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24 Years

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Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, English

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11:00 am to 5:00 pm

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I am a holistic lifestyle coach, healer and motivational speaker. I have been practicing for over two decades and am adept in various alternative healing techniques like Reiki, Chakra balancing, Meditation, Bach Flower remedies, Tai Chi and Tarot card reading. I am also a whole plant based practitioner since the year 2005.

I am often asked how and what do I coach people for? To explain it simply, I would ask you to rewind a bit and think about how all of us go through 10 years of education in school to equip ourselves with basic knowledge of science, arts, math, language, etc. Thereafter, during our adulthood, we study further for another 10 years to specalise in a subject and land ourselves a lucrative job. However, often times we see that after years of education we still find it difficult to cope with our day to day problems. Have you wondered why? We spend considerable time and energy to educate ourselves so that we may be flourish financially. But we give very little importance to our emotional health. We hardly ever undertake any training to equip ourselves to tackle realistic social settings that consist of a range of overwhelming emotions.

A baby is born with certain basic instincts, by nature, for the purpose of communication, survival and protection. As the child grows these instincts gradually metamorphose and transform into emotions. Emotions like fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, confusion, etc (to name a few) are experienced by all. Be it children, teenagers, adults, or elderly people. But many of us feel overwhelmed and don’t quite know how to deal with these emotions. Hence, through my initiative Catharsis, I help people build overall health, covering physical, mental and spiritual. I help people do this through my social media posts, workshops, one-to-one counseling and collaborations with other organisations.

To put it simply, I help people embrace their ordinary lives with joy and happiness! Ordinary is the new extraordinary!

If you wish to know my personal journey, do visit my website. (

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I do all my vegan events in collaboration with the organization called SHARAN. (

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