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Hindi, Sindhi, English

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Sapna Shahri

Since childhood I have this gift of clairvoyance, where I could see things just before they happened. I actively pursued my occult calling after I completed my graduation. The Tarot cards called out to me at a fair and I picked them up out of mere curiosity. There has been no looking back since then. I tuned in to them like a fish would take to water. 

I also practice Reiki and Dowsing. I practice transcendental Meditation and I am a meditation facilitator. I am a graduate of Landmark Education.

I have clients from all walks of life and each has been left with a healing and transformational experience.

I specialise in relationship readings, love readings, questions about career, choosing the best option when at crossroads, giving insights about confusing situations, guidance on how to resolve conflicts. When clients want to find out if the person they are with is really the one!

Connecting with me allows me to give the insights needed to take the right decision. I ask the clients keep the questions to situations and topics revolving around their own self, as asking for another person requires connecting to their energy and that is done only through free will.

The following topics are taboo:

  1. Legal issues
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Gender of the baby
  4. Third, fourth, fifth party readings
  5. Medical issues
  6. Life span

I had a client who came to me with very little hope left to salvage her marriage and heading for a divorce. The cards in no way indicated that she should go ahead with the divorce. Gently and steadily after working with her consistently, she has learnt how to deal with the situation, has grown more confident and sure of herself. Currently she is happily married and is a successful professional with a budding career!

My deep rooted urge to relieve human suffering and to bring peace to all, is the driving force to all I do.

It is commonplace to see my clients leave with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and hope for their lives. This itself is a source of great fulfillment to me.

I consider Tarot to be a form of spiritual science whose knowledge has to be deepened consistently. The information given by the cards is precise and there can never be any denying the truth of the message. I use these messages to guide you, coach you and nudge you towards creating the life that you desire.

I am direct, compassionate and empathetic in delivering the messages and my goal is to empower you enough to take the right steps towards manifesting what is truly good for you.

The best results are achieved by having a meaningful conversation with me regarding your situation and asking very specific questions.

Always keep the questions to situations and topics revolving around your own self, as asking for another person requires connecting to their energy and that is done only through free will.

My Facebook page contains regular posts and the very popular “Card Of the Week” posts. These are ardently awaited by my followers.


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30 Jul 19


Accurate Reading

Sapna mam is wonderful and I truly appreciate her insight and advice. Her reading has brought lot of clarity in my life. She is a great listener who really tries her best to understand the situation and will provide guidance. She is really good at what she does. I would strongly recommend her.

17 Jul 19


Precision & Perfection is an outcome of dedication, sincerety & hard work, that's Sapna Shahri.

After years of study & practice & being naturally blessed to have an insight, Sapna is just the right person to approach for guidance & help through tarrot reading for any kind of problem & she will help you not only as a professional but as a true friend.

15 Jul 19


Sapna is really accurate Nd my go to person when I am confused , or have a decision to make....she guides me correctly almost all times....and is highly recommended

13 Jul 19


Sapna’s readings provided me with the much needed succour and peace... I am happy I went for the readings

13 Jul 19


Sapna is almost there..there have bern times when her readings have been very accurate ..she gets into the subject to give precise guidance and her insights have been very valuable.

Hoping it will reach 100% accuracy soon.

Gopd luck !!

13 Jul 19

Anil Nagpal

you r bang on 

perfect in your readings 


13 Jul 19


Just one word


12 Jul 19

Taranjit kaur Sethi

Sapna is an excellent healer n tarrot reader . Been consulting her since years in time of need . Her readings are accurate , can trust her blind foldly . Gives remedies n guides u correctly . A true noble soul

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