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Life Skills

We provide workable solutions to achieve emotional wellness and overcome stress due to problems with alcohol/smoking, obesity, relationship, or work pressure.  We have worked in the field of de-addiction for 6 years. We have a recovery rate of close to 70% in cessation of addictive subtance use and re-integration to professional and family life.  Our recovery community  stays connected.


MA Counselling Psychology

Clinical Hypnotherapy, CHII

Reiki Master

Redikall Crystalline Mind (OAOL)

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06 Jun 19

Uma Singh

To be brutally honest, the day of arrival at LIfeskills was such a terrifying time for me. I was scared , anxious & nervous, on how I would survive at a rehab. I was certain, I would go back to my drugs & alcohol once I came out of the rehab. But within the first week itself , I was so much at ease and comfortable with the whole setup & the brilliant staff , counsellors over there. After a long time in my life, I felt my anxiety & nervousness fading away and I started looking forward to every day. The whole team of LIfeskills is like the perfect blend of professionalism, compassion, love & understanding. The whole experience at LIfeskills literally opened my eyes to literally everything in this world from a new perception itself. The one to one sessions with Meena & Sonal were too amazing. They have the gift to explain intricate things in such a simplified manner that it just cuts through all the blockages that I had being holding on for so many years. The patience they have with the most stubborn addicts ( I was one of them) , their relaxed assured approach to the angry addicts ( again, my name pops up)  is exceptional. The best part was, they encouraged everyone to spend time with oneself to reconnect with our "Being". I would never forget any of the sessions and meetings and I still go back to the lessons learnt time and again. The tools they have equipped me with plus the luxury of reaching out to them at any time of duress or just a friendly chat has made my recovery more easy .  If you're reading this, then I can assure you that,  coming to LIfeskills would be the right decision . The team at LifeSkills are phenomenal and would go to any lengths to bring you back not only  from your addiction but also , to realise your true potential. And I've no doubt, you would be in my shoes soon enough writing about LIfeskills and how it changed your life . 


06 Jun 19

Abhay Agarwal

Reminscing of LIfeskills, I just wish , I had gone there a lot earlier. It was a total eye opener for me that a rehab could function like this also and be so successful with their recovery ratio. Hats off to the owners who took the initiative and risk to completely change , how a rehab functions in India. For me personally, I had lost my job, was going through a messy divorce and my family had just given up on me. I was totally bereft of confidence and had even thought of ending my life. True to their name, LIfeskills taught me the skills to live & lead my life. They even spoke & counselled my family members & dear friends on how to support me once I try to fix up my life outside. For a person on the verge of suicide to now, it looks like a miraculous journey for a person from outside. But, at LifeSkills,I know of many people/ friends who also have achieved this transformation. It's through their sheer dedication, openess to try new things, never losin hope on an addict,  that many people vouch for LIfeskills as one of the best rehabs in India. I would whole heartedly recommend Lifeskills to anyone seeking help.  After being a part of LIfeskills, I understood , a small group of thoughtful, committed and confident people can indeed "Change the world". 

-- Abhay Agarwal  ( Sober from October 2017)

06 Jun 19

Rohit Batra

First thing first :- I'm  41 years old and currently, I'm 2 years sober. I've never felt more alive and positive ever as I'm feeling now. LifeSkills not only eradicated my addiction problem but filled me with a purpose and a new way to look at life.. If I'm sober today, it's because I want to be & not because, I'm doing this for my parents, spouse or children. If you're struggling with being sober then you're bound to relapse. The belief & process at LifeSkills is to "Enjoy your recovery" that actually gets imprinted in us for the rest of our life.  Every person gets his own individual plan for recovery rather than a generic plan for all. I was never judged for all the misdeeds that I had done during at my time of addiction.. Everyone genuinely empathised with me and made my life-changing stint as comfortable as possible. Have to say, that even after two years, they still call me for a general chat and  I still visit them for celebrations.. The sessions, meetings, meditations, reiki, inner child sessions, healings - everything has been designed to bring out the real "you" and make you "Love yourself. " I'm indebted to them for life . They believe in the idealogy of taking all the addicts for movies, plays, lunch, picnics , gymming - basically to get accustomed to a healthier life. I never felt, I was trapped in  a rehab and that actually helped me a lot in my recovery as there was no anger or a trapped feeling or resentment  towards my family. There are rehabs in this world and there's Lifeskills. It's a totally different place and I'm cent percent sure ,that there is no other centre like LifeSkills. LifeSkills is more like a therapeutic retreat where you are in the process of rediscovering the real you , enjoying the process and regaining the child-like laughter that we had lost a long time ago..LIfeskills is  not only for  addicts, but it's highly recommended for every human being to rediscover himself .. Wishing them all the success in this noble endeavour of theirs. 

06 Jun 19

Vaibhav B

One of the best decision of my life  was to get admitted to LifeSkills. After spending considerable time in other rehabs all over India, I can astutely say, there's nothing that would come even close to LIfeskills. Here, they don't treat the physical problem but get through the root cause of addiction and uproot it through various means , therapies, sessions & meditations. The whole team & staff was pleasant and genuinely concerned for my well being and recovery. I wasnt treated as a criminal or a loser but treated as a patient with an ailment. That I was  allowed to keep my mobile, laptop , venture out for movies & lunches was such a refreshing change from the regressive rehabs I've being through in the past. I'm being one year sober now and I highly recommend LIfeskills to my fellow addicts who want a complete transformation. I can vouch, I've never enjoyed my recovery process and journey more than I was with LifeSkills. And best part of it is it wasn't actually a struggle for me in my recovery.. I wanted to be a better person and that changed my whole perspective and attitude towards my life. For a  thorough, professional & life-longrecovery , I recommend Lifeskills to all my fellow addicts. It's one decision, you would be proud of, for the rest of your life.

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