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Pouja Jugal

Pouja Jugal is one of the rare healers who was born clairvoyant and clairaudient and could see the future and predict things at the age of 12!! Her life purpose became evident to her very soon as she could hear and receive messages very easily. Pouja has been successfully living her mission to help everyone understand what she sees, hears and understands from the source to enhance their well-being. 
Pouja is a natural in Tarot and channeling, is a Reiki Grandmaster, practises Akashic Records reading, Numerology and crystal ball gazing. Her way of working is very different as she has studied and visited different dimensions. She intuitively chooses the best modality for every person to grow and shine. 
About Pouja’s expertise - Her Tarot reading is unlike anybody else’s as she connects with the visions, Angels and even deities to tell her clients what they need to hear. This helps them understand why the challenge exists and enables them to shift their energy to manifest what is required! 
Akashic Records is one of Pouja’s favourites, as she just doesn’t require any effort to connect with them. She and her clients have seen miraculous results using Akashic Records. 
Pouja is also a manifesting expert! Not only has she herself manifested innumerable beautiful experiences in her life -  from winning a pageant to being a founder of a magazine - but her clients have also experienced her magic with manifestation! Pouja firmly believes that the secrets of manifestation are much more than just visualisation, which she wants every person to learn to live a joyful life.
Apart from healing sessions, Pouja frequently conducts workshops on energy healing, healing physical ailments, karmic cleansing, manifesting abundance, etc. 
Pouja advocates enjoying every moment and understanding the reality of your soul journey, which she can help you decode with her innate gift of healing.

Previous Experience

My spiritual journey basically didn't need a push as I was born clairvoyant, I use to see visions of future that actually scared me but at one point I understood that it was a gift and  my life purpose to help others. I learnt one modality after the other. And loved every bit of it.

Where tarot reading is concerned I believe for me personally I get connected to visions, angels and even dieties to tell my clients messages they need to hear.

 It not only helps them understand why does the challenge exist but also helps them to shift their energy so that they can manifest what's blocking their true beautiful experiences.

It's been an amazing journey. I have had lots of workshops as an energy healer where my students have not only have healed physical ailments like cold shoulder but have also manifested abundance and lots more.

Akashic Records is one of my favourites as it just doesn't take any efforts for me to connect to the Akashic Records, I have witnessed Ascended Masters like Lord shiva ,Lord Ganesha and angels helping my clients. Beautiful example which I would like to share , when I got connecred to the Akasha and saw Lord Shiva telling me to ask about the snake in the clients house,I was very hesitant but had to ask as we need to be very truthful as a rule. To my surprise the lady had snake skin in her house. And yes that lead to one thing to other. Solving lots of puzzles. I have had many experiences like these.

Numerology or crystal ball gazing I feel every modality connects me to the source and with the permission of the divine I receive the guidance where I  am able to be a channel of communication to help and heal.

My life purpose is very evident as I see ,hear and recieve messages very easily. And I try my best to help to  the best of my ability in this human experience for all the collective as a part of our existence.


Aakashic Record Reader

Tarot Card Reader


Reiki Grand Master

Angel Communication

Pendulum Dowser

Crystal Healer

Violet Flame Healer

Master Merlin Channel




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20 May 21


Pooja is a caring , affectionate person who gives you the warmth , comfort and divinely guides  you in the right direction during our difficult times. Many a times I have felt she is a messenger of God. Thank you so much for being part of my life !

19 May 21

Afung Lin kalsi

I have known pouja for over a decade now.. she is an amazing and a kind hearted person.. she is also my teacher have learnt reiki and angel readings from her.. she has this amazing and most calming aura that when u around her u just feel @ ease .. When ever I have needed guidance I know that as a friend and teacher she has always been there. She’s like an angel ???? in my life ... thank u for always being there ?????? 

13 May 21


I've known Pooja for about 5 years now. She has been a figure of a guardian angel in my life guiding me and my family at many instances. Her divine channelling at a crucial moment of my life helped me to uplift myself and move forward with ease. She is a Brilliant tarot reader and a very spiritually blessed person.  I look up to her for her confidence and multi tasking capabilities also. Through her digital magazine she has been providing opportunities to many budding writers and am one of them.  She is a compassionate soul and contributions are not from a materialistic space. Happy to be associated with her and I wish her greater heights in life !!

12 May 21


You are just an angel sent by god to make other's lives smooth by either guiding through angels or healing prayers... or guiding on particularly on topics of day to day affairs. Ur reiki sessions nd numerology predictions r so accurate...  u have vast knowledge in every field.. personally i learnt many things how to tackle the situation s positively.. nd believe in god... Nd so on... Thanks a lot may God gv u more power to heal more people around u... Blessings


10 May 21


I was introduced to Pooja by a friend when I was going through quite a low period in my life. My friend told me, just meet her once and tell me how you feel. I'd never met someone like her, a healer and I was sceptical to say the least. But I still went and met her. When you meet her for the first time, you see a very pretty lady of an undetermined age who has the most calming effect on you. Just being around her, I felt safe and her aura just envelops you like a loving hug. She has a soothing voice which really does calm your anxieties and just makes you feel so positive. She radiates good vibes. Everytime I've needed someone to help me with guidance, she's been there, with her calming smile and an ever ready nature to help. Her readings are so accurate and spot on and they always are on an encouraging line. I've recommended her to a lot of people and everyone has always appreciated me for helping them find her. She's really amazing and I hope you all can experience the magic of her readings and most of all her amazing aura.  

10 May 21


Her readings are accurate....she know how to take out negativity from someone and generate the positive thoughts by providing them right direction....loved her work 

10 May 21

Sanyam kathuria

She is really good....she knows how to generate the positivity in the dark times and she helped me out alot....her readings are accurate and on point ????

10 May 21


You have been a force of positivity during difficult times. You managed to show me how much more is instore for me through your gifts, which really helped turn things around. I am in a much happier space today, and I don't think I would have been able to get out of my troubled life if I had not had a chance to talk to you. Thank you for every thing that you have done for me and all the others as well, God bless!

09 May 21

Sheetal Tandon

Thank  you so much Pooja for always guiding me during my tough times and confused situations. ur words of wisdom has  been of gr8 encouragement.Ur reading is always amazing and perfect. 

09 May 21


Have always believed in tarot and been to many but with puja it's was so so so accurate !

Getting messages is one thing but articulating & putting it across is another and that's her forte where she's accurate, polite , gentle, warm & caring!

she builds a relation, doesn't treat you just as a client there's this sense of warmth  and caring ! She's really helped me thru my lows and made me look at life in a positive perspective & today I can manage situations better .

Can't thank her enough ♥?

09 May 21


Pooja has been so amazing and positive when things have been hard! Truly thank you for being there! 

09 May 21

Syana Ramwani

Pooja is amazing and selfless person..she is such a postive person and her readings are always accurate... I thank god for sending u in my life..

09 May 21

Sonia Motwani

Hi Pooja.

It has been so nice to be associated with you over a decade now as a good friend and gradually as a guide and healer. 

You have been an epitome in all your fields whether it is tarot reading, reiki healing, daily guidance, talks and much more. I am very thankful to God to have you in various forms. 


09 May 21

Sonia Motwani

Hi Pooja. 

It has been so nice to be associated with you over a decade now as a good friend and gradually as a guide and healer. 

You have been an epitome in all your fields whether it is tarot reading, reiki, healing, daily

09 May 21


My experience with her is just beyond worda..she is so accurate in everything she tells....she is being guiding n teaching with all her heart..she is an amazing human being....love n GRATITUDE to her♥?????????????

09 May 21


A person with divine knowledge and her guidance is so apt. Her belief and faith makes things easier. She knows the right and the most appropriate ways to lead life. Thank you ???? 

09 May 21


Pooja is a beautiful n divine soul. She has some divine vision as first time wen i met her for reading she told me few things about me n i was like how come u know al dis. She is always a call away wen in need and at anytime. God bless her always and so much gratitude for her. I understood the meaning of healing from her. A person wid full of positive aura.

08 May 21


Pooja  is a vry nic person ,she spreads positivity nd gives simple solutions to our problems nd her readings r always right,  I m blessed she is the part of our life ?????

08 May 21


Its been more than 3yrs that v met Pooja.It was one casual meeting with her for tarot reading n after meeting her our lives have changed so much positively in all ways...v learned d beautiful reiki energy from her....it was such an amazing experience to learn reiki from such a pure soul...her timely guidance and positive approach to every aspect has changed our lives for d best.Thank u for everything Pooja ????????????

08 May 21

Seema Sippy

Pooja works selflessly for everyone. She has so much positivity around her . In short she works "dil se " for everyone .
Thank you Pooja for guiding us 

08 May 21

Falguni Nayak

Pooja is a very beautiful soul, like a sweet  angel ???? i remember  the day first time I meet her she is  really  wonderful person   always ready to  help other's  always  guide  us like a  guidance angle , i always  feel blessed to  get connected with her ????  !! 

08 May 21

Aparna R

Pooja is my guardian angel. Although she doesn’t agree and has always been humble enough to direct me to the archangels, disciplined me to handle tough situations by making small changes to the way I perceive, she is a wholesome guide. She provides guidance with her heart, may be that’s why it has been super accurate. Even when I hesitate to ask something, she has been proactive in assessing the situation for me. This is one guide/philosopher you can connect and relate to. Her intentions are pure - whenever I see her on videos, she’s accompanied by a blue light. I’m not much into prayers, but I believe that all of us have to grow, make good changes to ourselves so as to be able to offer goodness to others. She’s one such being offering only goodness and I wish her only the best.

08 May 21

Preet Singh

Your search ends here!

Pouja is an extremely blessed person with one goal... to heal as much people she can in this lifetime. Her guidance has always been so accurate that now not even a single doubt crosses my mind. She is just amazing and I would strongly recommend everyone in need to get in touch with her and change your life.

08 May 21


It's been since 4 yrs I know Pooja.She is an amazing soul.Her card reading is always a bang on.I always get my yearly guidance from Pooja most of it will actually come true. Most beautiful and a selfless person.Plz keep guiding us in the path of light Pooja.god bless.

08 May 21

Payal Agarwal

Pooja is a beautiful soul ??

Always ready to help others

 in a way she is my gaurdian angel 

Really feel blessed to get connected with her !!!




08 May 21

Puja Agarwal

I have never seen a soul so selflessly working towards making this world a better place ... Pooja is such a beautiful soul who not only guide you but heal u also with such simple ways , jus talking to her heals u 80% , the aura the vibration that she has is so serene n calm . May God always bless her for doing such noble work ??????????????????

08 May 21


The sweetest teacher and the best guider anyone could have! Always helping others and taking care of them ??

08 May 21

Tina Agarwal

Pooja is an amazing person ,a true healer and a person who actually guides you .She gives simple solution to all your problems .

Thank you so much .

08 May 21

Dr Neeta dr

I have personally taken help for channeling as well as Tarot reading...I can just say perfect and God sent messages from loved ones...she is an Angel

08 May 21

Inaya Amesur

I have been associated with pooja for a couple of years now.  Her predictions are so accurate that it leaves me dumbfounded sometimes . Every time I face an anxiety or dilemma she helps me resolve it . She's God sent in our lives . She's a bundle of positivity and the one pushing us to reiterate our faith in the positive energies surrounding us . She explains complicated phenomena in the most simplistic manners , I'm in gratitude to the almighty for having sent her to guide us through . 

08 May 21

Kruti Krunal Vyas

Met Pooja when I was seeking solace.  It was difficult time emotionally. And I found solace in Pooja's guidance and positive energy.  She is always ready to help others. Thank you Pooja for introducing me to the magic world of angels. Thanks for all the positive talks and motivation.

08 May 21

Karishma Krishnani

Pooja is an amazing human being 

she is multitalented 

always happy to help 


Thank you for being in my life ??????????

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