with her healing expertise.


Akash’s spiritual journey started a few years ago when a major incident completely turned her happy family life upside down. One of her two sons who was sixteen, met with an accident and passed away with a head injury. Akash was too shattered to move on until she started receiving messages from the departed soul. She was not able to grasp it at first, but then she started learning about soul journey and other healing techniques to realize that there is hope not just for herself but for everybody else as well. From then on, Akash has successfully healed people going through different kinds of troubles in their lives. 


Akash believes that Past Life Regression has the power to completely change the course of one’s life. It helps in identifying the root cause of many issues and empowers the person to deal with them. Using this healing modality along with ancestral healing and more, Akash has successfully helped people who have lost their loved ones and those who have issues related to relationships, finances and many other aspects of life. 


Akash conducts individual healing sessions as well as workshops.

Previous Experience





certification of past life therapy

certification of masters course in past life regrassion.{ which covers akashiac records,family constellation,train subconcius mind through NlP ETC.}

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20 Jan 20

Babita Singg

I went for d session in curisity n also want to know abt my sum challenges ( if it has sum reason.. ..joh mujhe lagta tha ki nhi hoga). 

But after d session. .    I feel complete change with in me as I got the ans that why I was suffering. Akash help me for under standing of my Purpose of Life. The reason of my Life for this suffering n helped me for move on. 

I highly recommend her for anyone who is suffering with or without reasons. You will definetaliy  feel change in your life after her session. 

20 Jan 20

Romilla Verma

I had a lot of why questions bothering me and upsetting my daily life and thinking process.Akash heard my heart out and took me in for a session.Through the session I got answer to the questions which were disturbing me.i felt very light and positive after that and got a new confidence to deal with difficult situations in life. 

When with Akash,you can feel peace,positivity and strength. 

19 Jan 20

Rupinder Kaur

I approached Akashji for some hidden fears that I had been facing past couple of years .  After listening to me , she did my PLR . I had no clue that this therapy would work wonders for me but it actually did . I felt better and relieved . Can't thank her enough . Thank u so much and God bless u 

19 Jan 20

Pankaj kumar

My experience with healer was excellent. It was great session solving many of my queries regarding life. I got direction, which I  was needed desperately to move ahead in my professional life. Thank you so much for healing and helping at the time of need. Regards.

Pankaj kumar

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