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Sneh sachdev

I am Sneh Sachdev and age is just a number and I am a lady with 60 years of life experience.

“Healing through divine intervention is a response to prayers on the foundation of faith and belief.”

My journey on this divine path started in 1986.

I learned this healing from my soul father “Lt. Shri Acharya Govind Nath Ji” who was blessed with immense knowledge of all 4 Vedas, healing expert and many more modalities. He passed one of his legacy to me the divine healing power blessings from Maa Kamaksha and Maa Kali which is a very powerful gift that changed my thought process towards life and the divine power of the Universe.

During 1986, when I was going through a very low phase in my life and had lost all hopes. My Guruji was my only strength; he healed me through his powers and helped me get back on track. One day he came to me and said that he is going to empower me these powers through Sadhana and asked me to embrace it with complete trust and faith and use them for good cause. After all, it is all about Faith. I soon realized what he meant when I was blessed with the opportunity to help people who were suffering from pain and stressful conditions. Initially, it started from my near and dear ones and they got relief and benefited from the healing.

One of the most significant incident or the magic of this power and belief I experience is when my uncle suddenly experienced pain in his chest and due to heavy rains outside and non-availability of commutation we were unable to take him to hospital. It was a very critical state and we were unable to reach doctors or get him medical attention. I prayed to Maa Kali and asked my aunty (his wife) to get a small utensil filled with water and while I was praying on the water I asked her to keep some money aside for donating in the house temple for donating it to the needy soul.  Immediately without wasting time I energized that water and asked my uncle to have it. I told him that within 15 minutes he should be fine with the blessing of the divine. It was a big test for me too. With God's blessings and my faith, we succeeded. Within 10-15 mins his pain subsided. Later they went to the doctor for check up and test and were informed that it was a heart attack that he encountered. He was saved by divine power with the help of energized Divine water. Soon many relatives, friends and closed ones approached me with their problems and pain and I started my healing journey. It gave me immense joy that I was able to help people with this blissful gift that my late Guruji gave me. I am and will always be grateful to my Guruji and Divine for this Gift and trust that they have imparted on me.

Healing is now my Sadhana and Passion. I have been doing this for over 10 years now and I have achieved 90 percent success rate. Some people stop treatment in between after they see improvement, thinking they are good but that’s not right as one should complete the healing and not leave it incomplete.

I have treated chickengunia, dengue, broken bones, family disputes, liver patients and many critical illnesses. Medicines should be continued depending on the severity of the case, healing doesn’t replace the medical treatment it works together to help the person recover faster. I also practice Reiki healing.

This cosmic energy has miraculous results. I am sure people who understand it, will surely use it. This healing energy can travel through cosmic rays and hence doesn’t require the person to come and meet in physical. They can talk to me on the phone; send me pictures and other necessary requirements through Whatsapp and Email to enable me to perform my work. 

The consultation charge is Rs: 509. However, the overall healing charges would differ based on the situation and criticality involved.


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30 Oct 19


I approached madam for healing.. where my friends father was admitted for stroke.. because of healing powers he is now out of ICU who was there for almost 10 addition he had pneumonia too. Thanks for this was worth paying money as we had spent more for hospital bill. 

30 Oct 19


Hi madam thank you very much for your healing on my father, who was critically ill and was in ICU for almost 15days. Because of your devine help and healing power he has moved to ward. Paying 40000/- for the healing was worth it. Thank you very much once againa madam. God bless you. 

17 Aug 19

Unnati Jha

She's an amazing healer. Her healings work like magic. When I received her healing energy. I had a very pleasant sleep. I woke up feeling fresh and energetic. Thank you so much Sneh Ma'am. May God bless you always.

16 Aug 19

Raman sehgal

Hi , 

I am Raman sehgal from Delhi.

I came to know about the healing powers of sneh ji and contacted her and year back . I cannot share my personal problems here but just want to tell people that sneh can heal any problem of life .  In few months course I also did ..I am happy with the results of the disturbance of my family members which had put me in a wonerable condition.

Now I am happy again.its worth paying her and getting your life smoother than the pain which kills us day by day. Thanks to sneh ji for helping me.grateful.

13 Aug 19

Raksha sharma

There was a typing mistake in my last review at last? ??  Came  .i wanted to bow down and say thanks. 

God bless her too for helping people like me.. 

13 Aug 19

Raksha sharma

There was a typing mistake in my last review at last? ??  Came  .i wanted to bow down and say thanks????????????????

God bless her too for helping people like me.. ????????????????

13 Aug 19

Raksha sharma

I am Raksha sharma,  I know sneh didi since 5 yrs.  I was in big mess few yrs ago and I told her to help me. I had loans,  my other family problems too. 

Accidently I fell down, had an operation of wrist  full arm was plastered for 3 months and was to be continued.. I came to know about her healing powers and requested for help..she send me her divine rays for my unbearable pain first. I got relief. 

She energized cardimons and cloves, water of safron.  I started that . thankfully it worked and I was free from that plaster in 2months Drs were amazed how fast it healed.  Again back to work and no other operation needed now which was needed before. 

Not only me,  my grand daughter 6 yrs old,  by mistake put her small hand in car door, door got closed her fingers inside. OMG that was a terrible moment. By chance didi was there. .  My grand daughter crying like anything, I was also crying, about to take her to Dr,  she stopped me.  She took her hand in her hand and don't know what she did,  the grand daughter was quiet without pain but blue mark was visible yet.  The big blue line but no pain.. Grand daughter demanded for ice cream!!!  I was so happy.  Didi took her to ice cream shop got her ice cream.. This was a very big magic I saw in her.   I respect her adorable person she is... 

Many times I get sick or anyone gets sick I tell her to heal them  .. In few minutes we get relief don't know how. 

Thanks to didi and her Maa who helps us always unconditionally. 

God bless her????????

06 Aug 19


My husband had left us abandoned for 14 years. With Sneh sachdevs healing and guidance he returned back within a month from another city to stay with us and start afresh. She is a very sweet and loving soul who is blessed and Divine. She also helped during my son's exam test results as we were expecting him to fail.

 Thank you so much for helping me without charging due to my financial limitations. She has also sent me and my family healings during illness and sickness. God bless her always

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